Thursday, May 17, 2012

So what's Ros Kapi doing now? Padding her bogus resume

Previouly this blog has highlighted Ros Kaspi's TVI Express parrot site "" multiple times. The site apparently died in late 2011 only to be resurrected by another TVI Express member by the name of Verlyn Spreeman to promote his Zeekrewards affiliateship instead.

So what is Ros Kapi doing? Padding her fake resume on LinkedIn, apparently.

FYI, this profile's name is itpaystoplay

The "position / tagline" is already bogus

Location is right, but field/industry? Bogus. She's a "trainer" according to position/tagline. What does that have to do with equity and venture cap? Nothing.

Still admits to TVI Express employment, wow.

Education is obtained at a company? She never went to school?

Personal website is..., which is dead, and the domain reg is...  set to private? Why?

But there are quite a bit more hilarity in her LinkedIn profile, if we look a little lower

Apparently this profile is full of her spam and never updated ever since, as it contains total bull****.

Which sort of makes sense as she actually uses a DIFFERENT linkedIn profile: roskaspi, where she touts herself as a life trainer. The reality is she's another one who paid Bob Proctor's company for title of LifeSuccess coach. And guess who else is a LifeSuccess coach? Clarissa Calingasan, who went to several of TVI Express events and appeared on stage with none other than Tarun Trikha himself.

Gee, how the same names keep popping up, hmmm?

Oh, and Ms Kaspi? Fix your website. It's DEAD, yes, even your "good" profile's link.

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