Saturday, December 18, 2010

Debunking More of Rudy Phan's lies on

When a person lies, the best way to defeat the lie is to expose the truth and let the truth speak for itself. In this case, I am going to use TVI Express website to blow away Rudy Phan's lies on his website,

Previously I've busted Rudy's lie on how TVI Express can pay $10000 to be bull****. He simply assumed that NOBODY would bother redeeming the trips. That's right, NOBODY redeem their trips. That is a bull**** explanation. I even show the math how it could not work at all.

Here we'll bust another one of his lies: TVI Express is NOT MLM.

On his website, back in October, he posted an article that says TVI Express is NOT MLM but a franchise, and therefore only requires a simple biz license in Indonesia, not the kind that MLM biz needs to have. The full article (through Google Translate) is available here.

Why? He claims TVI Express is NOT MLM, but rather a "new" type of Franchising that has some elements of MLM. 

Well, Rudy, TVI Express itself says it IS MLM / Network Marketing. What do you have to say to that?

"Today, TVI stands as the poster child for modern MLM done right"

"Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning."

"TVI Distributors act as Independent Contractors, but with the express advantage of owning the network."

"This launch is going to take the world of MLM industry by storm for no MLM company has ever before come up with such a product..."

"TVl's first month of sales was bigger than any other network marketing company known, and we're still exceeding sales projections."

"Network Marketing can be an amazing business opportunity, but it takes a lot of hard work, and we [TVI Express] are dedicated, above all else, to support each and every one of our distributors..."

And that's just through 5 minutes of searching. There are plenty more.

Don't you think someone would be checking your words, Rudy?

Based on TVI Express "ethical marketing" guidelines, your membership should be terminated now, Rudy.

1. Prohibited Practices

Independent Distributors shall not use false,
misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices.
Independent Distributors shall take all necessary
and reasonable steps to ensure that they and their
downlines do not knowingly make, or cause or permit
others to make, any false or misleading representation
relating to the business, company or the offered
Your claim that TVI Express is NOT MLM is directly against company claims, and therefore is misleading, deceptive, and unfair. And you clearly and knowingly made false and misleading representation regarding the company and the business.

Rather ironic, isn't? Hoisted by your own petard?

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