Monday, February 28, 2011

More TVI Express Condemnation Around the World: This one in Arabic

Translation is a little rough, but it's interesting how close it matches my research:|en&u=

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Want to see my Russian Equivalent?

This guy wants to bust TVI Express since April 2010.|en&u=

It's in Russian, so bear with the funny translations.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Germans Speak Up about TVI Express Scam

None of the supporters bother speaking up any more.|en&u=

BehindMLM: TVI Express gives up on chasing down fraud
Just two months after implementing a photo ID check however, TVI Express unofficially announced last week it was scrapping the verification system in countries it has ‘not established as a local official body as yet.‘ 
The countries listed as having established a TVI local official body in are India, Indonesia and Philippines. As far as the rest of the world goes, TVI Express members are free to continue the fraudulent activities they were engaged in before.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

German Networkers Pointed Out TVI Express Scam in February 2010

German site MLM-Network.Biz pointed out problem with TVI Express back in February 2010.|en&u=

The article points out that TVI Express, although claimed to have been "headquartered" in UK, is NOT registered as a company in UK at all.

In the comments, it was pointed out that TVI Express had likely NEVER donated to UNICEF, and indeed all reference to UNICEF was removed in early 2010.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The poison of TVI Express was spread far and wide, even to Honduras

Here's an Honduran website that promoted TVI Express. It has exactly ONE entry.|en&u=

As you read the blog entry, you realize that this person knows NOTHING about the legality, or even that he's involved in a pyramid scheme. He was recruited by uncle of his girlfriend. All he knows is that

a) he pays $250 + fees
b) he gets a trip
c) he sponsors/recruits some people
d) he gets money

He thinks it's worth joining in that

1) It's a good deal if he can get a trip for $250


2) If he can recruit some people, he can get $$$.

Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that

1) The trip itself is a fake promise


2) That's a pyramid scheme

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Curt from Philippines have some MORE defense of TVI Express with opinions

Curt decided to offer some MORE opinions, trying to misquote Robert Kiyosaki in support of his "you don't understand us" explanation. On the hub he commented:

The world of business if purely gain and lose, you gain something or lose everything. If not then everyone gonna be rich. But what if there is an opportunity that will make you earn for a little capital? Will you grab it? Your reply will determine what type of person you are.
Yes, but I will know the nature first and way of making money - Entrepreneur and Investors
No, I might lose something - Managers and Employee

That essentially translates into "take a risk!"

The first question is... does this have ANYTHING to do with "TVI Express is a Scam"? No. This is completely irrelevant. It's basically telling you, "Who cares if it's a scam as long as it makes me money." Is this the sort of ethics you want to be associated with?

The second question is... Robert Kiyosaki advocates "passive income". Entrepreneurs and Investors generate passive income by owning a business and owning assets respectively. HOW does TVI Express generate passive income? It doesn't. If everybody stop recruiting, the whole thing crunches to a halt. Nothing is sold. Thus, it cannot be a business.

This is the sort of bull**** spread by people who do NOT actually understand Robert Kiyosaki's message about the cashflow quadrant.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

More Victims of TVI Express Speaks Out: TVI Express is RUINING lives globally

While the story cannot be confirmed, it rings true in too many ways to be a pure invention. This victim has now some VERY p***ed off friends and family members:
Stay away, if there is even an inkling of this trash network floating around. This God-awful pyramid scheme known as, Travel Ventures International Express (TVI Express), left my wife and In financial ruin last year and more recently decimated investors across South Africa having before completely disappearing and, leaving those who invested in it financially fu^%ed.

It's of little comfort to know that the The Department of Trade and Industry as well as a few other legal entities opened a police case against the company for operating a pyramid scheme. I gravely advise anyone whom has given these crooks any money at all to TVI Express to forward commissioned affidavits together with proof of payments to the Office of Consumer Protection, we need to take these slime balls down before they get rich of more victims.

There are, even now, after having been literally removed from South Africa; people promoting this garbage across the US, luring people to invest ridiculous amounts of money, and they are succeeding. My wife and I have literally begun a crusade to tell anyone who will listen to please be careful in avoiding this company, its emails, salespeople, offers, spam mail, and any informational sites whom give the company a positive slant, they are all in on it.

The guy who started it all is from India, his name is Parun Trihka and has since disappeared along with his web sites used to purchase travel vouchers. TVI Express and its criminals have lured hundreds of thousands of people to invest their money with countless promises of wealth and riches, only to leave them with nearly nothing in many cases. If there has ever been a prime example of a Ponzi scheme, this would be it.

My wife and I had purchased a non refundable voucher worth $700 to become members, further having to recruit two more people to buy the vouchers ( we foolishly chose friends and family members whom have since stopped speaking to us and will not accept our apologies) in order to move up and increase our level.
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Fahim in UAE writes in with a comment and question

at Federal Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, lower...Image via WikipediaFahim (with IP address traced to UAE), commented on my hub:
If TVI Express is a scam and so called Owner/CEO Tarun Tirka is a fraud person then why is he roaming freely and continuing giving open presentations around the world. Why no authority has initiated any legal action against him and got him arrested.
The interesting part about TVI Express is it is a totally INTERNATIONAL scam, but the actual scams are perpetrated by LOCAL members. Thus, only LOCAL members can be prosecuted under LOCAL laws. Remember, Tarun Trikha is not recruiting anybody. It's the LOCAL people who are recruiting. Tarun Trikha is the cheerleader who is cheering you all to jump blindly into the scam. He had not committed any crime in a country that can convict him of fraud.

And that's exactly what happened in China and Australia. China had been arresting TVI Express members since July 2009, and Australia made an example of 3 members of "TVI Team Oz" in May 2010. However, the Australian case had still NOT concluded (i.e. the 3 had NOT been convicted, merely charged, and went to court).

Perhaps Tarun Trikha is the head of the snake, but how do you prove it to the satisfaction of the law? And in what court? Do you sue TVI Express in Indian Court, perhaps? Remember, jurisdiction ends at national border. Interpol is mainly after human traffickers and drug traffickers. They are not interested in a little alleged criminal like Tarun Trikha... if it can be proven at all.

That's why it's so risky when you trust an international company... If anything happens, you are left holding the bag, so to speak.
I know many people who had used TVI Express voucher redeemed online for booking with International Hotel Chain and they are all satisfied and happy. Infact some of them have purchased another hotel voucher for their next vacation.
Unfortunately, all that proves is that TVI Express CAN book some real trips. But that's about as useful as saying "I know many people who made a lot of money by investing in Bernie Madoff. In fact, some of them invested even MORE money in Bernie Madoff".

And we all know what happened to Bernie Madoff, right?
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

TVI Express in Taiwan Left Trail of Broken Dreams

You'll need to be able to read traditional Chinese to read all the QQ Chat logs (similar to AIM and other messengers), but it's clear that everybody felt deceived. And this was in 2009. Guess the other southeast Asian countries have to learn their own lessons!

Indonesia Agency APLI been warning against TVI Express Since July 2010

Search of archives shows that APLI, the Indonesia Direct Selling Association, have been receiving inquiries regarding TVI Express since July 2010. The following questions and answers are paraphrased as Indonesian does not translate well through Google.

First and Second questions: Is TVI Express registered with APLI?

Answer: No. You can find registered companies on APLI website.

Third Question (in August 2010): Is it required that MLM companies join APLI? Did APLI reach a conclusion about TVI Express?

Answer: APLI is a private organization in cooperation with government. While there is no law that require a company to join APLI, the companies that joined are required to comply with laws and ethical code. Thus they offer far more protection to consumers.

As for TVI Express, that is a matter between it and the government. APLI is not a law enforcement agency. However, we would never recommend you join with any company that is not a member.

Fourth Question (in August 2010): Please investigate this suspicious company TVI Express

Answer: TVI Express is illegal as they do not have SIUPL (multi-level marketing business license). APLI have received many reports that alleged vouchers cannot be used. They have been reported to appropriate authorities.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curt from Philippines Continues to Defend TVI Express with opinions

On Curt commented:
Somethings is better done than just pure speculations, the comments you've said are very enticing
So what is pure speculation? I quoted only facts in the hub.
if you can break a company, I mean any company I think you can, that is your talent.
The facts are just that... facts. If TVI Express can offer a good explanation, I am perfectly willing to publish them. But they did not. They offered bull**** and mutually conflicting explanations. AND THEN there are the ones who simply ignore all the facts... such as Curt here.
I have nothing against you,
Nor I to you.
I am a business man and I have made a lot in investment, I invest big money and gained little, well that's normal, but when I heard about TVI, I immediately entered, So now I have my capital plus the incentive, meaning I invested little but gained more, thats what I call business right?...
That may be what YOU call business, but a government call that a scam.
Its just my opinion and experience.
Exactly, your OPINION, which comes down to the oldest excuse in the book... "It made me money (and scam don't pay me) so it can't be a scam." And that's a myth I've busted many many times. A pyramid scheme will pay some people (but not others).
So with anyone reading this page If you believe him you'll gained and lost nothing, but if you try TVI you'll gain something or lose something somply the rules of business... my opinion.
If you try TVI you may lose $250 + fees, AND lose friends and family you dragged into this scam, and lose respect forever in front of everyone you know. You'll be forever known as "the guy who dragged ____ into a scam."

More Hilarity: TVI Express launch Philippines Office in March 2011?

TVI Express claims they are launch office in Philippines in 2011.

However, based on my analysis of Filipino law, specifically DTI Administrative order #8, and analysis of the "business registration" certificate they got, they are already DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

I must emphasize that I am no expert in Filipino law, but even a layman's interpretation of the relevant laws and wording would give serious doubt as to how they can operate legally in the Philippines.

Even now the "distributors" (who has no product to distribute) are claiming 1) it's an investment company, 2) it is a hotel discount company selling hotel vouchers. So even they aren't sure what they are selling.

Enough said.

More reports of TVI Express Fraud in India

Old news nonetheless, but still worth reading... Sikkim have been victims of various scams

Friday, February 18, 2011

TVI Express is ILLEGAL under Filipino Law

Logo of the Department of Trade and IndustryImage via WikipediaIn the Philippines, pyramid scams are outlawed under Department of Trade and Industry Administrative Order No. 8. Here's an excerpt (copied from DSAP)

2.1 "Chain Distribution Plans or Pyramid Sales Scheme" means sales devices whereby a person, upon condition that he makes an investment, is granted by the manufacturer or his representative a right to recruit for profit one or more additional persons who will also be granted such right to recruit upon condition of making similar investments: Provided, That, the profits of the person employing such a plan are derived primarily from the recruitment of other persons into the plan rather than from the sale of consumer products, services and credit: Provided further, That limitation on the number of participants does not change the nature of the plan.
2.2 Other Forms of Chain Distribution Plan/Pyramid Sales Scheme. - Without limiting the coverage of the term "chain distribution plan or pyramid sales scheme" above, business, sales or marketing plan or scheme is considered as Chain Distribution Plan or Pyramid Sales Scheme if:
a) A promoter persuades recruits to purchase products, services, credit, title or rank whereby the recruits can receive income primarily from the mere introduction, recruitment or sponsorship of other participants into the scheme rather than from the marketing and sale of products; or
b) Where the profits of the person employing such are derived primarily from the recruitment of the other persons into the plan or scheme rather than from the sale of consumer products, services and credit and said plan/scheme includes, but not limited to, one or more of the following attributes:
b.1. revenues or income are derived from participants' entry fees;
b.2. in order to earn income, participants must sponsor a fixed number of other participants, each of whom must in turn sponsor a fixed number of participants as in a plan compensating participants balancing number of recruits than number of sales volumes;
b.3. a participant's income is dependent primarily upon the participant's slot or position within the organization as determined by the time, date and order of participation;
b.4. participants are not allowed to return marketable and unused products for refund within a reasonable period of time or the conditions for such product return are contrary to the provisions of the Consumer Act and/or its Implementing Rules and Regulation (DAO No. 2, s. of 1993).
b.5. there is no fair market value for the goods received (Fair market value is a price determined an open market system. An indicator would be that consumers would still be willing to buy a product at its quoted price even without participating in the compensation plan).
TVI Express FAQ are very clear

FAQ 3: You do not have to sell any products.

This is (b1), as there is no other source of income.

FAQ 5: You need to sponsor two people, and teach each of them to sponsor two more people. 

This is (b2) criteria, as there is requirement to recruit / sponsor.

FAQ 10: When you cycle out (by completing the pyramid/board) you get $$$.

This is also part of (b1), as you are paid by filling up the pyramid.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

REPOST: TVI Express Vietnam Does NOT Sell Travel, Owner Admits

When interviewed by newspaper in 2010, TVI Express Vietnam owner admits that he does not sell travel. His business license does not mention selling any travel either.
The company has a certificate of business registration from 31 industry trade in materials, machinery, equipment and materials in electrical, electronics, refrigeration, computing, office machines, cars, motorcycles to computer manufacturers, manufacturing trade of engineering goods, real estate brokers, sales of furniture, trade promotion, building
This is the same pattern in Indonesia... They don't sell travel either, but instead, is a computer consulting company.|en&u=

Evidence of TVI Express Spam... In Arabic!

This spam was found in a Kuwaiti Forum, and was killed by the admin as a warning to others.|en&u=

Partial Victory: GensanSales deleted TVI Express spam, but also my counterpoints

Coat of arms of the PhilippinesImage via WikipediaA bunch of TVI Express Spammers (in fact, two of them) spammed GensanSales, a Filipino "for sale" website (for General Santos, a city in Philipines). One spammed the "Misc", and the other "Jobs Offered".

I posted reply to both with choice commentaries, AND posted a topic says "DO NOT JOIN TVI EXPRESS: declared scam in multiple countries"  then posted all the links to the news websites I found about TVI Express. I put it in the Job category as well, as there's where the large spam is. (The other guy only put in  an announcement of a TVI Express Seminar)

As expected, one guy replied back with the standard excuses. Unfortunately the ADMIN had deleted the entire spam (and my replies), and moved my topic to the Misc. category. It is fair, as it IS off topic.

Then my links to the various informational websites, even one to Direct Selling Associations of Philippines website, was removed as well.

Thus, at best, this is a minor victory. The advertisement for an informational seminar is still there.

Here are the myths they perpetuated and tactics used: (you'll have to take my word for it, as the original thread was deleted)

* MYTH: we have business license, thus we are legal

FACT:  That doesn't prove you are OPERATING legally, it just means you done all the startup paperwork

Furthermore, study of the business license in Philippines shows that it is not supposed to issue memberships.

* MYTH: we have not been declared illegal, thus we are legal

FACT: That just proves that government had not acted on you... SO FAR. It doesn't mean you will forever be legal.

* EXCUSE: Why don't you come to the seminar where we will explain everything?

NO-EXCUSE: Why can't you explain it now? Is there some secret you only reveal at the seminar?

* EXCUSE: The info from CitizenCorps is really an attempt to promote Pyxism, thus it is not a fair portrayal of TVI Express.

NO-EXCUSE: But you don't have any facts to refute any of the statements about TVI Express, do you? Attack the facts, not the speaker.

* EXCUSE: Why are you so negative on TVI Express?

NO-EXCUSE: Do I need a reason? Attack the facts, not the speaker. 

The guy who wrote back with the lousy excuses complained to the board admin. I got a note back from the board admin that they are deleting the entire ad (including my choice replies) and moving my "warning" to "Misc." They also removed most of the links.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Filipino TVI Express Defender Tries Old Excuses

A Filipino TVI Express defender tries to claim TVI Express is an "investment" company, in the comments of my "The Other TVI Express FAQ" (the IP address traced "Curt" to the Philippines)

Peoples opinion is sometimes taken as fact, but I rule out one thing, I wont tell anything about something if I my self do not experience it first hand.
So I have to be a criminal first before I can be a cop to catch criminals? Ha-ha-ha. This is the "You don't understand us" excuse, as in "if you're not in it, how can you truly understand it?" (see 13 excuses from TVI Express Defenders Busted)
So I did my investigation about this TVI and found out something, they are an investment company, and they do pay their inventors by free hotel accommodation or by doubling the investor's money. So if you are not into investing, then don't bother to enter.
This one is "spreading rumors instead of facts", as there is not a SHRED of evidence that TVI Express is any sort of an investment company.  (see 13 excuses from TVI Express Defenders Busted)

In fact, if you search for "investment" on, you'll see that it's mentioned exactly 5 times. (the 6th time is a repeat of the first)  Two were repeating the chopped Warren Buffett quote which was NOT referring to TVI Express, but the MLM industry in general. Two were referring to the money you get when you "cycle out" of the traveler board (and you cycle out by recruiting!) Finally, the last quote says "TVI is backed by a solid investor group. And the investment is paying big on both ends." (Why TVI page) so it's NOT referring to TVI Express as an investment company.

But TVI Express did refer to itself as a "direct marketing" (i.e. direct selling, i.e. multi-level marketing / MLM) many times, all over the website. 

Thus, not only he supplied NO FACTS to support his claim that TVI Express is an investment company, the official website actually directly contradicts his claim, making him a liar.
there are 4 type of people
1 - employee
2 - manager
3 - entrepreneur
4 - investors
Ah, the "Cashflow Quadrant" except restated. Clearly this guy did not do any research on Robert Kiyosaki either... Rich Dad is about as real as Harry Potter, according to Mr. Kiyosaki himself.

Conclusion? Curt either did NO RESEARCH, or he was brainwashed by his upline into repeating all this bull****.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Indonesia TVI Express site still claims TVI Express can be legal

Gee, they are really late...  But better late than never... They finally found news that says TVI Express Reps sent to PRISON in China.  But what did the guy said? He said you need to understand the model even though it is probably illegal! Is this guy CRAZY!?!?!
Attention to the Leader TVI Express!

According to one news from Qilu Evening News China In a country until there is a case in jail for fraud has been indicted in the business of TVI Express!
That's how .. and indeed horrified, if it ever happen to you!
How is his solution?
As I discussed in an article before it, DO NOT BE AFRAID! FIXED HEART HEART!

Learn and Understand before you Promos! and for those of you who have not joined, I suggest, DO NOT JOIN, If Not Understand Business Model It ..!

But I reported on that back in Mid-2010! And it's among the newspaper articles I listed here!

And this guy actually is claiming that TVI Express's main business is selling hotel vouchers!

How many vouchers do you have to sell to make $10000? WAY TOO MANY.

Think about it. How much is a typical hotel stay? Let's say, $500 USD? How much do you think they pay out as commission to TVI Express? Maybe $50.

If you get 60% of that, that is $30 USD.

Gee, you have to sell, 333 trips like that to make $10000.


This guy is just as much CRAP as Rudy Phan.

One of the earliest criminal complaints about TVI Express: Sikkim, India

Here is one of the earliest complaints about TVI Express in the world. In Sikkim India victims quickly realized that TVI Express is a fraud and filed FIR (criminal complaint).

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Hilarity Mined from TVI Express Indonesia Website

Previously we've covered TVI Express Indonesian fansite MyDreamTVI. It is indeed a dream, since they can't recognize the scam signs.

The following picture was found on that blog:

There's something I did not notice at first. This hotel booking was NOT provided by TVI Express, but by "GTA Australasia".

GTA, or "Gulliver's Travel Associates", is a travel wholesaler, similar to Travelocity.

Again, this proves that TVI Express can book hotels through a wholesaler, but in no way proves that itself is legitimate. It only proves that other businesses that TVI Express deal with are legitimate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

RepSpace feedback on TVI Express Scam shows Defenders have no evidence

RepSpace, where MLM newbies, wannabes, and pros go for some community help, has a thread on TVI Express, and almost everybody (except a few defenders who have no evidence) concludes it's a scam.

Filipino TVI Express Members Unprepared for Criticism

When I offered a few choice criticism for TVI Express on a Filipino forum, I immediately received many standard replies I had previously documented on 13 Lies told by TVI Express members.

As first, they tried to ignore the criticism: just come to the seminar where we will explain everything.
"Really so intriguing. Again, this is not forcing anybody to join. This is an invitation for you to personally see and then to think is this is really for you or not and to make your own judgment."
They also tried the very old "If big companies like Marriott, etc do business with TVI Express it cannot be a scam" excuse. I busted that lie right there with the quote from Spanish newspaper "Mallorca Zeitung" that Lufthansa, Marriott, and AVIS have SUED TVI Express.

They tried "it had not been declared illegal" excuse.

I replied with "appeal to ignorance" logical fallacy, and asked what are the chances that something illegal in the US, China, and other countries would be legal in the Philippines?

They denied they are recruiting at all.
It is not recruiting either, TVI sells accommodation package that if a person could make two sales there he would be given the reward or the commission and would qualify himself to earn with the said amount. 
I pointed out that TVI Express FAQ states VERY CLEARLY they are sponsoring downlines, and that is recruiting.

Their reply was to ignore me.

I posted a topic "DO NOT JOIN TVI EXPRESS: Scam banned in many countries"

Did not get a SINGLE reply from the perps.

Is it victory? Only time will tell.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

TVI Express Fake Explanations Busted, part 2

There are plenty more fake explanations by TVI Express "distributors" offered for one reason or another. Some are to add alleged legitimacy, others to deflect criticism. Previously we covered a few. Here are a few more. Again, a lie can be detected by a) show you fact(s) that contradict their lies, or b) show you that their statement is a logical fallacy (of relevancy, equivocation, presumption). Sometimes, I'll do both.

Lie #5: TVI Express is not MLM

This lie is often seen in Indonesia where multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing companies are required to get a special "multi-tier" license called the SIUP, instead of the general business license. It can also been seen in countries where MLM requires special registration with certain agencies and thus is subject to more regulations. TVI Express distributors in those countries, when challenged on why they do not have a MLM license, will claim that they are not MLM, and thus is not subject to MLM.

Their "evidence" generally falls into two types:

a) TVI Express is really a franchise that is very cheap to buy into
b) TVI Express is really a club with a referral program

The evidence they gave varies, but usually they involve their own explanations and interpretations on what they think a "franchise" or a referral program is.

TVI Express itself claims to be MLM / Direct Selling / Network Marketing

TVI Express refers to itself as network marketing / multi-level marketing, and indeed, have a section called "expert watch" on network marketing. Just a search for "network marketing" within shows at least ten places where "network marketing" was referred. If you add similar terms like "direct selling" or "multi-level marketing" the the conclusion is inevitable: TVI Express itself says it is MLM.  
Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning.

That is pretty conclusive, isn't it?

TVI Express is NOT a franchise

In a franchise, you buy the rights to a business system and the name brand. If you buy a Burger King (tm) franchise, you get access to corporate training, ability to use their logos, and more, but you also agree to abide by their laws. There is nothing about "sponsoring people"

Yet there is "sponsoring people" in TVI Express. It is right there in their FAQ #5. Thus, TVI Express cannot be a franchise.

Also, if TVI Express is franchise, WHAT DOES IT SELL? It does not even have a product page!

Finally, it is up to the local branch to be compliant with local laws in a franchise. Burger King (tm) in Hong Kong will have different law compliance than Burger King (tm) in California or Burger King (tm) in Paris. Each must have their business license. If each person in TVI Express is a franchisee, then EACH PERSON MUST APPLY FOR THEIR OWN BUSINESS LICENSE!

This is a fallacy of equivocation. They are trying to redefine the word "franchise" to fit TVI Express.

TVI Express is NOT a "club" with a referral program

First of all, the logic is already absurd... Who joins a club for an "opportunity" to earn $10000 in weeks?

Second, why are TVI Express participants called DISTRIBUTORS?  It's right there on the homepage, lower right hand corner. What do they distribute?

Third, where did the word "club" appear in TVI Express at all? Here's official language from the website:
At TVI Express, we provide exciting holiday packages, vacation club memberships, and fun-filled adventures to customers just like you. Through our exclusive club, we strive to give our members a world of choices through an attention to detail and impeccable customer service.--
The language is unclear. Is TVI Express itself a club? Or is it providing OTHER club memberships to members? Why would it refer to itself as "network marketing" elsewhere in the same website? And why would it be promising its members/distributors opportunity to earn thousands of dollars on the front-page?

Do you see the devilry here? TVI Express throws in so many different explanations that different people will find what they want and invent their own explanations. However, if you take the overall picture, you'll find that it is a confusing jumbled mess offering inconsistent explanations of what it is. It has referred to itself as "travel club", "network marketing", "income opportunity", "event company", "home-based business", and more. Some of those may fit together, but ALL of them?

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Looks like Tarun Trikha finally admits to owning TVI Express?

Apparently domain just opened up... Domain privacy is no longer in force.

And guess who's the registrant? Tarun Trikha.

No more of this "based in UK non-sense"...

WTF?! Spam page lists everything under the sun, including TVI Express

And it's in SPANISH! (So I'll show you the English translation)

First, the title of the page is... Health, Nutrition, and Massage! So what does this have to do with TVI Express?

Scroll down or hit CTRL-F to find TVI Express

You'll find a UNICEF.ORG link in there. It is IMPLYING that TVI Express donates to UNICEF, isn't it? Except that UNICEF page disappeared in 2010!

And it still lists the OLD TVI Express address, which had not been in use since 2009!!!!!!!

And the link to that Powerpoint presentation? 404 NOT FOUND

Yet this is NOT spam or hack. This was put in by the owner. The owner used "Vidasana" as a "nickname" throughout. The URL is vidasana, the TVI Express URL was vidasana, and so on. So she (yes, she) was putting in the stuff voluntarily.

Yet there was no date.

This is bull****.

And if you look closely, you'll find the TVI Express spam in there not once, but TWICE!


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TVI Express Fake Explanations Busted, part 1

Here are some fake explanations offered by TVI Express defenders, and why they are fake. 

There are two ways to bust a lie, either 1) show you that the logic is flawed by proving it's a logical fallacy, or 2) just show you the exception

Lie #1: I made money so it's not a scam

Actual EXAMPLE: "... I am currently heading for $10,000 hopeful i will reach there in 2 months if not less..Lets the voice spread propaganda and discourage Batswana [sic] from being invester…!"

WHY A LIE: This can be restated as follows

a) TVI Express paid me
b) (implied) scam don't pay
c) TVI Express can't be a scam

However, a pyramid scheme (which experts conclude that TVI Express indeed is one) will pay SOME participants. Thus, TVI Express CAN be a scam, because the implied observation "scam don't pay" is false. This is a fallacy of presumption. 

Lie #2: All businesses are pyramids

EXAMPLE: "Everything in life is a pyramid - every corporation has a top and a bottom and lot's of ding bats in between, the top makes more than the bottom and the middle man if he's lucky can pay off a credit card or two.  Mcdonalds, GM, Burger King, Macey's, you name it every business is a pyramid, the top get rich the bottom do not.  At least in TVI you are rewarded for your work. "

WHY A LIE: This can be restated as follows

a) TVI Express is a pyramid
b) Legitimate business are pyramid-shaped
c) TVI Express is legitimate

This is a "fallacy of equivocation". Being "pyramid-shaped" is NOT the same as being a "pyramid scheme".

Lie #3: You just don't understand us

EX: "(Praises TVI Express) By the way how can some people trust network marketing if they know nothing about it..?"

WHY A LIE: Restated as following

a) TVI Express is network marketing
b) Network marketing is widely misunderstood
c) TVI Express is widely misunderstood

This is a fallacy of presumption: TVI Express is presumed to be network marketing. While it repeated refers to itself as network marketing, its own FAQ states that "you don't need to sell any products", so it is not marketing any product to non-members. 

Lie #4: We do have a product! It's the XXXXXX!

The problem is, TVI Express distributors are known to be wildly inconsistent when it comes to "product". Some of the often named "product" includes:

* the "back office"
* the 7-day 6-night vacation you get upon joining
* alleged discount hotel vouchers
* some other offers that was unnamed
* some combination of the items named above

However, NONE of the above named items are real "product" (or even a service). Just the fact that a) TVI Express does not even have a "product" page, b) its FAQ states "you do not need to sell any products" and c) its own reps can't even tell what the product is  should tell you that there is no real product. 

Furthermore, for a MLM to be legal, the MLM must sell something to the consumer who are NOT in the company. Amway sells vitamins and other stuff to consumers. Nu Skin sells cosmetics to consumers. They do it through their team of distributors, and some distributors get a portion of their "downline" sales as commission, which is why it's called multi-level. So you have to get something tangible or worthwhile. 

The Back Office: not a product

Why? Back office is a SERVICE. While you can sell a service, the site behind the service is (actually WCTravel, part of Travelocity network) thus the service is worth ZERO. 

The 7-day 6-night trip: not a product

Why? It's given to the member to redeem. It is not something that can be resold, as there's only ONE trip. Furthermore, you now have to pay $150 as "taxes and processing fees", something NEVER mentioned before. How much hotel and airline ticket are you getting to be worth $150 in taxes and fees? Furthermore, there are horror stories all over the world that people are getting stranded on the trips. So much so TVI Express offer to HALF-SIZE the trip (to 4-day 3-night) and call that an IMPROVEMENT in service. Also, the only list of available hotels officially from TVI Express shows all hotels IN INDIA! Thus, not a product. 

Discount hotel vouchers: not a product

There are a problem since nobody can tell what exactly is a "discount hotel voucher". If you are a consumer, do you pay a TVI Express rep for a 'discount coupon' you then use at a hotel, or do you pay a TVI Express rep to book a hotel for you, and get a piece of paper that take to a hotel that shows rooms are paid? 

If it's the former, that is not a product. Who's ever heard of PAYING for a discount? (Before you say "Costco", that's a buying club, with annual dues)

If it's the latter, that's legal, but then, back to again... You can get that for FREE. Why go to TVI Express at all? And how do you know you're getting a good deal? And how do you know the rooms WILL be booked? 

STAY TUNED for more updates

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TVI Express cannot pass Filipino DSA Pyramid Test

Direct Selling Association of Philippines have a simple 8-point test on whether something is a pyramid or not. Let us try it on TVI Express.
How to differentiate a legitimate direct selling company from pyramiding using the 8-point Test 
1. Is there a product?
The company FAQ states very specifically, "You do not need to sell any products". Any products the various "distributors" claimed are therefore completely irrelevant. THERE IS NO PRODUCT.  Nobody can even agree on what is the product.
2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?
According to company FAQ #3, #5, and #10, you get paid solely by sponsoring people (who paid entry fees), filling up the pyramid (called "board" or "matrix") and get paid when it is filled.  YOU ARE ONLY PAID ON SPONSORING NEW PEOPLE. 
3. Is the intent to sell a product not a position?
The intent is always to sell a position. The statement "You do not need to sell any products" is very clear. NO PRODUCT!
4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?
There is EXACT correlation between number of recruits and compensation. If you fill up the "traveler board" you get $250 in eWallet and eVoucher code worth $250 (for enrollment which you can sell to another recruit or get another position) THE MORE YOU RECRUIT, THE MORE YOU EARN.
5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?
Not a penny will be made if participants stop recruiting, since YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEE ANY PRODUCTS. 
6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?
As there is no product, there is no product return. 
7. Do products have fair market value?
As there is no product, there is no fair market value. 
8. Is there a compelling reason to buy?
As there is no product, there is no reason to buy anything.
If the answer to all the questions is YES, then the company being evaluated is a legitimate company.  But if the answer is NO, then there is a high probability that it is a pyramid scam.
As TVI Express rates NO on so many questions, it is virtually certain it is a pyramid scam.
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TVI Express Phillipines Does Not Realize It is ALREADY Illegal!

8-ball pyramid scheme model.Image via WikipediaTVI Express Holidays Phillipines apparently was incorporated in October 2010.

However, its own business certificate specifically says that this is a general business and is NOT allowed to issue memberships.

But we all know that TVI Express relies on memberships, yes?

Also, Entrepreneur Phillipines and Direct Selling Association Philipines have 7 warnings signs about how a MLM may be a scam.

the following are some telltale signs that the business is a pyramid scheme:

1.    The costs to enter the plan are unreasonably high.
2.    Participants are compensated primarily for recruiting other participants.
3.    The compensation is not based primarily on the sale of goods and services.
4.    The goods and services are not legitimate and currently marketable.
5.    The participants are required to buy more products than they can reasonably sell or use.
6.    The plan does not allow return of unused inventories.
7.    There is no written contract providing key terms and a definite cancellation period.

According to Bonquin, “legitimate direct selling companies do not offer false hopes [like pyramid schemes do], but rather, offer attainable rewards.”
How do these rate on TVI Express?

1) Cost: $250 USD is extremely high for Phillipines, where annual per capita income is only $3300 USD (2008 est. via Wikipedia)  RED ALERT!

2) Recruiting: The company ONLY pays on recruiting. RED ALERT!

3) No selling: "You are not required to sell any products" RED ALERT!

4) Goods: nobody can even agree on what exactly TVI Express sells. RED ALERT!

5) As there's no product, there's no need to keep inventory. NO RATING

6) As there is no inventory, no return is needed. NO RATING

7) Contract: There is no contract or even a refund period! RED ALERT!

Fits FIVE OUT OF SEVEN warning signs. THIS IS A SCAM!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh, great, we now have a fake biography of Tarun Trikha

South Africa (orthographic projection)Image via WikipediaStill claims he's a member only...
In February 2009 a 25 year old man called Tarun living in a small town in India was told about TVI Express. Tarun was a small time networker living on the bread-line. He managed to find the money to join TVI and then began to tell his friends, his family, his colleagues.... in fact anyone who would listen, about this new discount travel club called TVI-Express.

So why would other TVI Express websites claim Tarun Trikha is "owner/CEO" of TVI Express?

And why did Tarun Trikha's name disappear from "Advisory Board" of TVI Express?  Did his term "end"? Did he resign? Was he fired? Not a single word. In fact, the only time we heard about Tarun Trikha via any sort of official source is from South Africa when local members claim Tarun Trikha left them to fend for themselves when authorities decide to declare TVI Express a scam.

This is bull****.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More South African Hilarity: Local Participants claim South African Branch Opens March 2011

Found this in "HotFrog" business listings of South Africa:
TVI Express is the next big Giant in the Network Marketing Industry.
Then why do others claim TVI Express is NOT Network Marketing, or MLM, at all? 
TVI Express offers 4 payout system which is rated the best in the industry with a compensation plan that is unmatched .
Unmatched in the way that it is a total scam. ALL FOUR ways to get paid depends on recruiting, and nothing on selling. It's a pyramid scheme

Best rated by exactly ONE place, which had since retracted its rating and declared TVI Express a FRAUD, put on "ALERT STATUS".
TVI Express is opening up offices in South Africa around Mar/2011. 
Did this guy not hear that South African authorities ALREADY declared TVI Express to be a scam?

TVI Express Rep in Thailand Publish their own "hotel list"

Found that TVI Express reps in Thailand decided to publish their own hotel list

However, there are several problems with this list.

1) Title is "Hotel List Claim PKG with TVI"

Shouldn't that be Hotel List TVI Claim PKG?

2) List is copyright TVI Express Thailand (c) 2009

Is there an official branch of TVI Express in Thailand? Not according to TVI Express website! According to TVI Express only support offices with personnel are India, Indonesia, and Philippines.

3) And how many hotels are there? Maybe 100 or so? Okay, 200?

Clearly not 90000 TVI Express claimed, yes?

Granted this information is old, but it's so unofficial and it has no supporting information (who provided the list?) it may as well not exist.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

End of Rudy Phan and TVIExpressDollar?

After a few posts, no sign of Rudy Phan on Kaskus, the Indonesian community forum, after Lunar New Year.

No sign of update on his website either. 

Is it the end? Who knows?

TVI Express Weasel Coaches: Suppsed Teacher of MLM wants to Profit from You

Coach who avoids her own questions

Here is where "marketing coaches" saying stuff like "TVI Express is great!" without any fact-checking, just to score a couple more sales of their "training" of dubious value. Today, our highlight is on

Ms. Petoskey poses some interesting questions, but managed to dodged them all, thus not answering the question she herself have posed. And that is the ultimate weasel act. Let us see how she managed to weasel out of her own questions.

Introduction: could be better

Ms. Petoskey started by repeating company material, and posed three questions, which according to her, "you need to ask before “jumping in”
1) What is the company’s experience in Network MLM/Network Marketing? Has the company been involved in scams?

2) Who are the owners of the company? Who will be managing the company? Is this public knowledge/posted?

3) Are there Company Policies and Procedures available? Have these been reviewed? How detailed are the Policies and Procedures?
The intro could be better, as she did not bother to confirm any of the information she had given. By December the Cyprus address had been published, but the issue was never raised. In fact, she claimed 5 different offices later in the same article.

The three questions were quite sensible. Unfortunately, she never answered any of them.

Promised answers, gave none

With a section title like "so what are the answers to the questions above when reviewing the TVI Express opportunity?" You would expect she would give SOME answers to the three questions she posed herself, but you'd be mistaken.

She cited 6 points she got from listening to "TVI Express Leadership" conference call. As she had not cited the "TVI Express Leadership", one can only suspect the person she may be quoting... Tarun Trikha. Indeed, the answers she quoted seem to be from the PlanetTVI conference call that is still available on Youtube (in 7 parts). Why is that a problem? According to TVI Express itself, Tarun Trikha is merely a very senior distributor, not a TVI Express employee or corporate member, and thus, should have NO RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR TVI EXPRESS. Thus, any answer he gave would be suspect.

But let us leave that aside for now. What do the answers actually say?

1) compensation plan is great.

Did not answer ANY of the three questions she raised herself. That's an opinion, not a fact.

2) vouchers are difficult to redeem (they're working on it)

This answers #3: TVI Express have LOUSY policies and procedures.

3) "There are 5 offices that are open (Locations have not been provided to avoid huge traffic jams in these areas – What??!!!)"

Again, TVI Express have LOUSY procedures policies. Even she was surprised by the weasel explanation she had heard. They have five offices, but have to HIDE the offices to people don't overwhelm them. Yeah, right.

4) "After finishing the Express Boards, the payout is $10K AND $5K for travel to company events."
Again, LOUSY procedures and policies. This should have been defined from the very start, or put into the FAQ. Guess what happened to that $5K? It simply DISAPPEARED from the FAQ altogether.

5) Is TVI Express legal in the US? No idea. "TVI Express has started working with an attorney to stabilize business in the US (to establish presence in the US)."

LOUSY procedures and policies. ANY international MLM should have hired legal consultants LONG time ago well versed in international law. In fact, there are questions that is TVI Express even legal in Europe, but that's for another article/hub.

6) "There is concern about the attentiveness/responsiveness of the TVI Express Support Team." They're working on it.

Again, LOUSY procedures and policies.You'd think that with FIVE different offices, they'd got SOME sort of support system in place, but no! They are HIDING the offices! Really!

According to Ms. Petovskey herself, these are answers to her three questions... Yet two of her questions were NOT answered, and all of the "answers" to the third question are BAD BAD BAD. 

Even if you give the company "benefit of doubt" for being a "young company" (almost a year old, as this was written in December 2009), and the problems raised were "growing pains", these answers don't say anything useful.

We will give some REAL answers later, as she had not done her own job. She promised, but did not deliver.

Interviewing TVI Express member:why?

Ms. Petoskey then interviewed an existing TVI Express member, but none of the questions actually address any of the questions she herself asked. instead, she asked softball questions like "What is TVI Express?" (which she already answered), "How many people have joined you?", "How long have you been in?".

The entire interview is filler, and provided no answers to her own questions.

The End: intent becomes clear

It is only in the last paragraph that Ms. Petovskey's intent becomes clear:
"Once you have the proper marketing training and skills, you will be able to bring in double-digit distributors every month into your TVI Express business. To obtain the proper marketing training and skills for TVI Express business builders, visit TVI Express Marketing Training,"
Or, in other words, "you won't succeed unless you pay me."

She posed questions she did not answer. At the end, she wants you to pay her.

That is the very definition of a weasel.

And now, some REAL answers

As Ms. Petoskey managed to dodge her own questions, I'll try to do her job: answer the questions.

Q1) What is the company’s experience in Network MLM/Network Marketing? Has the company been involved in scams?

ANSWER: company has NO experience in MLM / network marketing at all. It is a young company (less than a year old at time of post), thus it has not been involved in scams. As its ownership or management were invisible, we can make no conclusions regarding the management team's experience in MLM/network marketing either.

Q2) Who are the owners of the company? Who will be managing the company? Is this public knowledge/posted?

ANSWER: The owners of the company and the managers was NEVER published. There's some nebulous comment about "owned by prestigious investor group": but no details were available.

Q3) Are there Company Policies and Procedures available? Have these been reviewed? How detailed are the Policies and Procedures?

ANSWER:There are no company policies and procedures available on TVI Express website.
According to Ms. Petoskey herself, these questions should tell you if you should join TVI Express. As the answer to each of the three questions is NO, the answer should be NO, you should NOT join TVI Express. 

Yet she wants you to pay her for training to help make your TVI Express business successful.

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