Monday, November 24, 2008

You are calm... you are calm... you are.... ZZZzzzzzzz...

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I think I am simply too tired, serious enough that my doctor is referring me to the Stanford Sleep Clinic. Except they have no slots for me until January 2009.

Is the current world rewarding ADHD? (Attention Deficit - Hyper Activity Disorder) We are encouraged to be multitaskers, keeping track of everything at once everywhere we go. In fact, one of the latest trailers... Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" is a perfect illustration. We don't say "no" often enough, and saying "yes" to everything will destroy you (in more sense than one). Yet the society seems to insist that you take on as many roles as possible. Your buddies want you to go to the bar and have a few pints. Your children wants you home to read them bedtime stories. Your wife wants you home to help her with house chores. You have projects at work you need to finish. And you have stuff to shop for this and that persons in your life... and so on.

So what do you REALLY hold dear in your heart? If you don't know, you'll either pile on so much responsibility that you collapse (if you are the kind of people that can't say no), or you'll let one or the other (and maybe several) slide until you can't meet them all.

That's why I recommend Stephen Covey's book "First Things First". It's more than just a book about how to organize your time... It's about organizing your LIFE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About the new Star Trek trailer...

Zoë Saldaña at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th A...Image via WikipediaIf you haven't seen it by now, here's your chance...

Choices for the characters are indeed, inspired. All new names, or relative unknowns in Hollywood except for Ryder and Bana, yet all are solid actors.

Chris Pine as James T. Kirk -- Pine is mostly known for his one-off TV appearances in various TV series, including CSI, ER, Six Feet Under, and more.

Zachary Quinto as Spock -- Quinto is best known as the psycho super-killer Sylar on Heroes.

Erica Bana as Nero -- we don't know who this Nero is, as he's not a regular Trek character, but Bana's known for his roles in Black Hawk Down and The Incredible Hulk, as well as roles in Munich and Troy.

Simon Pegg as Scotty -- inspired indeed. Simon Pegg is best known for "Shawn of the Dead", a Zombie movie spoof. Though he was actually in Band of Brothers.

Winona Ryder as Amanda Grayson -- Amanda is Spock's human mother. Winona Ryder... she's always a bit "other worldly". :)

Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura -- young pretty black girls who can act seriously aren't that easy to find. Ms. Saldana is probably best known as Theresa in "Guess Who?", a new version of "Guess who's coming to dinner?" (originally starring Sidney Poyntier) opposite Ashton Kutchner. She also guest-starred on various crime TV stuff.

Karl Urban as Leonard 'Bones' McCoy -- hmmm... Honestly, Mr. Urban mainly act as the foil or as minor characters in movies, such as Doom and Resident Evil. Though he also played Eomer in LOTR movies. As our beloved "Bones"? We shall see.

John Cho as Hikaru Sulu -- Cho as best known as "Harold" as half of the "Harold and Kumar" duo in two movies. I'm sure he CAN act, question is "how seriously"?

Not as critique, but this crew is certainly prettier than the original. :D

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Relaunch of Kasey's Korner

A picture I took of a Starbucks Venti Mint Moc...Image via WikipediaKasey's Korner is about Kasey Chang, and nothing else.

This is a relaunch. There WAS a Kasey's Korner website, which used to be on my university's server (good old Unix shell account). Then it got moved to AOL, then eventually it ended up here, as a blog.

For the past few months I've been using it as a mobile game review site, until I decided I should separate them into a separate area.

If you're looking for mobile game reviews, those have been moved to

So, now comes the rant. :)

Right now, I'm sitting in a Starbucks, past midnight (in fact, it's 12:45AM), and can't sleep. In fact, I've been here three hours, probably more. For price of a single drink. And the honest truth... they have the closest hotspot to where I live.

Paid a fine to a government agency today. Working out a payment plan is easy enough, but it's sort of a witch hunt, but then, my dad caused it, not me. Won't get into any details. :) Enough to say that government can do a LOT of things if they are really out to get you.

I help run a bus charter business. Have two buses currently down, and costing THOUSANDS in repairs. Still have to get decals for the new bus... And the unit number decals. One of them was almost new, just took delivery less than a month ago!

Have to pay all sorts of things, and get all sorts of paperwork done... Never had a chance to write letters and such. At least I did get to watch Kung Fu Panda on my laptop here. :P Oh, and Death Race (the recent one).

As my dad decided to take a trip out of the country, this basically means I am the company president (actually I am, but that's another subject for another day). And I get to make all the decisions. But how can I do all these daily fires, AND still get other things done?

This is basically my escape from the tedium of life, and I can waste a LOT of time when I want to.

Yes, it's more of a rant, but that's my life at the moment. I really have to go to sleep now.

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