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Indonesia: TVI Express claims it's the leaders, not the system, that's is illegal

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Sun, May 1st, 2011, 09:45

Many Unscrupulous TVI Express Give False Information

Takengon - Many individual members (members) business Multi Level Marketing (MLM) TVI Express in Central Aceh, giving false information to prospective members. So many members felt cheated by wrong information it receives. An Up-line TVI Express Central Aceh, Safrin Rush, Saturday (30 / 4) said many members who are looking for members under it does not give the correct explanation, they even provided a tantalizing promise, do not have to work but can earn money USD 100 million.

Due to incorrect information, said Safrin, many members TVI Express which has been a member for three months was disappointed for not getting the money as promised. Safrin Rusli said a member of TVI Express must work to find other members to be down-line (subordinates) so that, TVI Express system will run and reached as expected. Safrin Rush admitted, many elements of TVI Express in Central Aceh who want to reach high positions quickly, but skim the false propaganda to the members below it. In fact, he said, a member there who bought 16 cards (operating rights) once with a value of USD 41.6 million with the aim of directly occupying a high position.

"Supposedly, the member who has purchased operating rights to invite others to become members, and provide a true understanding to her down line," said Rusli Safrin. He said, TVI Express is a mutual help business, every member must work to get his men, more and more of his men, the higher the position of these members. Win Stelco to admit, after rising by illegitimate fatwas Ulama's Consultative Assembly (MPU), Bener Meriah, TVI Express business in Central Aceh disturbed, even many people who do not want to become a member of the business for fear of being illegitimate. When studied carefully, called Win Stelco, no TVI Express business that harm others.

It is also said to Mansoor Yoga, Stockis TVI Expres to Banda Aceh region. He said, someone the member must work to find another member for his position (level) rises. "If you do not want to work like where positions may be terdongkrak, and opportunities to earn bonus also will be a long time," said Mansur. As reported earlier, the Chairman of Bener Meriah MPU Tgk Syarqawi Abdussomad has issued a fatwa against the illicit business Multi Level Marketing (MLM) TVI Express. In a fatwa haram was mentioned, business TVI Express haram because it has no products for sale, so business classified business TVI Express Money Games. Then, MPU MPU Fatwa Aceh Bener Meriah strengthened by issuing a fatwa haram for the MLM business. (Min)

The short of it is simple: TVI Express denies it is money game, claims recruiting people is not money game but hard work. Why do they claim so? Never explained. Are they Muslim scholars? Of course not. So how do they know it is not haram? 

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