Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TVI Express called before inquiry in Aceh Indonesia, blames "rogue elements" for broken promises

When called before official inquiry panel in an Aceh Courtroom, TVI Express local rep "Karmijan Gayo" blamed "rogue elements" who made false promises to people, declared that "TVI [Express] never promised that participants will make $10000 USD" and that "you must recruit people to make that happen", essentially admitting that TVI Express is just a "money game" or as Westerners call it, a "pyramid scheme" or "Ponzi scheme".

In "Karmijan Gayo" words, "A member can only benefit by recruiting many more members."

When questioned about the deceptive practices, he said that if you paid membership dues, but does not appear in TVI Express genealogy, please log a police complaint against THE PERSON that recruited you (i.e. who you paid to join), not TVI Express. He did not answer whether TVI Express is a money game or not.


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TVI Express is now synonymous with SCAM

ManipurOnline mentioned scams and cited TVI Express as an example of Scam


Manipur is in India, mind you, where TVI Express is headquartered.

TVI Express Recruiter Gets Cancelled by another recruiter

Apparently, a couple TVI Express recruiters gave up and their sites still got reviewed

There's a site called 123justdoit, which is redirected to GetInAndHangOn, which is redirected to MeetPlanB, which tells you that the previous website was CANCELLED.

What a joke, right?  Zombie site...


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Monday, May 30, 2011

JC Campbell's OLD TVI Express Review is a Parrot

By parrot, I mean that JC Campbell only knows how to repeat company material without ANY attempt to verify or clarify any of the information given. He can only regurgitate what TVI Express provided, and try to spin it slightly so it sounds better.


(BTW, Helium is a content farm for bigots, and that's IMHO, as I've been there and done that)

The entire article consist of a summary of the selling points in the TVI Express "presentation". The conclusion is: look at the selling points again:
TVI Express has already proved to be a genuine source of income as many of the testimonials on the company website prove. For anyone thinking of joining TVI Express, they should first visit the company website and take a tour to understand the company and the compensation plan. 
Testimonials... That's so funny. The testimonials are so outdated and fake it's hilarious to think that testimonials are worth ANYTHING. I've personally documented same guy giving two virtually identical testimonials. You got people who gave glowing testimonials quit, denounce TVI Express, or even go on to found a competing business. It's clear that the few hundred testimonials are clearly inflated, and with supposedly hundreds of thousands of members, the testimonials page have not been updated in MONTHS, so they are clearly fakes. (Tsairong Chang? Saw that testimonial back in early 2010, a whole YEAR ago!)

And what is JC Campbell's qualifications for reviewing TVI Express? His most recent 10 articles are, according to his own Helium profile:

  1. An overview on good posture for golf
  2. Health benefits of playing golf
  3. Retailing: How to transform consumers into customers
  4. Dry skin tips for men
  5. Essential shaving equipment all men need
  6. Body shaving tips for men
  7. Time saving grooming tips for men
  8. Golf tips for enhancing tee shot distance
  9. Ways to improve sales on eBay
  10. Hair care tips for winter
It appears that his expertise is in golf, sales, and men's grooming. So what does he know about pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing

What utter poppycock. 
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recap: TVI Express Intimidation in India

Sikkim News reports that back in September 2009, when TVI Express has recruited thousands in Sikkim India, people are starting to realize something's not right... They called the building in London and was told there is no TVI Express there. So when a few started asking questions, they were threatened by alleged legal counsel of TVI Express.
In the FIR, the complainant has stated that he had made a personal call at Global Head Quarters in London to inquire about the office of the TVI Express. “But when I called up number 0044-2078688500 of Marble Arch Tower, London, the operator there told me that TVI Express has moved out from the building. This means the building shown in the website has no connection with TVI Express,” the FIR read. The TVI Express website had shown a huge building in London claiming it to be their global head quarters. 
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TVI Express revised FAQ, now even MORE weasel than ever

TVI Express completely revamped their FAQ recently and took away some of the most obviously suspect language, but left MORE questions than ever.

For example, one of the longest complaints about their FAQ as pointed by out all review websites is their own answer "You do not have to sell any products." That sentence is now gone, replaced with:

"We are a service oriented organization and commission our distributors on sale of our products and services. So, yes you need to sell our products in order to earn commissions but we do pay you commissions on the sales done in your organizational structure based upon the compensation plan."

However, what is the "products" that TVI Express referred to? TVI Express STILL does NOT have a "product" page. There is also no answer to that in the new FAQ. 

Clearly this is just bull****. 

Furthermore, ALL references to payout, how to cycle out, compensation package, eWallet, and even the different "ranks" of TVI Express have disappeared from the FAQ. 

Why were they removed? What is TVI Express trying to hide? 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Real True Review" of TVI Express is neither true nor real

When you look for "TVI Express Review", a guy named Manuel seems to pop up quite often. Here's one such link:


This has an honest date on it: March 2010, OVER A YEAR OLD. A lot has changed since. So first of all, this review is neither real or true. It's actually old and inaccurate.

Let us go through it sentence by sentence and see what's in here that may be of use.
To know the truth nobody told you about TVI Express, get the innercircle report simply click here… http://www.thetviexpressinsider.com/
That "truth" at that website turns out to be a capture page of the same guy hawking the same stuff AGAIN. 
To Know What TVI Express actually is and also whether or not is a TVI Express scam, we need to look for a honest and truth TVI Express review. And I dont think that most people in TVI Express explain the TVI Express Reviews good enough, so this is why I put this TIV Express and VTI Express report together to show you guys what VTI Express actually is. 
THREE sentences wasted already. Where's the review? 
Well Tviexpress is actually a direct marketing company which is been active in the travel industry. 
Can you prove that? Or are you going strictly on what they told you? UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 
TVIexpres is rather a new company when we talk about that. And now lets look into the TIV Express and whether or not you are going to make 10K. We will talk about the TVI Express information, TVI Expres information and also some tVI Express facts. 
In other words, Manuel is a parrot: repeating TVI Express marketing material, with NO attempt at verification. Manuel has yet to present a single VERIFIABLE FACT. 
The real TVIexpress facts is that they are not a scam at all. Let me repeat that, the TVIexpress facts is not a scam. The TVI Expres facts is not a scam at all, because there is a product involved. 
Manuel never bothers to explain WHY just because it supposedly has a product means it's not a scam. Another UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 

Furthermore, TVI Express FAQ says very clearly, "You do not need to sell any products." The only thing ever "sold" is from TVI Express to members. NOTHING is sold by members to public. Add to that the extra fees, the problem with redemption, the half-sizing... The product is worthless. But Manuel has somehow made the leap of faith: product = NOT scam. 
Everyone who join in TVi express is going to receive a travel package and also who wants TVi express and call me, because this Tvi express business is where you want to be. 
So just because members receive an alleged travel package, it's not a scam? Another leap of faith. That's like saying "Because Bernie Madoff paid me, Bernie Madoff cannot be a scam." Look up Bernie Madoff in the news... Biggest scam ever to hit the US... 30 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH.  Another UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 
So lets answer this question Why should I join tvi express, are their tvi express complaints going on there and how about the tvi express presidents club. And do not forget the TVi express travel business how does all this things fit together.
And that's it, no more explaining WHY it's not a scam. From here on it's all 'join me, join me'. What about the complaints? What travel business? 
The question is not whether or not you join tvi express. The question about tvi is whether or not you can make 10K. Who can help you make the 10K. TVI express and Kelly Williams. It is a simple home based business. You can work from home also, and earn income if you want. 
He raised all those questions, and he skipped right over them!

So what does a home-based business (again, TVI Express claim, UNVERIFIED), and Kelly Williams (who, by the way, quit TVI Express and went on to create Club Seabreeze, a competitor) have ANYTHING to do with "can you earn 10K"?  UNEXPLAINED. 
Its in fact a MLM, to be real about it. MLM is a multi-level marketing, it is network marketing. And they are active not only in America, but actually through out the world, in fact also Tvi express Australia and Australia tvi express.
Again, UNSUPPORTED assumption. How can TVI Express be multi-level marketing when it doesn't sell anything? It just recruits. 

Furthermore, Australia slapped a restraining order on TVI Team Oz (3 TVI Express members) to stop them from promoting TVI Express in May 2010, and China had arrested and investigated TVI Express LONG before that. 

CONCLUSION: As you can see now, Manuel is basically a parrot. There is no review of TVI Express. There are virtually no facts in the entire rant.  The title is a complete lie. Everything in this so-called "real true review" are in fact UNSUPPORTED OPINIONS, ASSUMPTIONS, and BAD LOGIC. 

And Manuel is not alone with this sort of "review". 

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Friday, May 27, 2011

NEWSFLASH: MoneyLife India points to TVI Express as a possible scam

MoneyLife India is one of the first organizations in India to point out that SpeakAsia is very likely a scam.

Now MoneyLife has revealed that TVI Express is very possibly a scam as well, calling it "[possibly] another SpeakAsia"


The MLM company promises five-star travel packages on joining and lucrative compensation fees up to Rs4.5 lakh on its direct selling model 
Travel Ventures International (TVI) Express, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, is growing its base in India. And like in the recent case of another MLM, Speak Asia Online that is being investigated, some people are questioning the big promises on its business model. 

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TVIme demonstrate his lack of brain matter, but mastery of English

In March 2011, a person by the name of TVIme appeared on the comment section of ExpertMLMReviews, where Shawn Cornett have already declared TVI Express a scam.

I have supplied a steady supply of additional information proving TVI Express is a scam, such as news updates, evidence of TVI Express lies, and so on.

So what does TVIme do? He claims he got a trip out of TVI Express.

I apologize for the small size of the picture, but Blogger don't like the long vertical picture and shrinks it.

You can read the original here:


Any way, TVIme claims he got a trip, 4-day 3-nights, paid only tax. Had a wonderful time.

I asked him whether he likes his trips half-sized by TVI Express, and did his downlines get any.

I get back insults: "are you really that desperate to reap all the benefits?"

I stay calm and point out flaws in his argument, that he assumed I am a member (of which I am NOT). Besides, it's illogical NOT to claim the benefits of this "travel club", right? (But we all know TVI Express is NOT a travel club, but a scam...)

I get back more insults, including defamation of my English skills.

I point out he made an assumption which was wrong.

I get back more insults.

I asked him to explain why TVI Express is legal given that it had cheated him already.

I get back a reply that essentially says "I don't feel cheated."

I asked him if he's in touch with reality.

I get back MORE insults, basically claiming that even though TVI Express promised 7-day 6-nights, and he only got 4-day 3-nights, the "only thing half-sized is your comprehension" (his words).

I say it's more like his perception... But then, some people deep into MLM are like cultists... You can't argue with them as their reality had been so distorted, it's like talking to aliens (from another planet). They no longer even have a common frame of reference with you. It's as if they are in their own reality, their personal "Matrix".

It's either denial, or cognitive dissonance.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MoneyMakerGroup called TVI Express a scam

MoneyMakerGroup, a bunch of MLM enthusiasts and experts, agree that TVI Express is a scam. And the victims deserved as much blame as the scammers. Remember, it takes two to tango.


However, did you know that Tarun Trikha, mastermind behind the TVI Express scam, has a profile on MoneyMakerGroup?

Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself to this part of the world. I am Tarun Trikha from New Delhi, India. I am an IT Graduatte by qualification and have the experience of working with some major Corporates in the field of IT and Event Management.

Isn't that just hilarious?!  Tarun Trikha have absolutely NO expertise in MLM, by his own admission. He's only good in IT. Likely the website was all his own idea, stealing images from all over the Internet, inventing a scheme to promote himself as some new venture that sells nothing. Ha-ha-ha.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Former Indonesian Model / Actress now Criminal Pushing TVI Express Scam

She's even holding up money telling everybody "TVI Express is Great".


Consider the fact that TVI Express was already declared haram, being investigated by various government agencies in Indonesia, this is a last-ditch attempt for TVI Express to gather some legitimacy before they disappear from Indonesia.
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Another DEAD TVI Express Website: tviexpresselite.com

it now goes to a parked "available" page.


Guess they ain't so elite after, eh?

Monday, May 23, 2011

TheMLMTeam says TVI Express is a scam


Nothing about the TVI Express "business" shows any legitimacy, according to the reviewer.

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Even more hilarious spam... It came from the future!

Clearly, this "privacy policy" is just spam, and because this is posted in May 2011, but claims she earned money in June 2011, she's either a time traveler or a liar. Which is more likely?


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few more details about how TVI Express got kicked out of Hungary

Read this forum:


The Financial Supervisory Authority also examined the TVI Express. Stephen Binder, Director of Communications, said that three companies, the Express TVI, a Canadian Diamond Traders, and Rox for Freedom it is suspected that "there is a very strong emphasis on networking, while not certain, that the actual product behind it."The prosecuting authorities do decide to make announcements on this basis for further action. 
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Friday, May 20, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Manila Newspaper named TVI Express and Pacific Destinations as suspect ponzi schemes

URL: http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideOpinion.htm?f=2011/may/20/alvincapino.isx&d=2011/may/20

From what we have gathered from the volumes of documents and other information in the Internet, it appears that PDI (Pacific Destinations Inc) is a clone of the controversial TVI Express which has already been issued a cease and desist order from the State of Georgia for being suspected as a pyramiding scheme by the State’s Administrator for Fair Business Practices Act.
It seems that the organizers of PDI —a certain Edwin Natividad and Mayet Frances Briones—were active in TVI Express in California before they decided to put up a copy cat of TVI Express in the Philippines.
The SEC and the NBI should look into the operation of PDI and see whether its scheme is similar to that of TVI Express which appears to be a classic pyramiding scheme.
Filipinos should wake up ASAP!

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French Guy Explains Why He Felt Cheated by TVI Express

Clearly, TVI Express only wanted his money, and refused to address any legitimate concerns, so he claimed.

Gee, I have been saying that since 2009!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Even MORE stolen pictures on ad banners

But that's expected, right?

NEWSFLASH: TVI Express "Good Company Award" is worthless

Thanks to a tip on Kaskus Forum, following two articles were found online regarding this "International Good Company Award" TVI Express won, but NOBODY has ever heard of.

Turns out in 2008 it's known as "Indonesia Good Company Award". Here's a picture:


And this is the current version:

Definitely the same award... EXACT SAME FONTS AND LOGO (albeit changed words).

Previously I have remarked that despite the name having "International" in it, this award is completely unknown outside of Indonesia. Turns out this is absolutely true... It IS Indonesian-only.

Apparently, not even real businesses consider it a real award. A hotel owner thought it's a fake award to scam his money.


Apparently, the "award announcement" just came in via fax, requests MILLIONS in Rupiahs for "donation", and there is no interview or evaluation. You are just randomly selected as a winner. The guy thinks it's a way to con him. The newspaper agreed. . This is EXACT SAME award Ceremony that TVI Express got their own award, February 2011.

So what does the faxes look like? Here's some actual copies, from a blog:


Scroll to the end, and you can see the price sheet: you can choose to pay 3 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil, or 8 mil Rupiahs for the event package.

Incidentally, 8 mil Indonesian Rupiahs, by today's exchange rate, is 936 US Dollars.

Cheap award. The fact that only ONE other company publicized their award should tell you nobody takes this award seriously. Apparently, only a handful of the 20 alleged winners showed up.
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NEWSFLASH: TVI Express "leaders" apparently fled Aceh, Indonesia

When Aceh, Indonesia announced crackdown on TVI Express for fleecing locals, several MONTHS after TVI Express was declared "haram" (unclean) by local Islamic Council, local news reported that TVI Express leaders apparently have fled the area, can no longer be found or contacted, phone switched off.

http://aceh.tribunnews.com/news/view/56248/aktivitas-yang-merugikan-rakyat-harus-dihentikan   (use Google Translate)

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Recap and More: Hungarian authorities went after TVI Express in 2010

Hungarian authorities declared three companies illegal pyramids. Here's an official letter:


And here's TV Coverage

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

French Forum not amused at weasel explanation of pyramid vs. cycle5


Basically it's "splitting hair"... The proponents claim that TVI Express is not a pyramid because... uh... in a pyramid only the top benefits! (fake explanation)

Nobody bothered defending it since October 2010.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Botswana Consumer Watchdog summary on TVI Express Scam


Some facts about TVI Express

There are simply too many things wrong with TVI Express. Yes, of course it's a pyramid scheme but there's more, so much more.

The reward mechanism
For a very full analysis of TVI see here. It includes details of the special introductory rewards you allegedly receive, but in fact you have to pay "processing fees and taxes" before you see any of them.

Others have commented that the pyramid mechanism itself is flawed and success unachievable.

The stupid vouchers
Yes, the vouchers really are stupid. To begin with they're worthless. Instead of spending serious money joining to get them why not buy similar vouchers much more cheaply?

Their membership?
It's also alleged that their membership list that scrolls on the right side of their web site is static, it never changes. This does seem to be the case.

Fictitious "partners"
TVI distributors have claimed that companies Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Avis and Marriott were their "partners". This is simply a lie.  Apparently Lufthansa and Avis sued TVI Express to stop them saying this.

Where are they?
TVI give their address in the UK as
"Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Heathrow UB11 1BD"
Heathrow is NOT in the UB11 postcode, which refers to Uxbridge. Heathrow is in the TW6 postcode area.

Previously they claimed to be based in an office in central London, only for it to be discovered that they weren't know at the address they gave.

They now claim to be based in an office in Cyprus but the same thing has happened again. There are reports that the address they give (Louki Akrita 14, Agiazoni, P.C. 3030, Limassol, Cyprus) is also shared with other companies.

Their UK phone number only goes through to an automated answering service, that says, when I last called, that I would be answered after 46 minutes.

They're under suspicion
  1. A number of TVI Express distributors have been arrested in China and charged with operating a pyramid scheme.
  2. Indonesian authorities are on the case.
  3. They are under investigation in Hungary.
  4. And in India

Don't deal with them.  They’re a pyramid scheme.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deceptive Auction: Trying to Auction Off TVI Express Membership

Someone in New Zealand tried to auction off TVI Express membership by NOT mentioning the name and use a photo of Woodman Estates in Australia.   ( http://www.trademe.co.nz/Travel-events-activities/Accommodation/New-Zealand/Northland/auction-362650788.htm )

If you read the rest of the ad it's clear it's a listing for TVI Express, a scam that's already being prosecuted by ACCC (the Ausssie consumer protection agency). In fact, someone remarked so in the comments.

What a crock!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

South Africa: locals asked to borrow money from bank to feed TVI Express

People were told that TVI Express scam was SO EASY they should borrow money to feed to pyramid. No wonder the local police and bank are outraged!

(original here:  http://www.sowetanlive.co.za/helpline/2011/03/09/online-shares-fiasco?filter=all_comments )

WARNING: Too many "vacation club" TVI Express clones

Here is a list (incomplete for sure) of TVI Express "clones" out there.

This list is NOT complete, will be updated when possible, and in NO WAY constitutes any sort of endorsement or condemnation. I am listing them because they are quite similar to TVI Express, a known scam around the world, and thus you should be VERY careful when considering ANY of them.
  • Pyxism -- no comment
  • Dream Vacation Club / Revolving Relay -- based on Seychelles, no comment
  • DreamStyle Vacation -- based in San Antonio TX, no comment
  • Club Seabreeze -- no comment
  • World Ventures -- based in Plano, TX, no comment
  • YTB / Zamzuu -- sued by two US states as pyramid scheme, settled by getting out and paid big fines
  • Royal Cruise Matrix -- no comment
  • Business in Motion -- based on Canada, sued by RCMP as pyramid scheme
  • Silverline Club -- no comment

Frankly, a lot of ex-TVI members jumped right into one of these, which makes me wary. A lot of MLMers join one biz after another, looking for "the next big thing", and never finding it. This is especially true when their first biz turned out to be a scam, like TVI Express... They can never unlearn the scam-y ways and thus is basically forced to join something that operates the same way.

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    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Who is Scott Miller and Why Was He Pushing TVI Express?

    Scott Miller claims to be "cash gifting expert" and he wants to train you for success in TVI Express. Here is a "press release" by him:


    Okay, so what does the press release website actually say? It claims Scott is the best cash gifting trainer ever and he'll help you in TVI Express.

    So what the heck is cash gifting? It's what people with self-denial call a pyramid scheme. They claim it's legal because you give money away, and in the future you'll receive money from others. Oh, really? This is what Scott Miller wrote on his website, arealbailout.com

    Only a company or a business can be a pyramid scheme? What utter bull****!

    It's clear that Scott Miller is a bull****er and any company he pushes is also bull****.
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    TVI Express Zombie Site in Spanish

    TVI Express site "equipotviexpress.com" apparently belongs to a guy named "Franklin Jean Pierre Barona Quiroga". Initials of fjpbq matches the email address.

    The website has exactly 2 pages on it, and one of them is BLANK. The other says "buy TVI Express vouchers from me".

    The phone number links to a profile on a "gifting program" called ConnectingUsAll.org. Apparently, it's some sort of pyramid cycler where you send money to other people to cycle you up and other people at the bottom pay you money. They claim they are legal, but they are apparently founded by the same people who started Elite Activity, and got busted as a pyramid scheme. Their own FAQ acknowledges the link, but emphasizes they are not the same organization. They claim they are not a pyramid because people are cycled off the top. Frankly, that's a bull**** explanation.

    This TVI Express member is not too keen on picking his opportunities.
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    TVI Express introduces 2 more "ranks", fails English lesson

    In an recent announcement, TVI Express claims to have over 600 "presidential" associates world wide, so they need to introduce 2 more ranks above it. However, read their announcement carefully:

    However, note the phrase "new fangled ranks".

    a) There is no word in English called "fangle" or "fangled" according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

    b) There is a world "newfangled", but that means

    1 :  attracted to novelty
    2 :  of the newest style or kind

    Neither of which you actually want associated to "rank".

    This proves that TVI Express does NOT speak English, is NOT based in England, and lacks basic command of grammar.

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    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Breaking News: TVI Express Summoned by Indonesia Government Investigation

    Indonesian government of Aceh is tired of TVI Express scamming its citizens, despite previous fatwa of "haram" by Indonesia Islamic Council (of Aceh). Thus, government has summoned local TVI Express rep to appear in front of a formal hearing.

    Scott Crider Zombie Promo revived to TipsofSEO

    The typical zombie.Image via WikipediaI have no problem with people wanting to make a buck. However, I do have problem with people trying to SCAM other people out of their money, such as TVI Express scam.

    I have nothing against so-called MLM coaches. They think they know something worth something to some people, and if other people think that's worth paying for, fine. However, when these MLM coaches and "SEO advisors" want to help people PROMOTE A SCAM, they will show up on this blog as "weasels".

    And when sites revive ZOMBIE content and pretend it's good tips, I'll call them out as zombies.

    And Scott Crider just joined the list.

    Scott claims to know quite a bit about using modern technology to grab leads. However, what he does is actually quite old-fashioned "spam calls", i.e. robot calling, which is ILLEGAL in California, or indeed ALL OF UNITED STATES with the advent of National do-not-call-list. So what does Mr. Crider do? He calls it "voice broadcasting".

    He recently posted an article on TipsofSEO which contains no tips at all, merely "hints" that he can help marketers push Royal Cruise Matrix and TVI Express. I won't dignify him with a link...  Which just appeared today.  http://www.tipsofseo.com/?p=67033

    The problem is... He had been pushing the same **** since December 2009.

    So we have two possibilities... Either Scott's STILL trolling for clients, or TipsOfSEO is a copycat site that randomly steals articles from the content farms (in this case, the SooperArticles link above).  Being that this is posted by "admin" and the article has a box at the end that looks for marketers, I vote for the latter.

    This is a ZOMBIE article.
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