Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TVI Express Timeline published

Now you really know what happened where and when about TVI Express...

TVI Express Timeline is now available on Hubpages

And guess who's the first commenter? Mr. Matthew Neer, who was usually regarded as a TVI Express supporter!

Hey KSChang,
Great article you put together here. You have really done your research and I value your opinion. People really do need to be made aware of this timeline because I STILL get calls from people asking me about TVI Express and how to join.
I usually just tell them to run far far away, but hey, what can ya do. People will be people...
 So he's NOT supporting TVI Express? Heh? 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More TVI Express member lies

If you've searched through Google about TVI Express, you'd probably came across increasemymonthlyincome.com, which is a website where two people recruit for their downline and publish cheerleading blog posts about TVI Express success. They even recently published a self-congratulatory note that one of them made it out of the Express board and got $10000 in her eWallet. So what sort of lies have they been publishing? Let's pick a page and find out.


First two paragraphs really says nothing important.

Then things only got worse...

In a few weeks corporate will be moved into a brand new facility in London. I can not wait to see what will be coming down the line as so far the new upgrades to the members site have greatly increased the speed of which the site loads in a browser.

This blogpost was dated October 2009. This is AFTER TVI Express vacated their 55 Bryanston St. (March Arch Tower)  address in London, with NO NEW ADDRESS published. So she's excited about an non-existent address, which later turned out to be in Uxbridge, 15 miles from downtown London.

And she's excited that the server seems to have been upgraded. Nothing about the business itself, eh? That comes later.

There are many benefits when you get a TVI Express business. Some of the key ones are that to join there is only a one time fee. Most other direct selling businesses have an autoship or some other program that you have to make a purchase every month to stay active or get commissions on sales volume or downline activity. With this business model there is just one fee and that is it.

You also get a free professional with all the bells and whistles members site that includes a state of the art back office. I am not kidding when I say that when I first looked at my back office it was the best one that I have ever had with any company.

Most people get excited when they discover that they also get a six day seven nite stay at a five star hotel and a air fare one way travel voucher. These do have to be used with in one years time of your join date and there are some other minor stipulations but how great is that! Please do not promote your business as getting a free hotel stay or plane ticket as this is not a reason why people should be joining TVI Express in the first place. Be honest, excited, and truthful then you will do just fine.

The back office gives you all kinds of discount travel offers with the ability to custom design your dream travel vacation. Everything works great and you can expect to discover many discounts when you are logged into your members site.

So the benefits of joining TVI Express are, according to this website:

*  One-time fee, no recurring auto-buy
*  State-of-the-art back office website
*  7-day 6-night vacation at 5-star hotel and one-way ticket (NOT the reason to join)
*  Back office offers all sorts of travel discounts and trip planning

Hey, backoffice was counted twice. So, consolidate:

1) One-time fee only, no recurring fees
2) Backoffice with trip planning and quoting, plenty of travel discounts
3) 7-day 6-night vacation at 5-star hotel and one-way ticket (but don't use this as reason to join)

But what does TVI Express sell? What are you networking for? NEVER EXPLAINED! How is this a business with no product or service? Hello!?!?!

Was the fact that the backoffice was just private-labeled version of Travelocity.com mentioned? No! So no matter how impressive it is, it is worth exactly ZERO! She's impressed by a FREE website!

And that "free" vacation? Turns out it was impossible to redeem until 8 months later (June 2010), AND costs additional $150 USD. And 5-star hotel? It's really 3-5 star. AND only hotels near India are available. So her claims all turned out to be LIES.

None of the benefits turned out to be what they really are. There is no product to sell. So where does the money come from?  From the new members recruited, of course. 

So what sort of business is this, other than a scam?

Friday, August 27, 2010

TVI Express: so excited, they came from the future!

TVI Express supporter was so excited about one of them cycling out of the express board (i.e. recruited 200+ losers into TVI Express so she can become a winner), the "winning date" was given as August 18, 2020!

So she traveled back from the future to announce her winning news... Did she bring back some lotto numbers too?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TVI Express supporter again use bogus reasons to defend TVI Express

When "The Voice" of Botswana denounced TVI Express again as a pyramid scheme, TVI Express supports decided to defend the alleged reputation of TVI Express... by using logical fallacies.

You can read such a defense, and my reply here.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Indonesia Direct Sell Association says "don't join TVI Express (or companies like it)"

Indonesia organization APLI, which stands for Direct Selling Association of Indonesia, is a member of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a member of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. It was founded in 1984, and is the only recognized direct selling association in the country.
So when it says you should NOT join TVI Express or companies like it, you should listen.
--------- translated by Google Translate ---------

From: May | Date: 02-AUG-2010

1.Is compulsory by the law of a multi-level marketing company became a member APLI?
2. Now is rife bid from an alleged TVI Express guise MLM money game; extent APLI review the system that are offered? and what are the results?
Jawaban: Answer:
1. Function Association is a partner of government agencies, to assist the government directly in the bridge between companies and governments. In the case of policies issued or to disseminate its own rules.
By the rules did not load on a single company to join in any related associations, including industrial firms DS / MLM there is no obligation to join in APLI. APLI members are not all the options companies can join the APLI.
2. The main task is for the benefit of Members APLI APLI. However APLI morally helped oversee firms DS / MLM that operate, particularly those companies that do not have special permission and compensation schemes indicate money game. It is reported to relevant agencies.
3. The review of TVI Express is the internal material between APLI and the Government. All of the prohibitions is the Government is not entitled to APLI.
We do not recommend you join all types of business like that.
 --------- end translation ---------
The summary of all the above?
  • APLI is an industry watchdog and liaison to make sure all companies comply with world standards on MLM/DS ethics.
  • TVI Express did not join APLI, and apparently has no plan to
  • APLI recommends that you do not join companies like TVI Express
(Thanks to Nidya for the tip)

    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Let an ex-TVI Express member tell you why he quit TVI Express

    He has positions on the Express board, so he stands to make $10000 if he succeeds, but he walked away... because by his own evaluation (the 5 criteria, up to 5 stars in each), TVI Express did not score that well, and he was much more charitable to the "questionable" practices than I was. He gave TVI Express 2.8 out of 5, or average. There are better opportunities out there.

    When ACCC busted TVI Express is Australia, he was already saying "I told you so!" and set the score to zero. 


    TVI Express members: copying each other's lies

    The scam truckImage by jepoirrier via Flickr
    Are TVI Express members copying their lies from each other? Absolutely. 
    In my analysis of a Chinese blog with a lot of TVI Express lies,  I came across these excuses, which was proven to be lies, things such as

    * TVI Express is Trust-Guard verified  (it is NOT, as of 30-SEP-2009)
    * TVI Express is listed on Google, which makes it "official" (it is NOT, as listing is owner-verified)
    * TVI Express is paying people, so it is legitimate (it just proves it has money in the bank)
    * TVI Express is incorporated so it is legitimate (plenty of incorporated businesses were proven to be scams)

    And this is where it gets interesting... I have seen these lies before... Almost the same wording. It was on Mr. John Piro's website, which I had also reviewed.

    Schizophrenic marketer can't decide TVI Express is scam or not

    Weasel (Farthing Wood)Image via Wikipedia
    Mr. Terry Dorland wrote a VERY short review of TVI Express, in which he came across as scatter-brained and schizophrenic. At the end, he encourages you to learn marketing in order to recruit a lot of people, which he defines as "being an entrepreneur".

    So what did Mr. Dorland write? His article is at http://ezinearticles.com/?TVI-Express-Review---The-Most-Important-TVI-Express-Review-Youll-Ever-Read&id=4870913  But is it really "the most important TVI Express Review"? Hardly. It had very little useful information, consisting of only four paragraphs, and glossed over important information that he should have covered.

    When a MLM coach says TVI Express is a scam, you should listen...

    Took him about 5 minutes of browsing to conclude that TVI Express is a scam... Back in February.

    I know, I beat him by a couple months, but he's more famous than I am. :D


    Also read the comments... where he updated some info. 

    Classic TVI Express Member Lies

    Today, we present another set of classic TVI Express lies. Previously, we found a letter from Mr. Goyal, that claims TVI Express was related to a glass factory in Italy, and a casino/resort in England. What sort of lies will we find this time?  The original in Chinese, dated May 23 2009, is at http://xiecheng51.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!FB3360FAB196CDAE!146.entry but I'll just translate it for you...


    TVI Express and its legitimacy

    Company is legal, and all necessary steps are complete. Due to involvement in travel and other political factors, establishing a travel company must conform to international common practices, and tens of thousands must be invested for registration, and millions must be put up in performance bonds, which will discourage most people. Establishing a travel company is not something that can be done by anybody!

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    China Incomplete e-Pyramid survey: TVI Express is on it

    Chinese e-Commerce Research Center has conducted an incomplete study of pyramid scheme and similar frauds perpetrated under disguise of e-Commerce and MLM, and TVI Express (listed as "British TVI Travel Express")  is among those organizations mentioned as a fraud.

    But what really struck me is this little cartoon

    Let me translate:

     You don't think that happens? Read what this Indonesian TVI Express "leader" is telling other people:

     Member TVI Express with extraordinary spirit who is building their business empire. Immediately stop analyzing, stop worrying, stop suspicious. Immediately take part in this business "while" very good momentum.
     Reach your own conclusions. 

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    TVI Express gives better deals to Indians

    Look at the TVI Express announcement itself as of 20-JUN-2010:
    Cost per booking voucher is USD 150 globally, however for Indian and Indonesian market the voucher cost is as given below:
    • Booking Voucher Cost in India: INR 5,500
    • Booking Voucher Cost in Indonesia: IDR 1,450,000
    Let's use today's exchange rate as of 19-AUG-2010:

    USD 150 = 1344000 IDR = 6952.5 INR

    So folks in India are enjoying a like 25% discount.  (less than USD 119 instead of USD 150) Look through exchange rate history shows that the rate did not change that much, so it is clear: TVI Express is preferring Indian members.

    Even Indonesian members got gibbed. They are paying USD 162. And the Indonesia Rupee against dollar actually ROSE (instead of 9000-9050 Rupees per dollar, it's down to about 8950 Rupees) so it is NOT exchange rate related. They are paying 9% surcharge for no particular reason.
    • FACT: TVI Express prefers Indian members (see above)
    • FACT: TVI Express claims to be only subject to Indian and Cyprus law (see their disclaimer)
    • FACT: TVI Express have actual verified office in India, but NOT in UK (or Cyprus)
    • FACT: TVI Express is officially registered as a business in India, but not in UK
    • FACT: TVI Express first presidential level distributor, Tarun Trikha, is from India, and operates in India
    CONCLUSION: TVI Express is an INDIAN company, not a UK company

    MLM Veteran says TVI Express is NOT a MLM

    Tucker Keeling wrote on his blog:

    ...I’m instead going to suggest that TVI Express not even be classified as a Network Marketing or MLM company. Why? Simple, there is no product and as far as I can see no service attached to enrolling as a new member. And the compensation structure of cycling to the top of different boards, earning your 15 grand then starting over again is not exactly what I would consider standard in Network Marketing. Does this make it fall into a category of “illegal pyramid scheme?” I’m not sure, but I won’t be surprised if I wake up one day soon to see a headline that reads “Breaking TVI Express News, Hundreds Of Thousands Lose Money As TVI Is Forced To Halt Operations!”

    ...TVI Express has developed a business model that caters to a specific group of people. The “get rich quick” or “easy money” opportunity seekers.

    However, Mr. Keeling failed to come right out and state that TVI Express is a scam. In fact, at the end, he encourages to take a look at his marketing system for TVI Express opportunity, making the article sound schizophrenic.

    Weasel tells you that MLM company's product is NOT important

    A weasel head.Image via Wikipedia
    Quoting Mr. Lawrence Tam from his "TVI Express Review":
    "However, to TVI [Express], the product doesn’t seem to be as important as the MLM opportunity they have to offer. This is reflected even in their website which has almost no information about the product, but lots of promotional details for the business opportunity." 

    How can an opportunity be profitable, if the product associated with the opportunity is bogus and unimportant, and you don't need to sell any of it, as per the FAQ? 

    Can you say WEASEL?
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    TVI Express: now being CLONED!

    Do you want to open your own TVI Express-like operation, and really be your boss, instead of enriching the unseen folks behind TVI Express? Now is your chance. A hosting company in India is offering custom scripts that will help you run a MLM operation, just like TVI Express.


    Thanks for the tip from Raja. 

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    More bull**** TVI Express supporter press releases

    TVI Express supporters are spreading their bull**** via any free means available, even if they have spam press releases where legitimate stuff are being announced. Let us examine what sort of half-truths and lies are being spread.
    First of all, i-newswire.com is a FREE press release site... ANYBODY with a valid e-mail address and free registration can issue a press release. If you are willing to pay for the premium membership, you can even get your press release indexed by Google News (for a little while, at least). Remember, press release are NOT checked for accuracy, and once released, it stays on the Internet FOREVER (just about). Remember Kyle Clouse, and his prediction that he'll be one of the biggest TVI Express teams?

    Hearsay: TVI Express office in London and Cyprus are not there

    According to a third-party report (cannot be verified, but confirms information already published by me and others), the TVI Express office in London and Cyprus do NOT exist.

    According to this blog post in Spanish, which quoted another post, talking about yet someone else, claimed that Kelly Williams, one of the top TVI Express US leaders, took a group to London to visit TVI Express, and got a nasty surprise: nobody there.

    They went to Cyprus, got the same nasty surprise. Nobody there.

    Isn't that interesting?  Of course, since it's hearsay of hearsay, reliability is low, but it does fit the facts so far uncovered... London location was rent-an-office or virtual, and gone after a newspaper alerted the landlord. Cyprus address was virtual as it's shared by at least three other businesses. And the Uxbridge/Heathrow office address? Shared by over a dozen businesses.

    Again, leaves the offices in India, and a rent-a-office in Indonesia.

    Promised office in Hong Kong and Shenzhen China? Never happened.

    Office in the US? Not happening.

    Any other promised offices and other lies from TVI Express you found?

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    TVI Express decided to hide their failure... again

    TVI Express is so embarrassed of their Quantcast statistic, they've set it to HIDDEN. Go to the link, and you'll see that other than "general" trend (which is a downward slide) all other data is "hidden by owner".

    TVI Express Alexa site 3-month ranking is down to 9781.  7-day average is 11800's.

    A check through the page source shows that TVI Express indeed *did* show a Trust-Guard seal, but that's past-tense. It has since been commented out.

    TVI Express Indonesia Leader Lied to Reporters

    Following is an article from an Indonesia news website Jogja Radar Online,  where Ms. Gornawan told reporters in Indonesia that TVI Express is NOT a MLM, contradicting company position.

    JOGJA - Companies engaged in world travel service Travel Ventures International (TVI) Expres entered the business opportunity (BO) meeting, yesterday. The event, which was centered at the University Club (UC) Hall, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) was attended by about 1,000 people which is a member and prospective member TVI Express.
    Owner TVI Express Indonesia PT Goenarni Goenawan said the event as part of the education and solutions for people who want
    According Goenarni, the presence of TVI Express are still relatively new.  This company was established in January 2009 and is headquartered in London, England.  But from the side jejaringnya, it can be said quite extensive.
    "It reaches 55 thousand hotels in 150 countries and signed in Indonesia in December 2009 and inaugurated last May. This is not multilevel marketing.  With affordable fees, members can reap benefits from 500 to 10 thousand U.S. dollars, "he explained.
      Each member also have an opportunity to earn 100 million each month continually.  this could happen within weeks.
    "There are also incentives that reward is given. Shapes ranging from a laptop, a free tour to europe, luxury cars Mercedes, BMW, Audi until another special prize. All this is not a dream, but the fact that realistic, "he said.
    This business, he continued, which benefited not only members only.  RI Government also benefited because the potential bring in foreign exchange. The system allows Touris TVI from various countries came to Indonesia.
    "Those who want to join simply submit a deposit of 3 million. With this money, members can vacation at one of the 3-5 star around the world, offering free plane tickets, a personal website and discount travel, "he said. (Hes)
    What's wrong with this report?

    1) Indonesian money is not worth much. As of today, 1 US dollar is about 8975 Indonesia Rupiahs.  However, 3 million Rupiahs is about 330 USD, which is a LOT MORE than TVI Express's $250 + fees, which usally adds to about $275. So where did the other $55 USD go?

    2) Here's the big shocker... She (yes, she, the automatic translation have problems) said "this is not multi-level marketing". I wonder if this is a translation error? Because this is DIRECTLY AGAINST TVI EXPRESS WEBSITE:
    "Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning."
    -- http://www.tviexpress.com/financial.php
    Further research shows that bukan is used as a NEGATIVE (negation). The original Malay says "Ini bukan multilevel marketing". So there really is no mistake: the promoter, Ms. Gouerani, lied.

    3) The rest is just regurgitated company material... except for the fact that Ms. Gornawan claims to be promoting tourism of the area.

    How do you promote tourism if you sell nothing? (i.e. no trips in the area)?

    Remember, this is the SAME TVI Express that was called a fake tourism organization by HGTI, the tourism board of Sikkim, India. HGTI says these fake organizations are RUINING the reputation of the area.

    A fake tourism organization that someone claims will help a local government's tourism, while many months ago, a far more official organization claims is RUINING the reputation of the area.

    Who's the liar?

    TVI Express supporter cannot cite facts properly

    A person named Sanju commented on two of my TVI Express hubs 9 hours ago, once as Sanju, the other as "The great TVI Express", but left the same comment:
    "TVI Express now ranked 11th position in Global MLM Ranking.. you can check mlmranking.com..."

    The problem is he can't even cite facts properly. If you go to mlmranking.com now, you'll see that

    1) TVI Express is 59th (out of 693 businesses tracked). That is nowhere NEAR 11th.  And if you look at the trend report, it had been steadily losing ranks. It may have been 11th back in December 2009, but 8 months have elapsed.

    2) mlmranking tracks businesses purely by "public interest". Straight from their FAQ:

    What is the purpose of this site?
    To offer a representative list of MLMs and compare them based on public interest.
    How is public interest determined?
    By search queries done on the major search engines every thirty day period.

    It is purely a popularity ranking. It means nothing in practical terms.

    Why is it that TVI Express supporters can never cite facts properly? Do they not CHECK facts? Is it something transmittable from their lying uplines? Do they actually team their members to lie and ignore the truth?

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Questions you REALLY want to ask about TVI Express

    It is probably answered here:

    If it is not, ask in the comments. Here is an excerpt:

    Q: What does TVI Express do?
    A: TVI Express itself claims to offer travel opportunity through direct selling, over the Internet. However, several countries have alleged that TVI Express is a pyramid scheme.

    Q: Which countries have alleged that TVI Express is a pyramid scheme?
    A: Specifically, Australia, China, Georgia, Tarjikstan, and Hungary.

    Q: What about the other countries? What do other countries say about TVI Express?
    A: Other countries have not made specific allegations against TVI Express. However, the public usually are not privy to specific investigations until they are made public. Some countries' media have spoken out against TVI Express. Those countries includes India, Indonesia, Botswana, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, and more.

    Q: What does TVI Express sell?
    A: TVI Express itself is very vague about what they sell. It simply claims to provide an opportunity that somehow combines Internet, network marketing, and travel.There are two items that TVI Express distributors have named as their product 1) the 7-day 6-night hotel accommodation with free return ticket that you get upon joining, or 2) the access to a travel booking portal you can access through TVI Express "back office" upon joining. However, neither is what they appear to be.

    Q: Selling travel is legal. So why is TVI Express called a scam?
    A: TVI Express FAQ states that "you do not need to sell any products". So it is NOT selling travel.

    Q: But it's a ______ (matrix / board / whatever)! That's not a pyramid! Why are you calling it a pyramid?
    A: Whatever name it goes by, it is still a pyramid. 2x3 matrix is same as 1-2-4-8 pyramid.

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Consumer Watchdog warns again: believe NOTHING on Internet until you verify it

    The author makes a great example: what appears, at first, to be something, often turns out to be something else entirely, upon a closer look. If you don't take a closer look, you will be deceived.

    And he named TVI Express as one such scam out to deceive people.

    "When you read an advertisement from a company like TVI Express claiming you can make a fortune without doing any real work, you need to dig further and realise they're a pyramid scheme. "

    TVI Express supporters: you are backing the wrong horse!

    Kyle Clouse was so hot on TVI Express, he actually issued press release in October 2009 claiming he will have one of the largest TVI Express groups in a year.
    "Clouse has combined his years of network marketing expertise with the TVI Express model and is currently building one of the largest TVI business organizations worldwide." 
    Note the contact info at the end: kyleclouse.com
    Guess what you will find at that website now? NOT A SINGLE GOOD WORD ABOUT TVI EXPRESS. Go look yourself. But plenty of good words about a competitor. And what did he say about TVI Express?
    "Other companies such as TVI Express have encountered numerous problems with board splitting and loosing leaders and members in down lines." The opportunity he's pushing supposedly has no such problems.

    "________ also hosts the company’s business presentation webinars and is available to answer questions.  He comes with 12 years of experience in both the travel and network marketing industry.  _____ also leads with a high level of integrity."  For comparison, TVI Express webinars are held by "leaders" that are NOT part of corporate structure, company has zero verifiable history in anything, and by implication, no integrity. 
    "________ is based in the US and is 100% compliant with all FTC and Attorney General Guidelines for network marketing. " The implication is TVI Express is NOT compliant with anything.
    Too bad Mr. Clouse can't just come out and admit that he made a mistake and backed the wrong horse. But his tone is unmistakable: TVI Express cannot be trusted.
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    More details on TVI Express busted in Hungary

    Read this Hungarian Radio / News Report for yourself, dated May, 2010.


    They offer a warning: if you sincerely did not know it's a scam, you would not be held liable. However, if you continue to participate despite local prosecution, you can beheld liable for fraud.

    TVI Express shill can't even intimidate properly

    Someone left an unverified comment on my hub TVI Express: an international scam as follows:

    "On the surface this does seem to be fit for defamation case. But needs proper evaluation."

    Poster signed himself as "defamation compensation", and links to http://www.defamationireland.com/defamation-compensation/

    The problem is he doesn't realize his own IP address is logged by Hubpages, and as the admin of that hub, I can see it, and it is If you run IP address block check, you'll find it's ECL Communications, out of Ludhiana, India. 

    Someone from India, citing an IRISH website on defamation (in Ireland, of course), made some vague accusations of defamation against someone located in the USA. 

    That is just so hilarious, on so many levels.  

    TeamTVI100 says "TVI Express had me fooled"

    You can go read it yourself, but here's an excerpt:

    ...I didn’t believe the whole business was feasible. I felt the average person would have to “suspend their better judgement” to make the purchase...

    ...The TVI Express Opportunity had me fooled for quite a while. Looking back at my research into this company and the many phone calls and emails sent to their London Office, not one of them was answered. Since then many warning signals have been encountered...
    They're now pushing something else (probably Revolving Relay or some such), of course. 


    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Some MORE lies from TVI Express members

    This is a letter, published by TVI Express downline in Taiwan, was dated June 2009. It allegedly came from a Mr. Goyal, their TVI Express upline from India. The problem is this letter is in Chinese, which was translated from original English. So retranslating it back to English is going to sound silly, but the general meaning should be clear. You can read the whole thing here, I'll just pick out some of the more egregious lies...

    The background of the company is very strong, includes a financial management company with over 50 years of history, a glass product factory in Italy, and casino / resort in England. It has enjoyed leadership position in travel industry for many years. In late June, a main office will open in New Delhi, India. In July office will open in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen China. 
    As we all know, there still is no office in Hong Kong, no office in China. Nobody ever found out what "financial management company", the casino/resort, or glass factory in Italy that they may be referring to. In fact, these supposedly ties were never mentioned anywhere else.

    We (and you) must join this enterprise in the pre-launch phase. This is the key to our future success. In any MLM, only those who join at the very beginning, can earn big money. This business is completely global (over 50 countries around the world), and cooperates with an internationally known related business. 
     The problem here is they are telling you the truth... ONLY the early joiners will make money, that for sure. But what they mean by global is they have MEMBERS in 50+ countries.
    Basic investment is low, only NTD 9500, or 19000, or 28500, depending on individual needs.

    NOTE: 9500 is joining once. 19000 is joining twice, and 28500 is joining four times. 9500 NTD is roughly $290 USD, the standard "TVI Express" membership + some fees.
    The best thing is 80% of your initial investment will be returned in a few weeks, and you can get many benefits, such as free 5-day trip to Banghkok (including all tax, plane ticket, 5-star hotel accommodations, and meals, absolutely no extra expenses)
    Includes meals? Only 80% return?
    TVI Express提供給你的福利沒有任何灌水,也不會隱瞞、限制或誤導顧客,一切都是透明化的。
    TVI Express benefits to you is not inflated, and there is nothing hidden, restricted, or misleading. Everything is transparent. 
    We all knew how *this* promise turned out. 

    The 5-star hotel? Turned into 3-5 stars.
    Meals? What meals?
    Redemption? Impossible to do so until June 2010, 12 months later. 
    No extra expense? Includes all taxes? Try $150 for "taxes and processing fees"

    What lies are TVI Express members telling now in order to score a few more recruits?
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    Tarun Trikha: the liar

    Do you know what Tarun Trikha promised back in June 2009 for TVI Express members in China?

    TVI Express offices in Hong Kong and China.

    Here's the Chinese TVI Express member's blog entry, dated June 24, 2009. They had a 50-minute video conference with Tarun Trikha in a hotel. In the meeting, Tarun Trikha said...
    "2. The company will choose to establish subsidiaries in Hong Kong;
    3. China office set up, has been under planning."
    I did not say this. TVI Express member in China did.

    If you go to TVI Express website now, you will find that TVI Express has NO office in Hong Kong, and no office in China, 14 months later. Closest office is in INDIA.

    So who's lying? TVI Express member in China? Or Tarun Trikha?

    In fact, you will find that China is catching plenty of TVI Express members... for promoting a pyramid scheme. Here's just one of many reports:


    Tarun Trikha will likely respond that it wasn't his fault that TVI Express changed their marketing plans, if someone ever catches him and ask him these questions.
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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Investigation of EmJay07: proof positive shill

    A while back a "EmJay07" decided to debate me, and stated his own blog.

    Further investigation shows that he created no less than FOUR blogs, AND several other profiles, all within a days. And their ONLY purpose is to defend TVI Express with BOGUS arguments.

    EmJay07 has a blog on blogspot.com, with first post on June 18, 2010. The only truth he managed to reveal is he's can willfully turn a blind eye toward certain things that defeats his own arguments. So what else did EmJay07 create?

    EmJay07 used the same name to post some rather stupid rebuttals on Troy Dooley's mlmhelpdesk. On June 18th.

    EmJay07 also registered for Complaintboard.com account and posted almost the same rebuttals... ALSO on June 18, 2010.

    EmJay07 also posted some comments about TVI Express on MLM The Whole Truth on June 19, 2010. 

    EmJay07 also registered a Wordpress blog... first post on June 22, 2010. Same person, since the "icon" is the same as his Blogspot logo.

    EmJay07 then cloned the SAME blog on LiveJournal as well. Also dated June 22, 2010.

    He posted a flurry of stuff from June 18 to roughly June 28 (on blogspot). Afterwards, he disappeared from the Internet. No update, no nothing.

    He claims to be "an independent blogger and with the means of my blog entries, I sincerely intend  to unveil the truth about any matter which is mostly untold completely. Before I publish my comments or even give any criticism, I try my best to make sure that I do my due diligence so that the information being passed on is correct and unambiguous."

    The problem is every one of his "facts" have been revealed to be bogus. His truth turned out to be half-truths or lies. So he did no due diligence at all.

    There was no evidence of EmJay07 before June 18th, 2010. If he wants to reveal the truth, one blog is enough. And the profiles. Why three, other than to spam the Internet? 

    And why did he have nothing to say after June 28th, 2010?

    There really is no other conclusion: EmJay07 is a high ranking TVI Express member out to confuse the issue by spreading lies. When his lies were revealed, he cut his losses and disappeared. Low level members would not be "astro-turfing" the blogsphere.

    Wonder if he's related to Tarun Trikha?
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    TVI Express: people are STILL losing interest

    And the proof of people losing interest on TVI Express is right on their own website.

    Alexa ranking is now 9200's, another drop from 8000's just last week. And that's last 3 month average. The actual traffic rank in last 30 days is in the 12000's range.

    Quantcast shows steady dip of traffic since January. http://www.quantcast.com/tviexpress.com

    Folks, TVI Express is "over the top", because most people have already realized it is a scam and have abandoned it. Now they're so desperate to whip up new members, they are launching "conventions", hoping to "inspire" their existing members to recruit more losers so their existing members can become winners.

    And where are they launching these conventions? Places full of poor people. Brunei, Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on. Previously, they were in Thailand, India, China, and so on. Many members even claim they are "changing lives", when TVI Express only promised 'touching lives'.

    Are you really going to join a business where only 0.48% of members will earn money, and NOTHING YOU DO can change those odds?

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    TVI Express: messing with your mind even as they con you

    TVI Express loves to use language with multiple meanings. Just look at their slogan:

    "Touching Lives Globally".

    So, what is the definition of "touching"?

    touch - affect: have an effect upon; "Will the new rules affect me?"

    The effect is neither positive nor negative. Yet because it had an exclamation mark at the end, most people assume that the effect is positive. 

    Most Spanish translation of the slogan is "Cambiando Vidas Globalmente", or "changing lives globally".

    They assumed.

    Assumption is the mother of the screw-up -- Angelo Donghia (from thinkexist.com)

    Those who assumed that TVI Express is "benevolent", had already screwed up. What was the other expression? Ah, yes...

    "Do NOT assume. ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME."

    Yes, a very American English joke this is. 

    Here's another case... TVI Express contracted with some Phillipines outfit for net streaming for their "pre-launched" in the Phillipines. Guess what outfit they used?


    No, I am NOT kidding. See for yourself. For those who are not familiar with English, here's definition for "pimp"

    That was a very unfortunate acronym.

    What other "doublespeak" have you found with TVI Express?
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    TVI Express has some cult characteristics

    Pantai Kuta (Indonesia) - Tradition in a touri...Image by Viktor Kaposi via Flickr
    What is a cult? Definition varies, but most people assume it has to do with religion.

    No, I am not suggesting that TVI Express is a religion. I am saying that TVI Express shares SOME characteristics with a cult.

    Which ones? Very simple. Those who demand blind obedience from their people are cult leaders.

    Yet that is what some TVI Express distributors are demanding of their prospective members. Look at no outside information. Ignore criticism. DO NOT THINK. Only TVI Express is okay. It is us against them.

    Don't believe me? Look at what this Indonesia TVI Express member wrote, when responding to people who found some criticism of TVI Express, and ask him to explain the criticisms.
    " Immediately stop analyzing, stop worrying, stop suspicious."

    This is known as "Aura of Sacred Silence" in cult studies.
    "The aura of Sacred Silence - Prohibiting any questioning of the basic dogma, the cult’s laws, regulations and rules are absolute and must be followed."
     In fact, the further you look, the more cult characteristics you will find. Here's another one...

    "The Demand for Purity - The world is sharply divided between pure and impure with the group in the role of ultimate judge. "
    In TVI Express terms, those who criticize TVI Express are the enemy, probably some sort of conspiracy with their "ulterior motives", such as evil bosses out to exploit the poor, and keep them poor (whereas TVI Express can enrich the poor, so they claim). Or perhaps we are competitors of MLM, out to "salt the earth" and stunt the growth of TVI Express.

    Guess that would make them a cult of paranoia, like the 2012 doomsday cults.

    What other cultish characteristics do you see in TVI Express?

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    TVI Express website down for more than 24 hours. The end?

    TVI Express was down yesterday as "under scheduled maintainence"

    Then today the screen changed to "under technical audit"

    Now it is gone completely, with "502 Bad Gateway" error.

    EDIT: Wait, it's back to "technical audit"

    But what's interesting is the fine print...

    "Website is scheduled to be back shortly, however, new sign ups and member area will remain inaccessible until further notice". 

    Is this the end of TVI Express? One can wish!

    EDIT: They're back, as of 10-AUG-2010. Any one notice if their sign ups and member area is working?

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    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    TVI Express Indonesia uses the Borg argument

    Picture taken by user izx, January 2006. Publi...Image via Wikipedia
    Read the following Indonesian website FAQ from http://tviexpressjakarta.wordpress.com/faqs/ as rendered through Google Translate. (Slightly edited for formatting, no words were changed)
    Q:TVI Express I was interested in this, that's what I was looking for as much info about this Express TVI. Well, here are some websites that I found, that tells about the "lies" TVI Express this business:



    Please could give an explanation.

    Thank you.

    A: Yes I also have studied the web-site. TVI Express is purely business and there is no element of deception at all. In case of movement of TVI Express would lie in Indonesia even the WORLD will stop, but the reality is not, TVI Express is getting larger and more powerful?.

    You spend time and energy with worry, anxiety that really hurt. While the Member TVI Express with extraordinary spirit who is building their business empire. Immediately stop analyzing, stop worrying, stop suspicious. Immediately take part in this business "while" very good momentum.

    So this guy basically says
    "Objections are irrelevant. Concerns are irrelevant. You will join us."
    Just like the Borg, aren't they?  The only difference is they don't inject nanoprobe into you.

    I hate to say this, but whoever joins this guy needs his or her brains checked.
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    Another TVI Express member realized he'd been suckered

    He was so excited, he joined, then he realized the whole thing went nowhere. Nothing happened. Nobody had the same enthusiasm he did. He was blinded by greed, but sucked in by his friend "Bob", and joined without "due diligence". 


    "I tried the same approach as everyone else and had no luck getting people to sign up into my business.  It seemed that everyone I talked too had the same concern, it just sounds too good to be true!"

    TVI Express member says "you have to lie to earn"

    Read what Mr. Cosens, a TVI Express member (or ex-member) says about TVI Express:

    "Yes, you can make money with  TVI Express, but you have to mislead to do so."

    7 key traits of MLM analysis applied to TVI Express

    Raymond Fong on betternetworker wrote an article on 7 traits of MLM for you to consider. Let's apply his "system" to TVI Express, and see how it turns out:


    1. Does the Company Allow Its Distributors to Use Its Brand Name?

    Simply put, do you get in trouble if you so much as publicly mention the company’s name and announce that you are a distributor?  Does their legal police come knocking and threatening you with a lawsuit on the basis of trademark infringement?

    TVI Express supposedly has limits in the terms and conditions, and disclaimer sections of their website, that says your right to use their content is limited. However, nobody thus far has EVER been punished in public for violating any of those limits or restrictions. 

    2. Analyze the RISK Factor

    Welcome to the business world where risk is an inherent aspect of our daily lives :)

    Ask yourself what you are/will be giving up to be a part of this business opportunity - give up in terms of money, time, effort, etc.  Then ask yourself... do the (potential) rewards justify these things you are giving up?

    About TVI Express... the risk is you are recruiting family and friends, as well as a lot of making stuff up, and/or telling a lot of half-lies. For example, will you tell your friends and family that "TVI Express is a company headquartered in London UK" when it is in based based in India and CyprusWho will you recruit once you ran out of family and friends? Will you risk only $250+fees for ONE membership, or will you go for multiple memberships? What will you tell your friends and family if this turned out to be a scam?

    3. How Good is the Product?

    If a product blows, is overpriced, and/or undesirable, that makes for a pretty tough business model to build on eh?  Examine the product carefully, don't get sucked in by the razzle-dazzle compensation plan, that comp plan means jack if you can't sell the product and can't get anyone excited about selling the product.

    As there is no product to sell to the outside, there is no business model. The compensation plan is all razzle-dazzle. Nobody even know what the product is.  

    4. What’s the Compensation Plan Like?

    This is simple... WILL you get paid and WILL you get paid enough within the timeframe you want? 
    Some MLM companies have compensation plans that pay you well while others have compensation plans that only PRETEND to pay you.  Get me?

    Before you claim you got paid $10000 or whatever about TVI Express, you *did* read that they only pay you via eWallet, right? If you want REAL money in your pocket, you have to transfer that eWallet to somebody like LibertyReserve, THEN from there to your bank, paying fees and taxes and other at EACH STEP. So, do you really get paid? NOT EXACTLY. 

    5. Is the Training All Just “Hoo-Rah-Rah”?

    You know how this goes... when you show up for functions, meeting, and live events, are they all just “hoo-rah-rah” or do they actually have any substance? 
    If they are all just about pumping you up, then how do you expect to grow as business person trying to grow a sizable business?  Find a company that is interested in developing you as a person, entrepreneur, and marketer.

    Any training is strictly unofficial, and mostly hoo-rah-rah.  How many ways can you recruit somebody?

    6. Does It Allow You to Market the Way YOU Want to Market?

    It’s called network/multi level MARKETING for a reason.. because the idea is that you are suppose to MARKET your business/those products – I know, what a concept right?

    Technically there is no limit on how you can market in TVI Express, but how many ways are really there? All the videos have been copied. All the webcam-style appeals already done. Email is boring. TV ads and Radio Ads are expensive, and returns are nebulous, and draws attention from the authorities.  You *could* set up a booth at a flea market, but you risk too much face time in uncontrolled location. There is a reason why TVI Express thrives on the Internet... virtual anonymity, and virtual lawlessness.

    7. Personal Experience… So Far

    You may not have had much experience with that specific company but maybe you’ve had SOME.  From what you’ve seen and know so far, how do they make you feel?
    How did/does your upline and team make you feel?  At the end of the day, if, for whatever reason, you have some negative feelings toward this opportunity, you ought to examine why and perhaps even considering something else that makes you feel better.

    That, is up to you. I can't speak for you, I can only speak for myself. 
    I know a LOT about TVI Express, and I can tell you that I wouldn't touch TVI Express with a 10-foot pole. You are virtually REQUIRED to tell half-lies or outright lies to people ("it is headquartered in London!"), use logical fallacies to prove your point ("it pays, therefore it is legitimate!"), and so on. If you can actually sleep well at night after telling so many lies, I would suggest a career in politics, not TVI Express.
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    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    The SHOCKING TRUTH TVI Express members do not realize

    No, it's NOT that it is a scam. That's obvious, and irrelevant to most members.

    The fact is your chance of getting that $10000 credited to your eWallet (and let's NOT EVEN talk about getting that money OUT of your eWallet and into your REAL wallet), is roughly, 0.48%.

    And there are NOTHING you can do to improve your odds of earning money.

    Why? Let us take a look again at TVI Express compensation package.

    1) You have to cycle out of the traveller's board/matrix/whatever. That's like 14 people below you, right?

    2) You have to then cycle out of the express board/matrix/whatever. Again, 14 people below you.

    Now, do the math. How many people below you TOTAL? It's NOT 14. It's 14 squared. Why? Everybody below you also needed 14 below each of them to cycle THEM out of their own traveller's board/matrix/whatever.

    Add that to your original 14, and you get 15x14 = 210.

    Invert that, and you get 0.00476, or roughly 0.48%. That is your chance of success.

    Or in other words: out of every 200 people in TVI Express, less than 1 will get that $10000.

    And you CANNOT improve your odds at all. Because there is NOTHING that you actually sell to make money. All you do is recruit. The only thing you can do is accelerate the process, by recruiting more people. But that does NOT improve your odds.

    Remember TVI Express FAQ: "you do not need to sell any products." "You need to recruit two people, and tech each how to recruit two more people."

    The odds are fixed. All you can do is expand the pool of losers, to enlarge the pool of winners.

    Think about that.
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    "The Voice" again warns people about TVI Express, a pyramid scheme

    Read it yourself in its entirety if you wish, but here's an excerpt:

    " it’s worth repeating the advice we gave again as a warning to all readers of The Voice.
    TVI describe themselves as a Direct Selling company which is just another way of describing Multi-Level or Network Marketing schemes. Others would just describe them as a pyramid-structured selling scheme."

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    TVI Express Members: very good at leaving out facts

    TVI Express members seem to be very good at leaving out facts. Either they are ignorant (simply unaware of these facts) or they are willfully developing a blindspot toward the facts. Here's Mr. John Piro's website, and how he neglected to mention a lot of acts.

    You can see Mr. Piro's website at http://tvioptin.weebly.com/  It's just a couple videos he borrowed from TVI Express (hey, where DID they say you can copy this?) plus a webcam style appeal to you. However, we'll concentrate on the text. I'll put my comments in RED.

    So lets recap on the key facts here

    what you get for your $250 :

    * private club wholesale travel membership
    (wrapped in a compensation plan, so its members will literally travel for free and earn a considerable amount of money at the same time!)
    Except this "private wholesale club travel membership" is exactly the same as Travelocity.com, which is FREE TO USE. And remember, "you don't need to sell any products" from the FAQ. So where does "earn considerable amount of money" come from?

    * A top team helping you to succeed
    So you have a bunch of people who wants to "inspire" you to recruit more people, not to actually sell something

    * $250 3-5 star hotel travel voucher
    Which you can't redeem without paying another $150 as "taxes and processing fees".

    * low risk / high return
    Low risk? If you ONLY buy ONE position, sure. $250. But often you are encouraged to buy multiple positions. And where is the high return coming from, if you sell nothing?

    * TVI Express is verified by Trust Guard which is one of the top Compliance Companies in the US. Address, phone number and legalilties have been successfully verified and you can find a proof of the same by going to the footer of TVI's official website.
    TVI Express is one of the few companies what as DISENROLLED by Trust-Guard, back in 2009. There is no Trust-Guard badge on TVI Express website now, and you can verify this yourself by going to trust-guard.com or click on link below

    * TVI is duly incorporated and is managing its financial operations wonderfully well. Many people have got their payouts transferred to their Bank Accounts which shows that TVI is not just a website and is a properly managed International Company.
    TVI Express is duly incorporated in INDIA and CYPRUS, yet claims to be "headquartered in London, UK" when it has no office in London at all.
    Pyramids can pay for a while before it collapses.

    * TVI's office is on the Business listing of Google and if any business has to be listed on google, they need to get themselves verified. This is another fact that count towards the legitimacy of the Organization.
    TVI Express's listing on Google is "owner-verified", which means they verified it themselves, NOT by Google. See for yourself... says "photo provided by owner"  

    * They have been backed by World Choice Travel to provide Travel inventory to its members which is also the backing company of two more Multi Millionaire Brands.
    Yet what exactly *does* TVI Express sell through distributors to outside? Memberships, NOT travel. Their FAQ says very clearly: "you do not need to sell any products." "You need to recruit two people, and teach each to recruit two more people."  As you need to sell nothing, having a reliable provider of travel to sell also means nothing. 

    So what has Mr. John Piro proved? 
    1. He either doesn't understand TVI Express, or doesn't care that it sells nothing
    2. He works with outdated facts (Trust-Guard Customer Support told me that TVI Express was dis-enrolled back in Fall 2009)
    3. He does absolutely NO fact checking of his own statements (about Google business listing as "verified by Google" when it is actually owner-verified)
    4. He dangles $$$ in front of you three times, yet has no idea where does the money come from
    5. He used logical fallacy "if it pays, it must be legit" to "prove" TVI Express is legit. He failed to consider that pyramid scheme will pay for a while, until the scheme collapses due to lack of new victims.
     Sorry, but he's not very convincing.