Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all (Except TVI Express and its members)

Happy New Year to all, except to TVI Express and its members.

May TVI Express die a quick death so no more will suffer.

May its members wake up faster and get their money back (but that is rather unlikely).

May liars like Rudy Phan and his uplines, and scamsters like Tarun Trikha get what they deserve.

Time to Bust More of Rudy Phan's TVI Express Dollar bull****

First of all, Rudy loves to spread bull**** around without fact checking. Let's do some fact checks and bust his bull****.

Today's target:
So what's wrong with this page? He claims to introduce TVI Express. So let's see what it says. As I am following through Google translate, I will not quibble on grammar.

First. what Rudy Phan claims to be the TVI Express "international headquarters"...

And what is this "prestigious UK based business group"? Nobody knows. And the address given was just after...

So let's search for UK office, says 1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Heathrow, yes? Type that into Google, and you'll find this real estate listing:

That doesn't look like the same building, does it? Because it's NOT!

What Rudy Phan's got there is actually a picture of TVI Express's OLD address, at 55 Bryanston St. Which was in London. That building is called Marble Arch Tower. TVI Express had NOT been there since September 2009!

Who does Rudy Phan think he's going to fool with an OLD picture, eh? But there's more.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

TVI Express now dead in South Africa

South African authorities launched investigation on TVI Express, local reps claim to be no longer operating.
The pyramid scheme, Travel Ventures International Express (TVI Express), which took South Africa by storm in the past few months has disappeared, leaving those who invested in it high and dry.

The Department of Trade and Industry said yesterday it had opened a police case against TVI Express “for operating a prohibited Pyramid Promotional Scheme”.

“This matter was reported to SAPS Commercial Crime Unit in Durban in September for further investigation and prosecution,” said Trade and Industry spokesperson Sidwell Medupe.

“We received information about TVI Express and after thorough analysis it was found that it is perpetuating a prohibited Pyramid Promotional Scheme.”

TVI Express whacked in yet another country. When is it going to die in Indonesia and other countries?
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What does Troy Krause have to say about TVI Express?

 "In my humble opinion, TVI Express is an absolute scam with the looks of a huge ponzi scheme."
Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. This review was posted in JANUARY 2010.  I started questioning TVI Express a bit before that, but he's one of the early ones.

Top Ten Lies on

Schematic description of the expasion of the e...Image via WikipediaRight on front page of Rudy Phan's TVIExpress Dollar are "Top Ten Reasons To Join". However, here are proof that all ten are lies or half truths

LIE #1a:  TVI Express is a company that is growing very rapidly throughout the world and become debt-free multinational companies

FACT: TVI Express is a company being INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED in multiple countries, which includes Hungary (charged as pyramid scheme), Australia (members charged operating pyramid scheme), China (members arrested and sentenced to prison for disturbing economic order by operating pyramid scheme), Tajikstan (local member defrauded locals), Georgia (local general violated ethics, recruited subordinates into pyramid scheme), United States (issued cease and desist by state of Georgia), Namibia (national bank issued fraud alert, declared TVI Express illegal banking), Indonesia (declared haram under sharia law by Islamic Council of Aceh) and many more.

For links and excerpts to actual news articles, see this link.

Lie #1b: (members pay in cash)

TVI Express FAQ #19 was very clear that payout was into eWallet, NOT CASH.
19. How do I receive my commissions?

All commissions are instantly transferred to your secure eWallet, which is protected by our double check secure system. Funds can be withdrawn to your bank accounts, or can be received in forms of other ecurrencies from your backoffice. You can also choose to load the funds onto your very own TVI Express prepaid card, which is accepted at tens of thousands of ATM’s & POS terminals worldwide.
What they don't tell you is that the "prepaid card" is only available in certain locations (probably not yours), and all transfers must be applied and approved by TVI Express, and unspecified taxes and fees will be levied without explanation, and the process takes several days or weeks, and can be denied without explanation.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Day, ANOTHER set of bull**** from Rudy Phan and

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!Image via WikipediaIt seems Rudy Phan must continue publish his bull**** in order to justify his own existence, by implying various meanings and defaming other people's opinions and evidence. Today, he tried to defend TVI Express against Mr. Hamza's article on why TVI Express must be rejected.

I admit that I am following this through Google Translate, so I won't twist words. I'll just generally follow the gist of the conversation.

First, he takes issue of why Mr. Hamza's interest in TVI Express drops to zero, then he hemed and hawed a bit, finally quoting that Mr. Hamza will reject TVI Express if it is haram (unclean).

One of the reasons for rejection by Mr. Hamza is because TVI Express website says any disputes will be governed by laws of India and Cyprus under "terms of use".

Rudy Phan claims that this means that Indonesia law will apply in all non-dispute situations, thus is NOT a valid reason to reject TVI Express.

a) Are you a lawyer, Rudy Phan? Much less an INTERNATIONAL lawyer who knows which law is applied where? Just WHAT qualification do you have to issue such an opinion?
b) And of course, if TVI Express is "headquartered in London, UK" without having an office in London (because according to Rudy Phan, Uxbridge is actually a part of London), why isn't TVI Express subject to law of UK? Ever think about that, Rudy Phan?
c) The server was moved to Ukraine, Belarus. So are you subject to law of Belarus as well?

Then Rudy Phan tries to pin the misunderstanding on religious and racial differences, but he pins the blame on Mr. Hamza. The auto translation was "racial intolerance", but I am not certain if that was the meaning.

More Hilarious TVI Express Cloners

When you clone a website, you would at least put YOUR name instead of the cloned website's name, right?

So what is ""? It's NOT TVI Express, but in the disclaimer, it claims this website is owned by TVI Express!  In fact, the entire website was cloned off the real, even though TVI Express specifically says that the website is protected by CopyScape plagiarism scanner!

And not a single name on the entire website.

According to TVI Express "ethical marketing" guidelines, that's enough to get this guy censured.

More Hilarious TVI Express Spam

Some idiot can't even plagiarize correctly... It's clear that this page was meant to spam one of those "pro-TVI" articles plagiarized from one of those article depositories, except in this case, the content was chomped!

Just see for yourself.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TVI Express in Indonesia desperate enough to buy TV Time

Provinces of IndonesiaImage via WikipediaApparently TVI Express Indonesia (i.e. Goernawan and followers, such as Rudy Phan / tviexpressdollar) have enough money to buy TV Time, and they are using that as some sort of legitimacy claim.

If they have money, why are they spending it on TV time instead of paying member's trips?

And more, TV time means nothing. Here in the US, we still have TV ads selling "Hexagonal Water Revitalizer", even though it was long proven to be a scam.

Buying TV Time only shows that they are not putting their priority in order. Their priority is to SERVE members, not to make itself look more legitimate in order to attract more members.

Furthermore, TVI Express have always lied or obfuscated various information. Furthermore, even Ms. Goernawan herself (and her follower, Rudy Phan) have claimed TVI Express is NOT MLM when it says so very clearly on TVI Express website that it is MLM. So can you believe ANY word they say, whether on TV or off? If they can't even be clear about what exactly is TVI Express, how can you trust them on anything else?

Don't get brainwashed by enthusiasm and greed.

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Tracking the scam: Who said TVI Express hired Grimes and Reese?

Back in September, there was a rumor spread from IncreaseMyMonthlyIncome (i.e. Kaspi and Jackson's TVI Express website) that TVI Express has hired Grimes and Reese to make themselves compliant in the US. This report was soon copied by various TVI Express member websites.

This report was allegedly filed by Don Traurig, who allegedly talked to one of the lawyers there personally. However, if you read the actual message, you will realize that there is absolutely NOTHING to confirm this alleged call had taken place. There had been NO announcement from TVI Express itself, nor any sort of confirmation from Grimes and Reese or any third-party source that can be used to confirm this claim. Furthermore, there was even a message allegedly from Tarun Trikha and relayed through Don Traurig that NOBODY should call the lawyers to even verify the claim.

This is early September 2010.

A few days later, a TVI Express "team" in Georgia was served with cease and desist, and nobody bothered defending TVI Express. Which should prove that the hiring of Grimes and Reese was merely a rumor.

But who started it?

Search through Google shows that the first listing is likely Troy Dooley, on 23-JUL-2010

However, he did not name a source for this information. Thus, one wonders who leaked him the information. Troy Dooley had previously highlighted TVI Express as a scammy operation multiple times on his website so it is surprising this information did not appear on at all.

Furthermore, was hit with a WOT "bad reputation" tag, yet I found no problem with the information it had been providing on scams and legitimate MLMs. Thus, I suspect it had been maligned by its detractors.

I had posted several questions to Troy but he had no responded.

Here is one that seem to predate Troy's Announcement dated 06-JUL-2010, but that's a link to Youtube video dated June 26, 2010. In the about:
" TVI Express | TVI North America - New office coming to the USA! TVI Express is your MLM choice for earning life changing income and transforming lives. TVI Express has engaged the well known law firm of Grimes and Reese, as specialists in MLM and direct selling law to launch offices in the US..."
The website it links to is now promoting Revolving Relay, not TVI Express. It was issued by TVINorthAmerica, based out of Atlanta Georgia, the same folks who got issued the cease and desist. If you look at the video, you can even see "Grimes and Reese" as one of the tabs on the browser. If you scroll to the 9 minute mark, you'll hear the narrator (unknown) that claims Grimes and Reese had been hired.

So they are most likely the ones who leaked the news to Troy Dooly, without confirmation.

So where did they get the information from? The only one that makes any sense would be Tarun Trikha. Though it would be up to Mr. Pat Dejour to reveal that.

So the message in September in which Don Traurig, supposedly relaying message from Tarun Trikha asking members to NOT call the attorneys to verify is very self-serving.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why is / Rudy Phan still lying?

This is in response to Rudy Phan's critic of TVI Express critics, as posted on his website.

Rudy Phan claims there are three reasons for people to criticize TVI Express. I will take apart his three reasons, and perhaps supply a few reasons of my own on why he continues to lie for TVI Express.

Rudy's Why People Criticize TVI #1: They have ulterior motives

According to Rudy, people who criticize TVI Express either already have their mind made up, and thus is expressing opinion without supporting fact, or they have other motives such as promoting some other MLM.

Well, Rudy, what exactly is the evidence supporting your claims here? Since you didn't name any evidence at all, didn't you just commit the exact same offense that you accuse others of doing? What sort of idiocy are you trying to spread here?

This is also "dishonest tactic #3: questioning the motives of the opponent"

Rudy's Why People Criticize TVI #2: They don't understand us

According to Rudy, any criticism of TVI Express is due to misunderstanding, and unwillingness to understand TVI Express. He claims that eWallet can be used to buy cars and things, and talking with skeptics is just waste of time, as their mind is closed.

Well, Rudy, sounds like YOUR mind is closed to even the POSSIBILITY that the system is a scam. Even if one or two members can redeem their eWallet for a car, it means nothing to the rest of people with their own eWallets. That's a false cause-and-effect argument. That's the beauty of pyramid scheme: use the first few who did cash out as bait for the rest. What do you have to say to that? How about explain WHY TVI Express is NOT a pyramid scheme, with something more concrete than "you don't understand us"?

This is a use of dishonest debate tactic #2: chaging the subject.

Rudy's Why People Criticize TVI #3: They don't think like us

According to Rudy, any criticism of TVI Express stems from the way people think, and the way you think depends on which Cashflow Quadrant (tm) you are in, according to Robert Kiyosaki (yes, I read the book too). According to Rudy, TVI Express members are E (employee) trying to cross over to B (business owner), while the critics are E folks living in fear and cannot comprehend B quadrant thinking.

Well, Rudy, I am criticizing TVI Express, and I run three companies (owner of two) and a dozen employees under me. That blows your hypothesis out of the water. It is basically same as #2: they don't understand us.

Besides, what sort of a business can TVI Express be if you only sell something to somebody ONCE? Any real business knows the trick is REPEAT customers. No repeat customers, no business.

And one more thing: do you really take Robert Kiyosaki to be an honest man? He had given bad advice  in several of his books before, and he had thrown out so many versions of who is Rich Dad that he eventually admitted that Rich Dad does not really exist, but is a composite of multiple people he knew. I admit some of this books are interesting reading, but you should not take everything he says as "fact".

Again, this is use of dishonest debate tactics #2: changing the subject. Instead of explaining, he simply dismisses everything as "they don't think like us, they don't understand us".

Rudy's Why People Criticize TVI #4: Both sides are fanatical

Rudy Phan claims he wants logical common sense discussion regarding the issues.

What he doesn't explain is why Rudy Phan not making any sense.

In Reason #1 he claims critics already have their own minds made up and argue without reason, but he supplied no evidence for his own argument. This is known as a "tu quoque" fallacy. It is "pot calling the kettle black".

In reason #2 the "they don't understand us" argument is a very common fallacy used by various scams and deniers to deny truths. It has been used by holocaust deniers, creationists (i.e. evolution deniers), and various religious zealots for their own causes. Instead of explaining what was misunderstood, a blanket statement was issued, as if it explains everything.

Same in reason #3.

In Reason #4 he calls for reason when he's the one not being reasonable. Opponent cited facts, not opinions. Rudy Phan cited logical fallacies and other dishonest tactics and pretend those are facts.

Who is really being dishonest?

ref: Intellectualy dishonest debate tactics

TVI Express Indonesia update: It's illegal, and its leaders are liars!

TVI Express has spread to various countries and its leaders are issuing lies left and right hoping to prop up the collapse long enough for themselves to cash out. The current hotspot is Indonesia and South Africa.

Myth: Rudy Phan / and others claim TVI Express is 100% halal

FACT: TVI Express is haram based on fatwa issued by Muslim Council of Aceh (link to news)

FACT: TVI Express supports have FAKED halal certificates issued by MPU (link to news)

Myth: Rudy Phan / and others claim TVI Express is NOT MLM

FACT: TVI Express calls itself MLM / network marketing on its own website many times

FACT: TVI Express in Indonesia is NOT registered as tiered/MLM business, but a simple business. So it is operating illegally.

For Indonesians here's the relevant Fatwa

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, IndonesiaImage via WikipediaHere's a link to the Fatwa as issued by the Muslim Council of Indonesia regarding MLMs. From which I quote:
9. Money Game is a fund raising activity community or the doubling of money to practice give commissions and bonuses from the increase / registration of new Business Partners / join later and not from product sales, or from the sale of products but the products sold only as camouflage
As explained MANY times before in this blog and elsewhere, the ONLY way you make money in TVI Express is by recruiting. Out of four ways to earn in TVI Express, all depends on recruiting, nothing from sales. TVI Express itself doesn't even admit to have a product. Its own FAQ specifically says "you don't need to sell any products". So how can you make money? By recruiting!

Any one telling you otherwise is a liar, but then, read the definition yourself and reach your own conclusions. 
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Time to Rehash a Link: Colombia paper reports on TVI Express scam

For a while the link to El Liberal in Colombia was down as the site was reported as an "attack site" when it was clearly NOT an attack site. My hypothesis (unsupported, which I admit) is that supporters of TVI Express filed a false report to muffle the legitimate site. The site is back up, so here's the report... again.

Basically, the poor man signed up after a presentation at the local Chamber of Commerice (some body rented their meeting hall). Joined, booked a trip, only to be told, upon arrival, they never heard of TVI Express. Furthermore, investigation through RCI and others also shows no such relations to those companies. In conclusion:
So after this experience the disappointed investor recommended that before joining any multilevel company must conduct a rigorous investigation.

"I learned to take into account three aspects: the company is correct, that is, where is made known who are the owners and if you have enough financial backing, second, to join companies with consumer products and third party has a compensation plan that reflects reality and not create false expectations, "said Mr. Oscar Gomez.

As predicted, Rudy Phan posted a bull**** explanation of how TVI Express is Halal

Previously Muslim Council of Aceh, Indonesia declared a fatwa (Islamic edict) that TVI Express is a money game (i.e. scam) and thus is haram (unclean).

Rudy Phan, of course, takes the opposite position, that TVI Express is 100% halal. Why?

The only reason he could give was "they don't understand us", one of the 13 different false arguments used ty TVI Express scammers. Basically, Rudy Phan's conclusion is that the council had been influenced by opponents of TVI Express (such as this blog) or people who don't really understand TVI Express. Quote from his article (through Google translate)
I have a hypothesis that the MPU Aceh conclusion came from the wrong source of TVI Express, resulting in incorrect conclusions.

So who has correct conclusions about TVI Express? Rudy Phan and his upline (in New York), of course.

Who are you to declare things 100% halal? Are you even Muslim, Rudy? I know I'm not.

And where's evidence that supports your hypothesis? Nothing! You have NOTHING!

Hypothesis without evidence is merely an opinion. And as the old sayings go, opinions are like ***holes, everybody's got one.

The Muslim Council of Aceh gave a carefully reasoned argument on why things are so. Rudy Phan's only rebuttal: "they don't understand us". It's basically a carefully worded personal attack, i.e. ad hominem.

Sounds like it's written for himself, as a part of the "denial" phase of grief.

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TVI Express in Namibia have NOT met with Bank of Namibia yet

Despite claims back in October/November 2010 that reps from TVI Express have retained lawyer and meet with Bank of Namibia, there appears to be NO meeting at all. When interviewed by Consumer News of Namibia, Bank of Namibia rep stated that no meeting had taken place as of December 8th, 2010, which is when the article was published (no idea how long before that the interview was conducted).

Guess that means TVI Express is still illegal! (And a reference to my information, yeah!)

Friday, December 24, 2010

More TVI Express updates...

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseA few bits of TVI Express news to share...

TVI Express Alexa Ranking drops into 14000's as of December 23, 2010. Their "average" manages to stay at 9900's because that rating was based on last THREE MONTHS. was an account registered solely to post insults on this blog. Check of's Blogger Profile shows the account was registered in October 2010... just before he posted a bunch of insults on my blog's comments. And he had NEVER posted a single entry on his blog. Thus, the only conclusion is it's solely registered as a spam account. It is very reminiscent of EmJay07 episode on this blog. TVI Express "advisory board" shows only one member in Singapore. Any chance it'd be him, you think?

TVI Express in Indonesia continue to pump out press releases through local newspapers as if they are legitimate news. An example here shows that the supposed report is solely comprised of "You will make a lot of money" quotes from TVI Express secondary leaders, with absolutely NO attempt to investigate the company or to solicit any expert analysis. It is worth less than a press release, and because it appeared in local papers and thus giving it unwarranted legitimacy.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rudy Phan continues to publish bull**** on his

Balloon Animal Lobster. Replica of Lobster tau...Balloon Animal Image via WikipediaIndonesia is recognizing the the scam known as TVI Express. So what does Rudy Phan do? He publishes some bull**** on his website that claims "TVI Express is a soft rubber ball, not a golf ball". Heck, he even included graphical illustrations. Why? He claims TVI Express is flexible and adaptable, strength in diversity, and that sort of stuff. 

Why? Rudy Phan gave a few reasons... Do they make any sense?

1) Indonesia is lucky because TVI Express have an office here.

What does this have to do with the rubber ball / golf ball metaphor? He claims HUNDREDS of Indonesians have enjoyed their vacations in December thanks to TVI Express office in Indonesia.  Did you just imply that TVI Express corporate office is useless, Rudy Phan? That is is a golf ball compared to your local office that is a soft stretchy ball? That TVI Express corporate office is not doing their job? That you must have a "local" office to get good service?

2) TVI Express has restricted Indonesian members from joining other countries members as downlines, because this is somehow a "security feature".

Sounds like RESTRICTIONS, not freedom or flexibility. So Is this the golf ball or rubber ball, Rudy? Sounds like you're calling TVI Express corporate office a golf ball again.

3) Rudy Phan also claims that Goernawan has promised even more discounts in travel in the near future, just wait.

However, keep in mind that Goernawan is the same person who claimed that "TVI Express is not multi-level", even when TVI Express itself says it is multi-level. So can you believe ANY THING Goernawan and Phan writes?

And what does this have to do with the rubber ball golf ball thing? Promised in the future means not now. So does that mean the golf ball will turn into a softer ball later? Is Rudy Phan promising magic? 

4) Rudy Phan explains that some people tries to sign up more money less people, while others do less money more people. So what's the difference? He claims the latter taps into the "network" better.

Mr. Phan fails to realize that since everybody pays the same fees, "less money" means "less PERSONAL money spent", or "you recruit a lot of your friends and family".  Since nothing is sold, it doesn't matter who pays into the system... You, or who you recruited. In a SALES situation, the more people selling the product, the more likely more overall sales will be achieved due to market penetration (until the market is saturated).

However TVI Express doesn't sell anything according to their own FAQ, so Rudy's explanation is bogus and irrelevant, but he doesn't seem to think so.

The only way having a "larger network" helps is more people can be signing up even MORE people, which basically PROVES it is multi-level... or a pyramid. However, he also claimed TVI Express is NOT multi-level. So which is which, Rudy Phan? 

5) Mr. Phan then claims some difference in training, as if TVI Express actually *have* any sort of training program.

All you get from TVI Express are some PDFs and some Powerpoint slide shows. Any "seminars" and meetings are basically mutual cheerleading sessions and recruitment drives for people who don't understand anything. What else is there?

He then blames other member joining for the wide variety in training. But what training is there? It can be summarized in one word: RECRUIT! How do you succeed in TVI Express? Recruit!

Finally, Mr. Phan concludes with some veiled insults at anti-TVI people, something about we can be different, and claims some people who don't understand join and was disappointed, but TVI Express will survive that.

Mr. Phan, why don't you address some real issues? Why do you keep inventing information that directly contradicts the official website or common logic?

Sounds like you have a balloon, Mr. Phan. Sure you can squeeze it into different shapes... Until someone pops the balloon and it goes BOOM. And how many people will be left with nothing except pieces?
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Indonesia TVI Express liars faked "halal" certification, news says

According to Mednabisnis of Indonesia, TVI Express distributors faked "halal" certificates, claiming it was declared "clean" by Muslim Council under Sharia Law when it was NEVER certified (or even applied?)

Worse yet, according to MPU Bener Meriah, TVI Expres daring fake halal certification from MUI Centre.

"When it was confirmed to the MUI Centre, it has never issued halal certificates for business TVI Express. TVI Express has been lying. Therefore, the MUI has given the mandate to the Central highlands MPU immediately demanding halt of halal certificate forgery made by TVI Expres," added Syarkawi.

In fact, police, chamber of commerce, prosecutor's office, and all related agencies have gathered, and along with the Muslim Council, agreed that TVI Express is illegal on every level and must be stopped immediately.

And here's a little revelation from Mr. Rudy Phan... the TVI Express "office" in Indonesia? It was registered by Goenarni Goenawan, Indonesia's first TVI Express "presidential" distributor. In fact, the photo of the business certificate was on his website. It is a simple business reg, NOT one of "tiered business" (i.e. MLM), because Mr. Rudy Phan claimed TVI Express "is not MLM" even though TVI Express itself says it is, but then, he's probably repeating the claim from Goenawan.

If you can lie about the fundamental nature of business ("No, it's not really MLM"), you can sure lie about having received "halal" certification, and bazillion other lies.

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Let an Indonesian Muslim explain why TVI Express is haram/unclean

I'll show you the translated link, but here's an excerpt:
Is the National Sharia Board Fatwa Ulama Council of Indonesia No: 75/DSN MUI/VII/2009 about DIRECT SALES GUIDELINES tiered SHARIA (PLBS) signed on July 25, 2009, which became my guide examines these issues. In the fatwa, the National Islamic Council (DSN) MUI provides the notion of "money game".
In view of the DSN, "money game" is a "community fund raising activities or the doubling of money by the practice of giving commissions and bonuses from the recruitment / registration of new Business Partners / joining later, and not from product sales, or from the sale of products but the products sold only as camouflage or do not have the quality / qualities that can be accounted for. "
From my review of the system / scheme TVI Express earnings contained in their official website, presentation materials that I download (downloading) of , as well as a few websites created by a member or 'distributor 'TVI, I concluded that the scheme used by TVI MEET elements of "money game" as defined by the National Islamic Council of Indonesia Ulama Council.
 So basically it is simple: TVI Express is a "money game" (scam), and it is prohibited by fatwa (Islamic edict). 
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Weasel Talk on Kaskus from TVI Express supporters

I don't speak Indonesian, so I use Google Translate to browse a few pages in, the largest Indonesia web forum, where a healthy debate about TVI Express has been ongoing. What's not so healthy, however, are a bunch of sorry excuses offered by TVI Express supporters they offer up to "counter" the various facts illustrating the scam known as TVI Express.

I don't claim to know the nuances of Indonesia language, but it's clear plenty of TVI Express supporters, such as Rudy Phan (tviexpressdollar) are using WEASEL LOGIC to counter facts and logic.

For example, when confronted with the fact that TVI Express is illegal in Georgia, USA, their reply can be summarized as "that's only 1 state out of 50 states in the USA". What they will not discuss: Why would TVI Express be legal in the OTHER 49 states, and just be illegal in Georgia? Is Georgia's law that different? Scam is scam, no matter how you dissect it.

When confronted with the news that Muslim council of Aceh Province in Indonesia has declared TVI Express "haram" (unclean), their reply can be summarized as "that's only one province in Indonesia" and "the local TVI Express rep must have explained it wrong". No supporter bothered analyzing the actual decision, on WHY TVI Express is haram: it is a money game, pure and simple.

When confronted with the fact that TVI Express is NOT in London, but still claims to be "headquartered in London", Rudy Phan / tviexpressdollar posted supposed "rebuttal" of that fact, claiming that Heathrow is really a part of London, and there is no such thing as "London city limits". Mr. Phan, people who live in Tangerang must be surprised to find that according to you, they actually live IN Jakarta, not Tangerang, just because the International airport serving Jakarta is closer to Tangerang.

When confronted with the fact that TVI Express does NOT have a MLM license in Indonesia, Rudy Phan came up with an explanation that TVI Express is NOT MLM, but rather some sort of a new franchising that has SOME aspects of MLM. However, there are a dozen different refrences on TVI Express website referring to itself as network marketing or MLM, thus making Rudy Phan a liar, and violating TVI Express Ethical Marketing rules.

When confronted with fact that TVI Express had presented a misleading quote from Warren Buffett that seem to imply TVI Express is owned by Warren Buffett, Rudy Phan (and plenty of others) claimed that TVI Express made no such claim, and Rudy Phan went as far as accusing me of invented the accusation. However, references can be found ALL OVER THE INTERNET that TVI Express supporters claimed that TVI Express was either invested in or is owned by Warren Buffett (and sometimes, Sir Richard Branson as well).

TVI Express supporters simply ASSUMED themselves to be right, and everybody else to be wrong, and focus on the aspects of "inconvenient" facts they can discredit. If there's nothing to discredit, they will invent something, as illustrated above, even when there are easily found facts to the contrary. They lie.

You know what this sound like? Deniers. Deniers simply refuse to accept facts. They will try to find fault with everything contrary to their position, by assuming their own position is right.

The most famous deniers are the holocaust deniers. These are the people who denies that Holocaust of the Jews actually happened during WW2. They claim the holocaust never happened, or did not occur to the extent that the Jews claimed. Evidence proving the Holocaust was "manufactured" (by the Jews, of course). Testimony was "coerced" or "faulty memory". They refuse to account for the OVERWHELMING amount of evidence, claiming it's a global conspiracy.

Another famous group of deniers would be the evolution deniers, also known as creationists, who believe the Biblical version of creation: it only took 6 days, and earth is only a few thousand years old. Science? They got it all wrong. Fossils? Don't mean nothing. Evolution? Crackpot theory. Why? The Bible, of course.

TVI Express supporters are basically denying every bit of truth out there, or trying to negotiate the fact and hope it will go away. It's illegal here? It's still legal there. TVI Express not in London? Expand "London". TVI Express MLM? I say TVI Express no MLM (even though TVI Express calls itself MLM). Just like the other deniers, they refuse to accept the OVERWHELMING amount of evidence indicating that TVI Express is a scam.

The old saying goes: Where there is smoke, there is fire. The smoke is now chokingly thick (over a dozen countries investigating, supposed leader Tarun Trikha gone from advisory board, trip redemption problems, TVI Express charging fees for "free" trips, no transparency of officers or owners, no real payout in real money, and much much more)  Yet TVI Express supporters are STILL claiming there is no heat and no fire. 

What's next? What other lies will TVI Express supporters tell just to hang on to their dreams?

South Africa Authorities now aware of TVI Express Scam

The New Age of South Africa reports that local TVI Express recruiters sound like evangelists when they held a convention, promising 35 millionaires by Christmas, denies being a pyramid scheme (why? wasn't mentioned), and South African Reserve Bank (i.e. national bank) is now aware of this business.

What this means, is TVI Express will be soon out of business in South Africa, after Namibia and Swaziland (which has already declared TVI Express to be illegal and investigating)
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More TVI Express OLD lies repeated anew

TVI Express is very fond of repeating any "favorable" reviews it got from its members... BEFORE they learned the truth. The problem is, the reviews often gets repeated without attribution, making it PLAGIARISM

Here's another one:

The poster is supposedly Bob Langford, and the post was only December 21, 2010. However, if you compare the words, you'll find that the post was actually a hub that was published in March 2010, at this URL:

The words were VERBATIM. And since the hubwriter, "DustyShoe", is female, that makes "Bob Langford" (if that's his real name) a plagiarist.

Furthermore, if you read the comments of that hub, you'll realize that DustyShoe, i.e. Linda, had posted a comment on my Blog that said TVI Express is a scam.

So "Bob Langsford" is not only a plagiarist, he's plagiarising OLD content, OUT OF DATE content, and taking other people's words "out of context".
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now to bust yet ANOTHER lie of Rudy Phan and

Rudy Phan loves to stretch the truth. Previously he published a bull**** explanation how how TVI Express can indeed pay everybody... by NOT paying ANY of the trips promised. How? He simply did not include any of the trip costs in his calculations. So what he did was actually PROVE that TVI Express is a scam: it can pay ONLY by cheating people out of trips.

Then he claimed TVI Express is NOT MLM, when it's splattered all over TVI Express website that it is indeed MLM.

He also published a blog entry claiming that I, Kasey Chang, invented the lie that Warren Buffett owned TVI Express, and TVI Express never claimed to owned by TVI Express. Well, Rudy, it wasn't TVI Express, but your fellow TVI Express distributors, that claimed so.

Now it's time to bust yet ANOTHER lie from Rudy Phan... is TVI Express in London or not? Rudy Phan had published a bull**** explanation on his website that as long as TVI Express have an address that is NEAR London, it can claim that is is "headquartered in London". Here's a screen shot of the article.

However, first, you should note the screenshot. That building in the picture? That is NOT a picture of Fruzeground Way. That is a picture of TVI Express' OLD address, 55 Bryanston St., i.e. Marble Arch Tower (link is off an interior design firm, NOT Google), which was indeed in downtown London. TVI Express vacated that building well over a year ago, and announced the "Heathrow" address in Decemeber 2009.  

Here's what that "Heathrow" address actually look like: (and that's off of real estate agent's website, so you can't blame it on Google, which some TVI Express weasels are attempting to do on Kaskus)

So Rudy Phan... It appears you lied... AGAIN. You used the WRONG picture to prove your case, and you got caught.

So what was Mr. Rudy Phan's explanation that TVI Expres is indeed in London? He claims London's boundary is flexible. Mr. Rudy Phan claims that any businesses "near" London, in the general metropolitan area, can also claim to be "headquartered in London".
"Thus, the correct understanding of London is that it is composed of MANY CITY and urban ZONE THE LARGEST in the European Union. Heathrow TVI Express headquarters, is a big city which has the busiest international airport in the world. If only "suburb", which may have an international airport? I right?"

According to Rudy Phan anybody living in Ciputat, which is 15 miles from Jakarta, (about same distance TVI Express is from downtown London) can actually say they are living in Jakarta, because Ciputat is close to Jakarta.

According to Rudy Phan, Tangerang is a part of Jakarta, because the International Airport for Jakarta is closer to Tangerang than Jakarta, just as "Heathrow Airport" is London's International Airport, so Heathrow is a part of London.

Heathrow is NOT London. It is merely NEAR London, just as Ciputat and Tangerang are NEAR Jakarta, but they are NOT Jakarta.

What's more, the address given by TVI Express is NOT in Heathrow! It's actually in Uxbridge (different postal code). Go ahead, try it in Google Maps.

A border for a city is exact. You are either IN, or OUT. There's no 'sort of'. And Rudy Phan want you to think the border is "sort of".

What other truth is he going to redefine next?
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Rudy Phan continue to spread lies about TVI Express

Recently, Rudy Phan posted a blog entry where he claims I invented the "Warren Buffett owns TVI Express" lie and I use it to slam TVI Express over the head.  (He has also disabled copy and paste from his website. ) However, it's quite simple to defeat. From translated entry:
Then, who is spreading that the "Warren Buffet is the owner of TVI Express"?
One anti-TVI Express, Kasey Chang, he wrote many negative opinions about TVI Express. And his writings were highly favored by those anti-TVI Express in Indonesia, especially in the group up and thread Kaskus One of his writings titled, " Scam:" Warren Buffett owns TVI Express "and 6 other Lies it and its Members are Telling".
Well, Rudy, I'll make a liar out of you right now. Your fellow TVI Express distributors invented the lie, not me. Let's start here:
"TVI Express: Either people are joining NOW, or they wish they would have a year from now! View a business presentation of the fast growing networking marketing company on Planet Earth. Discount travel membership. 00-value vacation for joining. Warren Buffett and Richard Branson lead investors."

Are you going to claim I wrote this , Mr. Phan? How about this one?
"Reviews on TVI--->>  Warren Buffett  and RichardBranson are indeed investors in TVI andthat is a fact!

Or this one?
Online TVI Express Conference

The world's richest man Warren Buffett (investor) and Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Virgin Records) have launched a mega project that was launched in January 2009 and present day are about 800 000 members.
Or maybe this one?
...Remember that TVI is Warren Buffett's program, and this is for real!
 Had enough? How about one more?
This is the owner and creator of TVI Express... Warren Buffett
So, you obviously do not do any research, Rudy Phan. I found these links just by going on Google. It's clear you did not. Perhaps you do not want to see the truth.

What other lies are you, Rudy Phan, going to spread for TVI Express and/or against me?  

In case you want to read the original article in which Rudy Phan claimed I lied, it's here:

Go down to Lie #4: Celebrity endorsements, and read it in full, before you come to any conclusions.

And get it through your head, Rudy Phan. Either you are lying for TVI Express, or TVI Express has lied to you all along and you're repeating the lies. Nothing you do is going to change the fact that TVI Express is a scam. What you are doing is weasel talk, or as Native Americans said, "speaking with a forked tongue". 

Enhanced by Zemanta and other TVI Express member sites are for sale

If any body will buy that... that is... Since TVI Express is a scam, will websites based on a scam be worth anything? You tell me...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Debunking More of Rudy Phan's lies on

When a person lies, the best way to defeat the lie is to expose the truth and let the truth speak for itself. In this case, I am going to use TVI Express website to blow away Rudy Phan's lies on his website,

Previously I've busted Rudy's lie on how TVI Express can pay $10000 to be bull****. He simply assumed that NOBODY would bother redeeming the trips. That's right, NOBODY redeem their trips. That is a bull**** explanation. I even show the math how it could not work at all.

Here we'll bust another one of his lies: TVI Express is NOT MLM.

On his website, back in October, he posted an article that says TVI Express is NOT MLM but a franchise, and therefore only requires a simple biz license in Indonesia, not the kind that MLM biz needs to have. The full article (through Google Translate) is available here.

Why? He claims TVI Express is NOT MLM, but rather a "new" type of Franchising that has some elements of MLM. 

Well, Rudy, TVI Express itself says it IS MLM / Network Marketing. What do you have to say to that?

"Today, TVI stands as the poster child for modern MLM done right"

"Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning."

"TVI Distributors act as Independent Contractors, but with the express advantage of owning the network."

"This launch is going to take the world of MLM industry by storm for no MLM company has ever before come up with such a product..."

"TVl's first month of sales was bigger than any other network marketing company known, and we're still exceeding sales projections."

"Network Marketing can be an amazing business opportunity, but it takes a lot of hard work, and we [TVI Express] are dedicated, above all else, to support each and every one of our distributors..."

And that's just through 5 minutes of searching. There are plenty more.

Don't you think someone would be checking your words, Rudy?

Based on TVI Express "ethical marketing" guidelines, your membership should be terminated now, Rudy.

1. Prohibited Practices

Independent Distributors shall not use false,
misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices.
Independent Distributors shall take all necessary
and reasonable steps to ensure that they and their
downlines do not knowingly make, or cause or permit
others to make, any false or misleading representation
relating to the business, company or the offered
Your claim that TVI Express is NOT MLM is directly against company claims, and therefore is misleading, deceptive, and unfair. And you clearly and knowingly made false and misleading representation regarding the company and the business.

Rather ironic, isn't? Hoisted by your own petard?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Example of Pathetic TVI Express recruiting in South Africa

Image representing Gumtree as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseTVI Express is trying to recruit as many people as possible (i.e. suck in their money) before the government steps in, and members are exploiting the Internet for all its worth. Gumtree is a part of Kijjiji free classifieds network. Following is one such ad:
TVI Express -- don't be so narrow-minded

I am on first phase now of joining Tvi, the quickest way in is to have myself plus 7 people paying R2700 each, we move very quickly through the board and get ourselves quickly up there to reach the R100 000 mark.  If there are interested people who would like to join me please feel free to email me for further details.  I would never of thought of this, but having a client that has been with me for over 3 years and she joined less than 6 months ago into Tvi and is on her third R100 000, I cannot let this opportunity go by untried.  I am willing to risk R2700 and if you are and we can meet up please let me know.

However, something's very wrong with this ad...

1) $250 USD should be $1712 R based on current exchange rate of 1 USD = 6.85 SAR. So why is the join fee $2700 SAR? Even if they are charging extra fees so it comes out to be $300 USD that's still 2055 SAR. Who's getting the extra?

2) $100000 SAR comes out to be $14599 USD. However, according to TVI Express payout is $10000 USD, not $15000 USD. So what the **** is the South Africans getting paid with? I can see maybe they rounded the figure to 100000, but some people will be VERY disappointed when they found that their eWallet is going to be short, and their uplines had been lying to them all along!

3) Is $2700 SAR such "easy money" to be thrown away on merely a chance? If you don't take the chance you are "narrow minded". So this guy is encouraging risky behavior, "take a chance" instead of "business".

4) He wants 8 people to join at once, but what he doesn't say is 8 people will push ONE guy off the top and make that person $250 USD as that just get you off the Traveler board. To make everybody in the group $10000, THOUSANDS of people will have to join to cycle all 8 off both Traveler and Express boards.

But he's not going to tell you that...
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Proof: TVI Express hid surcharges under "taxes"

Previously I was wondering if someone actually tried to book a trip through TVI Express "booking portal" and see if they are overcharging in taxes. Someone at actually did try to book a trip through TVI Express for 4-day 3-night redemption in Florida. The taxes calculated? $115 USD.
Marza Bush
I bought one of the travel vouchers because I trusted a friend. I thought I would save $. I ended up wanting to use it in Florida. Come to find out they don't offer Florida as a state for the 6 night 7 day package and was only offered a 3 night 4 day package at a hotel. Turns out it would cost 115.00 just to pay taxes for the thing and I'd have to open up a foreign exchange account with Liberty Reserve to do so. I even went that far, but now I'd have to get a merchant exchanger to buy and sell the money to pay the taxes which on one end will cost at least 13.00.
So now I think I'm going to cancel the Liberty Reserve account and stop while I'm ahead.
I was better off booking a hotel myself. I found out it was actually cheaper that way. What a mess and I'm out 250.00!  (scroll down to comments)
Given that tax rate in Florida is about 6% for "bed tax" and 7% for sales tax, if you take the trip to be $250, the tax should be $32.50. Thus, TVI Express just pocketed $82.50. That's charging OVER 250% of what the taxes should be.

The fact that they don't accept their own eWallet funds for these "taxes" should tell you that they are out to scam you... They don't consider their own eWallet "real money".

TVI Express ran out of victims, goes after minorities

Recently a lot of TVI Express related posts started appearing on "", a website dedicated to African-Americans (apparently). A search through Google shows 39 different posts (including member profiles) with "TVI Express" searchable.

So what was posted? Rehash of announcements from Kaspi and Jackson's website, such as "TVI Compliancy full UNITED STATESS"  (link to entry) (link to original Kaspi and Jackson blog

However, the original post from K&J site was in September 2010, but the copy was posted in November 2010.  Also note at the end of the copy: " Photo courtesy of: vitasamb2001 Popular search terms for these TVI articles:"

What's more, he changed the title. The original title was "

Grimes and Reese Working to Make TVI Express Full United States MLM Compliancy" However, the user, TROYSHELL changed the title to "TVI Compliancy full UNITED STATESS". If you don't read the article you'd think the article says "TVI compliant with US law fully". Instead, the article actually says "TVI Express hires lawyers to make itself compliant with US law", which basically is an admission that TVI Express is non-compliant with US law. 

The title is a lie. 

Furthermore, there was NEVER any proof that such a conversation occured between Don Traurig and any one at the lawfirm. There wasn't even any announcement from TVI Express itself that they are trying to make themselves legal in the US, much less hiring any lawyers. 

So what you got here is a lie (by TROYSHELL) to "improve" a lie (by Kaspi and Jackson), about yet another lie, about a company that was founded on lies. 

What a pathetic mess. 

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TVI Express stealing their own member's eVoucher codes

TVI Express had always been a scam, since I've tracked this scam starting in late 2009. Their behavior had only gotten more bizarre as the time went on.

South African "Team Wealth" reported that on December 4th, 2010, TVI Express suddenly and without announcement froze virtually all member's "eVouchers".

Inconsistent & Unprofessional Conduct TVI Express has without prior warning effectively frozen the accounts of all distributors overnight on Saturday 4th December. Members were then required to submit documents within 72 if they wished to be verified. Failure to do so means that distributors will not be able to obtain or sell their vouchers, which in turn means that they will not earn money through the sale of vouchers.  (
You were probably wondering, why? How does this benefit TVI Express?

The answer is simple: if you don't respond in time, you lost all those "vouchers" you haven't sold or redeemed. How does this "benefit" TVI Express? Every voucher they "give out" is less money in their own pocket. So every voucher they can cancel or otherwise invalidate means they can keep more $$$, through whatever reason they can contrive. 

If you don't see how this works, please refer to my earlier analysis of how TVI Express could NOT possibly pay out the trips AND pay $10000 for every participant. So-called re-entry only makes things worse, as there is no additional income to fund the payouts. By canceling those payout vouchers, they can shrink those "delayed loss of income" down. They are also not paying for the trips, which saves them even MORE money.

This also jives with the earlier announcement from TVI Express that selling eVoucher codes is now apparently no longer permitted, but what are you supposed to do with the eVoucher code that you get when you cycle out of the traveler board? Huh? Join again? Why? No, you sell it to someone else for $250 and pocket cold hard cash!

The whole thing WILL still collapse, but slower. 

EDIT: This thing is so explosive, TVI Express didn't DARE to put it on their own website. (no such announcement) Here's the announcement from Kaspi and Jackson's website:

Any victims of TVI Express should immediately file complaint in your local jurisdiction. Do NOT just give up and join another opportunity, even if it's a reputable one. File a complaint and have law enforcement in your jurisdiction shut down this scam as soon as possible.
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South African Group abandons TVI Express

Map of South Africa, with provinces, neighbour...South Africa, Image via WikipediaSouth African Group Wealth Team, operating under domain, realized that TVI Express is scamming all its members. The trips allegedly booked through TVI "redemption" websites and paid for are simply NOT booked, and members only found out after arriving at the hotel or resort (and empty their own wallet AGAIN).

They are also naming unconfirmed sources that even South Africa's National Reserve Bank may be investigating TVI Express. As a result, Wealth Team is moving to World Ventures.

From Wealth Team's website:
6 night/7day holiday Some of our members were booked for this holiday from TVI back office. On arrival, at the hotels, bookings were either non-existent or unpaid. Members had to return home or pay for themselves. Managers of these establishments have claimed that TVI has falsely published them on the back office.
Complaints from Hotels & Resorts in South Africa Through the website ( our team has received numerous complaints from hotels and resorts, that TVI Express members are arriving at their resorts unannounced, after being “booked” by TVI Express, whereas the establishments have no connection with TVI Express.

They are also naming unconfirmed sources that even South Africa's National Reserve Bank may be investigating TVI Express. As a result, Wealth Team is moving to World Ventures.

I have no comment about World Ventures. However, if it's similar enough to TVI Express, it will be suspicious by default. Another few names to watch out for... Bon Voyage 1000, and Pyxism. As I am not tracking them, I will stop there, but Botswana's Consumer watchdog have no pleasant things to say about them. Enough said. You can look up the references yourself.

One other thing to note: Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland all border South Africa. It could be said that TVI Express got to Africa through South Africa.
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Indonesia Muslim Council declares TVI Express haram ("unclean")

Locator map of AcehAceh, Indonesia, Image via Wikipedia Indonesia Muslim Council of Aceh studied TVI Express and other "Money Games" (i.e. scams) and declared them haram (unclean).

Here is the translated version, from which I quote:

"Consultative Council of Ulama (MPU) Aceh forbid/proscribe activities known as the Money Game (MG) and Multi-level marketing (MLM) TVI Express."

I have warned all to ask whether TVI Express is haram or halal since March 2010. I am very glad to have been proven right after all.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Madoff's Son Commits Suicide: What will India's Mini-Madoff, Tarun Trikha do?

Bernard Madoff's son Mark Madoff committed suicide today in New York by jumping off a building.

If you don't remember who Bernard Madoff is... look him up in Wikipedia.

One knows that scammers have no good ending, and their family will suffer, along with all the victims.

Tarun Trikha, supposedly the CEO of TVI Express, is sometimes referred to as Madoff of India (even though there's a few who's worse).

Who's going to suffer with Tarun Trikha when the pyramid comes crashing down?
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Delusional Indonesians Under TVI Express spell

Previously I have reported that the Indonesian branch of TVI Express have resorted to "manufacture" TVI Express news coverage to disguise its scam-y nature, by asking "citizen reporters" to write articles. The result is 4 articles that basically repeated whatever TVI Express said to write... a press release disguised as news.

As expected, TVI Express distributors in Indonesia are picking this coverage up as if the entire nation will soon be rich by joining this organization that sells nothing except a one-time membership... that provides nothing useful, cost $250, and promises "touching lives". 

And there's my old lying friend: and Rudy Phan. He even has photos of those articles as if they actually prove anything, as they just repeat whatever was said by whoever the "reporter" interviewed, with absolutely NO verification or any interview with someone with actually some AUTHORITY, such as member or spokesman of APLI, the Indonesia Direct Selling Organization.

I've previously proven that Rudy Phan's math is flawed, and TVI Express is doomed. In fact, supposed Mr. Rudy Phan himself came to "debate" me on his logic. After being drubbed twice, he failed to reappear.

Which goes on to prove that he's publishing bull****, just like Kaspi and Jackson. However, Kaspi and Jackson eventually gave up their lying ways. How long will Rudy Phan take, and how many victims will he drag with him?