Thursday, December 16, 2010

Example of Pathetic TVI Express recruiting in South Africa

Image representing Gumtree as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseTVI Express is trying to recruit as many people as possible (i.e. suck in their money) before the government steps in, and members are exploiting the Internet for all its worth. Gumtree is a part of Kijjiji free classifieds network. Following is one such ad:
TVI Express -- don't be so narrow-minded

I am on first phase now of joining Tvi, the quickest way in is to have myself plus 7 people paying R2700 each, we move very quickly through the board and get ourselves quickly up there to reach the R100 000 mark.  If there are interested people who would like to join me please feel free to email me for further details.  I would never of thought of this, but having a client that has been with me for over 3 years and she joined less than 6 months ago into Tvi and is on her third R100 000, I cannot let this opportunity go by untried.  I am willing to risk R2700 and if you are and we can meet up please let me know.

However, something's very wrong with this ad...

1) $250 USD should be $1712 R based on current exchange rate of 1 USD = 6.85 SAR. So why is the join fee $2700 SAR? Even if they are charging extra fees so it comes out to be $300 USD that's still 2055 SAR. Who's getting the extra?

2) $100000 SAR comes out to be $14599 USD. However, according to TVI Express payout is $10000 USD, not $15000 USD. So what the **** is the South Africans getting paid with? I can see maybe they rounded the figure to 100000, but some people will be VERY disappointed when they found that their eWallet is going to be short, and their uplines had been lying to them all along!

3) Is $2700 SAR such "easy money" to be thrown away on merely a chance? If you don't take the chance you are "narrow minded". So this guy is encouraging risky behavior, "take a chance" instead of "business".

4) He wants 8 people to join at once, but what he doesn't say is 8 people will push ONE guy off the top and make that person $250 USD as that just get you off the Traveler board. To make everybody in the group $10000, THOUSANDS of people will have to join to cycle all 8 off both Traveler and Express boards.

But he's not going to tell you that...
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