Thursday, December 24, 2009

TVI Express Busted by Chinese Authorities in Zhejiang as Pyramid Scam

TVI Express has been brought to a halt in Zhejiang
Pyramid Scams have been brought to surface
2009-08-10 11:28:48 Source: Xinhua News agency

Translated by K. Chang

Translator's note: I am not a professional translator, but I do speak and read both Chinese and English. In some sentences, I have to go for the meaning and the nuance instead of going for a literal translation. I do aim for accuracy. If you have a suggestion on how to improve the translation, please feel free to comment. Original is here:

TVI Express: the final verdict

Bernie Madoff  by Yan Pei-Ming  at San Francis...
This will really be the final word on TVI Express I will write. It will be a summary of all the previous entries. However, I will also post a translation of the Chinese article, as the Google Translation isn't that good. Any way, here goes...

TVI Express: The Final Verdict

Tens of Thousands of people have been lured by the promise of quick profits, i.e. "earn up to $15000 in a week" to join "TVI Express" all around the world. India, China, and now the US. This supposedly London-based company claims to sell discounted travel vouchers. However, TVI Express is a Ponzi scam, plain and simple. They may have hidden their deeds pretty well, but there are enough clues out there for everybody to find. But will you see it, or stay in self-denial?

The problems of TVI Express are plenty. For organization, I've divided it up into three categories: company background suspicions, company practice suspicions, and finally, faulty retorts.