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Another Day, ANOTHER set of bull**** from Rudy Phan and

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!Image via WikipediaIt seems Rudy Phan must continue publish his bull**** in order to justify his own existence, by implying various meanings and defaming other people's opinions and evidence. Today, he tried to defend TVI Express against Mr. Hamza's article on why TVI Express must be rejected.

I admit that I am following this through Google Translate, so I won't twist words. I'll just generally follow the gist of the conversation.

First, he takes issue of why Mr. Hamza's interest in TVI Express drops to zero, then he hemed and hawed a bit, finally quoting that Mr. Hamza will reject TVI Express if it is haram (unclean).

One of the reasons for rejection by Mr. Hamza is because TVI Express website says any disputes will be governed by laws of India and Cyprus under "terms of use".

Rudy Phan claims that this means that Indonesia law will apply in all non-dispute situations, thus is NOT a valid reason to reject TVI Express.

a) Are you a lawyer, Rudy Phan? Much less an INTERNATIONAL lawyer who knows which law is applied where? Just WHAT qualification do you have to issue such an opinion?
b) And of course, if TVI Express is "headquartered in London, UK" without having an office in London (because according to Rudy Phan, Uxbridge is actually a part of London), why isn't TVI Express subject to law of UK? Ever think about that, Rudy Phan?
c) The server was moved to Ukraine, Belarus. So are you subject to law of Belarus as well?

Then Rudy Phan tries to pin the misunderstanding on religious and racial differences, but he pins the blame on Mr. Hamza. The auto translation was "racial intolerance", but I am not certain if that was the meaning.

Next section deals with what exactly does TVI Express offer its members. Mr. Hamza said TVI Express offers no products for sale, and indeed says "you do not need to sell any products". Rudy Phan, in response, trots out the frontal graphics, naming the 7-day 6-night trip and alleged discounts as a 'product', along with opportunity to earn $10000 and more. Then he trots out his explanation that TVI Express is a "voucher club", where after you join you can get discounts for travel.

So according to Rudy Phan, the benefits are 1) the 7-day 6-night trip, 2) the discounts, and 3) the opportunity to earn $10000 USD.

The 7-day 6-night trip is a joke. Redemption portal didn't go online until June 2010, 18 months after TVI Express started operating, and even then they have to charge $150 for this FREE trip. Only available for hotels in or near India. You call that a beneifit? That is not a benefit. That is a disgrace.

As for discount travel, you can get EXACT SAME DISCOUNTS by going directly to without spending $250 to join TVI Express. TVI Express is powered by, a fact that was admitted by Tarun Trikha many months ago, which is powered by Travelocity. So the club membership is worth exactly ZERO, since is free to use.

So the only reason to join TVI Express is the $10000... you earn that by recruiting, and that fits the "money game" definition by both secular law and sharia law.

But Rudy doesn't see that. He think he understands the system more than anybody else, because he's inside. He even has a parable for the illustration. However, his parable just illustrate the vagueness of certain words. And if TVI Express is the source of the vagueness, then that is a DEFICIENCY, not an advantage.

Westerners have a saying "Can't see the forest for the trees." Chinese have a saying, "Those inside see confusion, those outside see clearly." Exact opposite of Rudy Phan's viewpoint.

When Mr. Hamza questioned why does TVI Express not reveal the owner's names, Mr. Rudy Phan claims it is to protect the company and a marketing strategy. However, he has no access to TVI Express executives, so it's clear that this is merely his hypothesis, NOT backed up by any facts. His "evidence"? Some pictures of hot women that somehow "proves" mystery is good for business.

Mystery may be good for generating some buzz, but when a company cannot be found in London (because it's NOT in London, unless you expand the boundaries of London), cannot redeem the trips promised, and in general lie left and right, and allow their members to lie left and right, it's a LIABILITY.

Mr. Phan then moved onto claim TVI Express is a "category creator", but there's nothing unique about TVI Express (other than how much of a scam it is). Its compensation plan is published right on its website and presentations. Clones such as Pyxism, Bon Voyage 1000, DreamStyle Vacations, and so on have already appeared and IMPROVED upon TVI Express model, and all with much more transparency and access than TVI Express. There's nothing to protect! Most of participants in China and US and other countries have moved onto other businesses after realizing how much of a scam TVI Express is.

Mr. Phan continues to claim that the mystery is an asset. Who does he think he is fooling?

Then Mr. Phan claims that only he seem to know what "direct sales" actually means. He claims that "direct sales" means "discount club membership", clearly ignoring the fact that there is no "sales" in "membership". In fact, does he even have any sort of degree in business administration or commercial law to make such a statement? And why is his opinion in direct contravention of APLI, the Indonesian Direct Selling Organization, obviously the expert on direct sales in Indonesia?

Then Mr. Phan claims that "member recruit member" models are legit, and cites Citibank and Prudential. So TVI Express is legit. The difference is Citibank and Prudential memberships have MONTHLY OR YEARLY COSTS. TVI Express do NOT.

Think about it: What do you get when you refer another person to Citibank? Maybe $25-50 bonus in account? How many can you refer? No more than a few. Citibank make back money easily by small fees per month, and also by keeping your money to lend out. They do not pay you $10000 if you refer them hundreds of people. TVI Express is one-time payment. No more income. Nobody asks where is the money coming from, esp. not Rudy Phan.

The mathematical model shows it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to pay out the $10000, since there's not enough money coming in to pay all of that if the trips are redeemed.

And finally, Rudy Phan claims that UK did not charge TVI Express with any wrongdoing. Perhaps he did not read the news...
Documents filed with the [Australian] court said the UK Office of Fair Trading had told the ACCC that TVI isn't there [in London] and companies TVI claims to have as partners deny any relationship.

In other words, TVI Express wasn't charged in UK because they ESCAPED from UK before they CAN be charged with anything, by packing up and running off to Cyprus! (or wherever it is they are actually operating from, probably India!)

Thus, the entire article can be summed as as follows:

Rudy Phan claims authority in direct sales, halal vs. haram, international law, and marketing, and proclaim TVI Express is fine using unsupported arguments. He in fact has NONE of the qualifications to claim any sort of authority in those subjects, thus, making EVERYTHING HE WROTE complete bull****.  

If I want bull**** I'll watch Penn & Teller's show. It's more entertaining. 

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