Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Indonesia TVI Express "leaders" went into hiding

Another Indonesia TVI Express "leader" went into hiding when the pyramid scheme collapsed in Indonesia after the government yanked the business license last year. His victims will not stand by and see their money disappear, so they enlisted help of an NGO to help make their case. Selected highlights from the article autotranslated by Google

Pasbar, PADEK -Hundreds of members ( member ) PT TVI Express is incorporated in Jayasman Group Pasbar they feel cheated by the Group Jayasman. Miliran money has been paid member until now no clear end of the following base keutungan promised.
Despite peace efforts with the Jayadisman but to no avail. Finally, members of the PT TVI take legal action.Previously they were reported to Mapolres Pasbar but there is no bright spots. Then direct them to the District Attorney Simpangampek.-----
Separately, Head of the State Attorney Pidsus Simpangampek, Herman Syafrudianto when confirmedPadang Express Monday confirmed the report of the NGO Format Pasbar 42/LSM-FORMAT/V-2012 letters correspond to numbers. "Yes, we have received the report and we will process in accordance with applicable law," said Herman.

Meanwhile, Jayasman until now has not managed to find. Even when met at his house also was not in place.When contacted via his cell, was never raised.

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