Sunday, December 23, 2012

TVI Express investigation in Indonesia stalled, victims claimed

Originally on November 16 arrests were reported on TVI Express in Indonesia.

Now we have an update on November 23rd, where it was reported that investigation has widened.

Then came a report on December 5th that victims believe the police are not doing a good job and have complained to Human Rights Commission. As police only held suspects for 10 days, the perps are now free, but documents were seized by police as evidence.

Stay tuned for updates.

Friday, December 14, 2012

More TVI Express Arrests in Indonesia

Pedang Ekspress of Indonesia reports that Jayasman had been detained by police for further questioning after an initial investigation turned up evidence of possible fraud and wrongdoing. This actually happened a month ago, back on 16-NOV-2012.

According to the article, if convicted, the penalty is up to 4 years of jail sentence. However, it is not clear why is Gunarni Goenawan not been indicted, as she's the president of PT TVI Express Indonesia. (in Indonesian)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TVI Express Back in News In India: Workers Harassed If They Do Not Join

According to Times of India, railway workers were hounded by their supervisors to join TVI Express scam, and if they don't they were harassed for minor work violations.

Instead of doing a thorough investigation for this abuse of authority, Railway of India simply transferred two of the top perps to other locations (one could be considered a promotion), and apparently, nothing else.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

TVI Express victims in India confronts their recruiter

Times of India reports that "ponzi" scheme TVI Express has victimized thousands. In this case, apparently a India Railways official has used his clout to recruit many of his employees and they are now demanding justice.

The perp countered by accusing the underlings of being jealous and "not completing the chain" (i.e. recruit enough people).

The only way to get justice is to report the crime, folks.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

China continues to find TVI Express clones

Beijing DOJ discovered a chuan-xiao (pyramid scheme) that borrowed TVI Express organization to sell medical stuff, breaking many Chinese laws, and have made arrests.

Following translation was by Google (and thus reads quite badly)

Justice Network, Guangxi, July 30 (correspondent Li Nan) time of just 12 months, by the way of the network pyramid scheme to recruit 32,000 people to buy the product, the total amount of money involved reached 170 million yuan. Recently, the the Guangxi Laibin City District Procuratorate on suspicion of organizing and leading MLM crime approved the arrest of to Hwang, of Jeong, YuanMou, Zengmou, the side of a Jiangmou, Sumou, Lee 8 mega network MLM gang members by the public security organs in the implementation of the arrest.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

South Africa continues its case to eradicate TVI Express within its borders

According to IOL Mercury News in South Africa, the government had been forcing asset forfeiture of various TVI Express promoters since March 2012. Now the cases are actually going to trial, and arrests may be imminent.

Sadly, the real perp, Tarun Trikha, claims to be owner of a new Indonesian airline.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, well, my own name on Ripoff Report... as a scammer! How cute

Someone pointed me to my own handle KsChang on Ripoff Report!

Complaint about "Kacey Chang", posted December 2011. 

The complaint got a couple details right: I do run a few blogs, and I do live in in San Francisco, but that's obviously from my Blogger profile, which can be read easily by any one.

But the fact that the guy can't even get my name spelled right, linked to an empty G+ profile (I have my own and it's not that) and provided a picture of random Asian dude in Los Angeles (Staples Center, hmmm?) makes this a rather lame fake complaint.

What's more, the timing for this, December 2011, would make it BEFORE Zeek and before Wazzub.

Which pretty much leaves TVI Express members as the ones making up this ****.

And given the lack of details (except the stuff found on my Blogger profile), it is probably one of the people who came to "debate" me on my blog.

Which suggests that it's some Filipino fans of TVI Express, as TVI Express is dead just about everywhere else.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Checking up on an ex-TVI... Dave Kettner

Dave Kettner claims to be network marketer since 1998, and he's very excited about his current biz... sell "chewable" vitamins.  Clearly, he's not excited enough to put it actually in his "current" job, but instead, left the dead TVI Express bogus scam position as his "current" job.

Even that "team" he belonged to, "triumph together" is long dead.

But what else was he excited about? According to his Internet activity, he's only excited about potential scams.

In July 2011 he was promoting ZeekRewards, a suspect Ponzi scheme, which according to him, is promising 1.2% DAILY return.

Searching for that phone number he gave brought up a link to "Diamond Holiday", a clone of TVI Express scam:

Why is it that once a person joins a pyramid scheme, they almost always join another one?

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Why would any one put TVI Express in their resume?

TVI Express has been proven a scam on every continent in the world except Antarctica. So why would any one put it in their resume?

Yet if you looked on LinkedIn, you can still find remnants of people "advertising" their TVI Express affiliation. Here's profile that belongs to this "Karen Stanley".

As TVI Express had been dead in the US since 2010, she's clearly unemployed, or never bothered to update her LinkedIn profile ever since.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did Tarun Trikha launch more scams?

An interesting complaint surfaced on ComplaintsForum

SayYourWay is hidden behind "domaindiscreet", the domain privacy service offered by

Search of domain archive shows nothing.

The "executive team" has pretty generic names such as "Simon Cooper", "Ray Koo", "Brian Marsh", "Martin Duke", and "Kitty Leung", none of which included actual items that can be fact checked.

It also has some very odd badges at the bottom, such as TrustE, Verisign, DSA, and a generic "satisfaction 100% guaranteed" badge, but all of them are quite small.

The Verisign and TrustE badges are NOT LINKED for verification, so they are bogus.

DSA badge is bogus too, as the company has nothing to do with direct selling. In any case, if you are a DSA member you should say "associate member" or such.

Study of the remainder of the website revealed it to be a better presented version of the SpeakAsia scam.

While the whole thing is indeed very likely to be a scam, I cannot find anything to link it to Tarun Trikha. It is possible, but there's no evidence (yet) pointing that way.

I'll check Neo-Vo and MLMconnects in a future post.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Filipino National Bureau of Investigation reports on TVI Express scam

Filipino National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)  repeated the report from ACCC of Australia that TVI Express is a scam.

This is the first time TVI Express was mentioned in OFFICIAL Filipino government communique (except for the "company registration").

Wonder what's next? (Get out while you can)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

TVI Express even made a spam music video!

A Spanish-speaking TVI Express rep under name "Team Zagazig" created a music video for TVI Express!

It's just spam though, as it's just repetitive background jingle with "slideshow".

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Indonesia TVI Express "leaders" went into hiding

Another Indonesia TVI Express "leader" went into hiding when the pyramid scheme collapsed in Indonesia after the government yanked the business license last year. His victims will not stand by and see their money disappear, so they enlisted help of an NGO to help make their case. Selected highlights from the article autotranslated by Google

Pasbar, PADEK -Hundreds of members ( member ) PT TVI Express is incorporated in Jayasman Group Pasbar they feel cheated by the Group Jayasman. Miliran money has been paid member until now no clear end of the following base keutungan promised.
Despite peace efforts with the Jayadisman but to no avail. Finally, members of the PT TVI take legal action.Previously they were reported to Mapolres Pasbar but there is no bright spots. Then direct them to the District Attorney Simpangampek.-----
Separately, Head of the State Attorney Pidsus Simpangampek, Herman Syafrudianto when confirmedPadang Express Monday confirmed the report of the NGO Format Pasbar 42/LSM-FORMAT/V-2012 letters correspond to numbers. "Yes, we have received the report and we will process in accordance with applicable law," said Herman.

Meanwhile, Jayasman until now has not managed to find. Even when met at his house also was not in place.When contacted via his cell, was never raised.

Following link is in Indonesian:
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is another scam?

In a previous complaint, someone said is another scam launched by Tarun Trikha.

The website sells some jewelry and watches, but otherwise is devoid of info, other than something about residing in a building in Vancouver.

However, the "media" page contains some very bogus endorsements.

First picture is that of a stock photo of "generic happy aged man"

No idea who the 2nd picture is.

Third picture is that of Indra Nooyi, Indian-born CEO of PepsiCo.

The pattern suggests that whoever created this bogus testimonials page is Indian. Why else would they pick an Indian-born woman?

The address is also iffy.

"885 West Georgia Street 
Suite 1500, Box 1078 
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3E8 "

Search of this address on Google shows at least two other companies at the same location. Indeed, Regus confirmed that it is a virtual office.

Neo Vo, and NEO Survey are indeed linked to Goernani Goenawan, the "Vice President" of TVI Express. So she definitely has a hand in this scam.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confirmation: TVI Express dead in India as of February 2012

Previously we have noted that TVI Express had changed their Indian address to "Elite Travel" sometime in 2012. Now we have an approximate date: February 2012.

How? Because I found this guy's resume that says he was employed as "Customer Service Manager" at TVI Express in Gurgaon, India Office, up to February 2012.

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