Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From definite pyramid scheme to potential ponzi

Previously, we've highlighted several stupid announcements from a TVI Express "fan site" called, ran by Kaspi and Jackson, two TVI Express reps who make the funnies announcements, parroting TVI Express announcements and upline statements without ANY fact-checking of their own, and even stole some office pictures off another website.

So guess what I found this morning? That the site is under new management. No more Kaspi and Jackson. Instead, we have some guy named Verlyn Spreeman... promoting ZeekRewards.

1) They switched over back in late 2011, okay... MORE THAN A WHOLE YEAR after TVI Express was issued cease and desist in Georgia, USA

2) They denied that TVI Express was in trouble.

3) They jumped into a suspected Ponzi scheme.

This is no surprise, since Verlyn "Buzz" Spreeman was a TVI Express member using account "thebuzz", wrote several "toolbars" for various browsers just to display TVI Express info, and apparently was a frequent contributor to this increasemymonthlyincome website.

Indeed, he is now the registered owner of this domain.

Even his Facebook page says one of his favorite topics is "TVI-Info", which is of course, TVI Express.

Instead of admitting they bet on the wrong horse, they try to pretend "it's about to fail any way"... a whole year AFTER it was in deep doodoo.

AND their new scheme is a suspected Ponzi scheme, based on careful analysis.


Tomorrow, update on Ros Kaspi
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