Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More TVI Express OLD lies repeated anew

TVI Express is very fond of repeating any "favorable" reviews it got from its members... BEFORE they learned the truth. The problem is, the reviews often gets repeated without attribution, making it PLAGIARISM

Here's another one: http://www.china-tour-guides.com/2451/tvi-express-legit-or-a-pyramid-scheme/

The poster is supposedly Bob Langford, and the post was only December 21, 2010. However, if you compare the words, you'll find that the post was actually a hub that was published in March 2010, at this URL:


The words were VERBATIM. And since the hubwriter, "DustyShoe", is female, that makes "Bob Langford" (if that's his real name) a plagiarist.

Furthermore, if you read the comments of that hub, you'll realize that DustyShoe, i.e. Linda, had posted a comment on my Blog that said TVI Express is a scam.

So "Bob Langsford" is not only a plagiarist, he's plagiarising OLD content, OUT OF DATE content, and taking other people's words "out of context".
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