Monday, January 31, 2011

Really Pathetic TVI Express Member Spams Singles Meetup Group

Image representing Meetup as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseGuess what I found reference to TVI Express? In a Singles Meetup Listing

 I want to attend the local Meetups to meet nice people and introduce the TVI Express trip ticket for 7 nights 8 days for $275( ).

Now THAT is pathetic, on so many levels...

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More Hilarious TVI Express Indonesia Websites

Orthographic map of IndonesiaImage via WikipediaThe poor folks in Indonesia must be really entranced with the TVI Express scam. Their uplines are telling them to put in information that are NOT officially approved, and often directly contradict either official statements, or actual facts.

Here is another one:, which is really just a Wordpress Blog called MyDreamTVI.

According to that blog, a new automatic online support system is being opened in Indonesia called

However, who owns that domain? Since there is an "official" branch of TVI Express in Indonesia, it should be owned by that, right? Or perhaps Ms. Goernawan herself? But no! According to WHOIS, domain is owned by a Rusdie Cavalera who has a completely different username from Ms. Goernawan. Furthermore, the "admin" of is a Yulianto FERRY, ST. Yet ANOTHER PERSON.

When TVI Express associates start to set up their own "support system" independent of the TWO separate official support systems (TVI Express and TVI Express Indonesia), is that a good sign or a bad sign? I think it's a bad sign. A VERY bad sign... that the official support systems are NOT GOOD ENOUGH. 

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update: Previous TVI Express Advertiser Website Suspended

Previously I highlighted a website called "makingmoneyaustralia", and found it to be a copycat site trying to revive some zombie TVI Express Content.

I just checked it today, and the whole site is SUSPENDED. The URL forwards to

Alleged "Fraud Alert" Blog itself is a fraud

Just the other day a blog popped up on my radar called

Why? It has an entry on TVI Express

As I read this entry, I realized it sounds VERY FAMILIAR... Then I realized... It copied from a hub was written by Matthew Neer! EVEN the illustrations were pirated!

In fact, I debunked the ENTIRE HUB back in March 2010!

One last hilarity... Guess who posted the following comment on my TVI Express Timeline hub?
"Hey KSChang,
Great article you put together here. You have really done your research and I value your opinion. People really do need to be made aware of this timeline because I STILL get calls from people asking me about TVI Express and how to join.
I usually just tell them to run far far away, but hey, what can ya do. People will be people..."
It was none other than Matthew Neer himself.   (Scroll down and see for yourself)

So many levels of hilarity in this one...
  • A "fraud alert" blog itself is a fraud
  • A fraud alert blog pirated a hub that has since been refuted by its author
  • A fraud alert blog pirated a hub (about a scam) that had been debunked
Another case of ZOMBIE content!

What Does a Ex-TVI Express Guy from Australia Say About TVI Express?

Do you jump into something you got excited about without "due diligence"? You really should listen to this guy:

When I was first interested in TVI Express the one thing I did not do was investigate the negatives. Yes there were articles out there with others saying to be wary mainly due to the fact that no-one could find the offices they claimed to working from and the founders were not able to be contacted.  All I focused on was the positives where people, (people I did not know), were claiming they making money.

Do I regret This?  Yes, greed was driving me make my decision. The higher the amount someone said they had made the more excited I got.
 He's into Pyxism now, but that's his choice. 

More Expose about ex?-TVI Member Edwin Natividad and Mayet Briones

Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed allegations about Edwin Natividad and Mayet Briones, (probably former?) TVI Express members, posted on Yahoo! Answers, are difficult to confirm. So take them with several grains of salt.;_ylt=AtiaZpg85Jqln4J1ouUSZCvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110126095710AAI9OJb

"I am a honest single mother struggling to make it on my own. I am a victim of Edwin Natividad, Eric Antonio, Carol Natividad, Mayet Briones, and Jeff Natividad.
I joined TVI Express with Edwin managed by his corporation DDI, Dream Destination International in June 2010 and got brainwashed to believe these people and invested about $11,000 of my hardworking savings.
Three months later my mom and I got kicked out of the office without professional notification. I think its cuz we asked questions about the business and how we can make it work. Eric Antonio degraded my family to the audience and labeled us as negative and loser and announced to refund us, how unprofessional of him. Embarrassed me and my family, we sent a demand letter, and never got our refund. We are still speaking out and helping others.
All I want is JUSTICE and for Edwin Natividad and his team to stop scamming other people, to get terminated from TVI, and hopefully get some of my money back."

Keep in mind that others are still defending TVI Express, claiming it's the leader that failed, the system works. However, keep in mind.. What sort of system would attract scammers like these? 

Confirmed: TVI Express HIDES terminated member list behind login wall

A TVI Express member provided an URL to the alleged terminated member list. However, you must have logged in to see it.

If you don't have login credentials, you get forwarded to "session expired" error message. 

Why would the terminated members list be hidden? It should be public!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Pathetic TVI Express Lies, now out of Switzerland

That's the problem with a scam that's international... When it dies in one country it still remains in some other country, so it slowly spreads back into previously dead areas.

Recently a new TVI Express "fansite" opened, called

WHOIS record search shows that this website was registered on 05-JAN-2011. And it's in FRENCH. However, domain privacy is turned on. The guy claims his name is Olivier, but there is no other info available.

Quick look shows the ENTIRE website consists of graphics stolen off the main TVI Express website (which are in ENGLISH)

Did this guy not understand English enough that says "DO NOT COPY" at the bottom of EVERY page in TVI Express website? Or even read the "terms of use"?

More Hilarious TVI Express Spam with Zombie Promo Videos

A TVI Express Webinar just popped back up on Google search results, but this is so old, it's HILARIOUS. Also, consider that this popped up on... "Windows Gallery", it's even more so. Just look at the URL:

What's more, the video had been on Youtube since November 24, 2009!

So the video claims the guy conducted 'due diligence' by research on the Internet. So what did he search? "Google Trends, Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast". WTF?! All those are would be TRAFFIC trends. It's purely a popularity contest! This guy doesn't even know what "due diligence" actually means!

Furthermore, the information is OVER A YEAR OUT OF DATE!

TVI Express's Alexa ratings has dropped it out of top 10000 sites already, and their Quantcast rating was so bad they stopped tracking and hid most of their own results. 

So what does the website actually say? It's a SCAM! STAY AWAY!

That's how TVI Express stay up in the ratings... some idiots keep reviving these zombie content.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rudy Phan claims He (and Indonesians) cannot be Responsible for TVI Express Treachery

Liar, Liar (song)Image via WikipediaPreviously an unconfirmed rumor spread on Kaskus Forum for Indonesians that TVI Express Indonesia is being called to Ministry of Trade to answer charges of pyramid scheme.

Guess what was Rudy Phan's response? Instead of defending TVI Express, he basically claimed the local leaders CANNOT be responsible unless critics find specific law stating so.
When we follow a business, yes we should know their rights and obligations. Now I want to ask, whether in the regulation TVI Express there is a statement saying that if TVI Express is bankrupt (either because of deceptive, etc..), Then leader should be responsible?

Or, you can research ANY MLM company registered in APLI, is there a statement that if the company went bankrupt (either because of deceptive, etc..), Then leadernya should be responsible?

Please answer the questions above.

If you can not answer the above questions, then you really do is incitement and defamation. Therefore, you must also dare to account for what you've said so far. Ok?

Gee, I thought earlier he said what happens in Indonesia is governed by Indonesian law?

So if Rudy Phan recruited downlines in Indonesia, that happened in Indonesia, yes? So why should Rudy Phan not be held responsible? If PT TVI Express (Indonesia) is declared a pyramid scheme / money game, why should Rudy Phan, Ms. Goernawan, and others NOT be held responsible?

Or should Rudy Phan be tried under INDIAN law or Cyprus law if TVI Express be declared illegal in Indonesia?

I can tell you now Cyprus law says TVI Express is a pyramid scheme. Cyprus has same law as European Union.

I can tell you now that Indian law ALSO says TVI Express is a pyramid scheme. In India it is called "Prize Chit and Money Circulation scheme Banning Law".

That is the danger of international scam... The different locals take the fall for the true mastermind behind the whole thing. And Rudy Phan is IMPLYING that the local leaders cannot be held responsible.

Well, Rudy Phan... if your local government cannot get their hands on the real mastermind... They sure can get their hands on YOU AND YOUR UPLINES.

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Rudy Phan Claims He Understands English Better Than English-Speakers

On the day before Christmas, Rudy Phan posted yet again claims he understands more about TVI Express than TVI Express itself. And of course, he claims I don't understand TVI Express.
One of the most diligent to write and speak ill of TVI Express is a blog Kasey Chang (  He did not understand what it TVI Express product.  In fact, he could not understand what is meant by "You do not need to sell any products" ( [Note: So, people who can speak English is not necessarily able to understand what is written in English].
All that insult, only to cover up one fact: TVI Express itself states very clearly in its FAQ: "You do not need to sell any products" (but you do need to recruit at least two people, and you earn money by doing that"). So what does Rudy Phan say about this VERY OBVIOUS statement? Rudy Phan claims there is a product, and TVI Express is very clear about it.

What does Rudy Phan think "You do not need to sell any products" is supposed to mean? He claims it actually means "Yes, there is a product."

Does that even sound SANE to you?

Also, did he just insult website? Is he claiming that he knows TVI Express business BETTER than TVI Express themselves? I believe he did. Is that delusion of gradeur, or just complete and total madness? You be the judge.

So what sort of company is Rudy Phan claiming TVI Express to be? He actually stated that TVI Express is an "EVENTS COMPANY".
The word "a package" I replace with " events “. The word "a package" I replace with "Events". Yes, this is where the key to understanding what TVI Express product correctly. Yes, this is WHERE the key to understanding what TVI Correctly Express product. Since I already explained at length the problem TVI Express business systems in other articles, on this occasion I would like to explain the position of product vouchers in this Express TVI business.
Since I already explained at length the problem of TVI Express Business systems in other articles, on this Occasion I would like to Explain the position of product vouchers in this Express TVI business.
There is every reason in the world for TVI to be categorized as an Events Company. We're everywhere in the world at any given time. From regionals in London to 500Ks meeting up together in Paris, our Corporate Events are the heart of our organization From regionals in London to 500Ks meeting up together in Paris, our Corporate Events are the heart of our organization.

Okay, that quote is accurate, but clearly, Rudy Phan ignored all the OTHER indications in the TVI Express website, or even on the SAME WEBPAGE: 
I am TVI Conference -- Hear it from men and women who've been there, done that and succeeded in Network Marketing!
"Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning."
There are a dozen more. You can find them easily with Google search.

Furthermore, have you considered what are those events for? The Events are for existing members AND are also RECRUITMENT DRIVES.  Furthermore, this is ONLY FOR MEMBERS, and only SELECTED members, not all members. This is very clearly another part of the scam... dangle this "trip" in front of you, as a "bonus package" for your recruitment efforts. And sold nothing.

This clearly proves that

1) TVI Express is not even very clear on what it really is. It claims to be network marketing in one page, home-based business in another, and as Rudy Phan pointed out, "events company" in another.

2) Rudy Phan ignores evidence that does not fit his theories, even when it's OFFICIAL like from, the OFFICIAL TVI Express website.

Do you really need to read the rest of his lies?
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TrustLink, a BBB program, also calls TVI Express a scam

Trustlink, a BBB sponsored community, found TVI Express to be a scam.

Think about that.

TVI Express web hosts, and alleged new office in Kazahkstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest cityAlmaty, Kazahkstan, Image via WikipediaTVI Express recently moved their webhost all the way to Kiev, Ukraine

But they are "supposedly" based in UK, yes? They said they are headquartered in UK, did they not? Even though in their own terms of service they said any disputes must be settled with the laws of Cyprus or India?

They said they are opening an office in Kazahkstan back in December 2010.

So where do you think that website is located at?  It is located in UK.

Oh, what irony!

Oh, maybe there's another TVI Express website in Kazahkstan? Sure, but this one is hosted in Germany! At least this guy is based in Almaty, where supposedly TVI Express LLP of Kazahkstan is supposedly registered (but no corp records can be found).

How about Facebook? Here's one, but that's someone else altogether! And the third website they linked to, That goes to a THAI travel website completely unrelated to TVI Express.

Do you think they'll last very long when Tajikstan and Georgia are already going after TVI Express?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unconfirmed Report: TVI Express to be investigated by Indonesia Ministry of Trade

An unconfirmed report (allegedly from APLI) relayed through Kaskus the Indonesia forum states that TVI Express is being summoned for a tribunal / meeting by Ministry of Trade, probably at the request of APLI, the Indonesian Direct Sales Association.

There are further rumors that the "Billionaire" Magazine has an article written on the TVI Express scam and will be published in February issue.

Stay tuned for any further updates.

TVI Express "press release" printed as news in Indonesia

Apparently TVI Express "distributors" (of nothing) in Indonesia is willing to pay reporters to print their "press release" as "news" about how prosperous they will be. In 2010 we saw several examples of such "articles" printed by various small local papers who basically got a ONE-sided story. Here is one example, fresh off the press (again, Google Translate-d). My comments will be in blue.

Original URL

Friday, January 21, 2011, 09:57:00
THERE are many ways to invest. TVI Express offers a cheap way to invest, but the promise of multiple benefits. Benefits do not come overnight. Members are required to work hard and continue to develop its network. If all goes well, a bonus of $ 10,000 to your property. A number of tantalizing.

Note that there is no mention of SELLING anything. The writer mentions "invest", "work", "develop network", and "temptation" (tantalizing), but nothing about selling. I know the translation is iffy, but it is suspicious already! So how does one get $10000?

TVI Express is an international business network. The main selling vouchers hotel room. Members who wish to join must buy a voucher room. All options available rooms from hotel chains worldwide.

"Investnya not too big. In our team, a new member must buy a two-bedroom voucher. Why should I buy two? We explain later if anyone wants to become a member, "Fatta said Nature, the team leader TVI 1117.

Now they mention "selling vouchers of hotel rooms". However, this is again, inaccurate! What happened to TVI Express promise of 7-day- 6-night accommodation of 2 AND airplane tickets? That's right on TVI Express frontpage! Clearly this guy does not understand what TVI Express itself offers! When did that shrunk to just a "hotel room voucher"?  And how do you earn $10000 again? By selling voucher? How many vouchers do I have to sell to earn $10000? If I sell the vouchers to new members, I'm just recruiting! THERE IS NO PRODUCT!

Team 1117 is a separate team that stood in the TVI. In Balikpapan, Fatta became leadernya. He has been three times to get a bonus of $ 10,000 and a pioneer in East Kalimantan. Now, at Aberdeen there are about 100 people who become members.

"Our network is solid. We try to help the member who is under. I do not want to be too forced to find a member, but I see to all members who are under productive, "he said. "Our achievement is, scored 33 members who managed to get a bonus of $ 10,000. I would like to see, which one can network like that, "he said, a little boasting.

But he never said anything about HOW did he earn that $10000, did he? He did so by recruiting about 200+ people into the "boards"! 

Last night, around 15 team members gathered at the 1117 Aberdeen Restaurants Shanghai. They celebrated one of its members who get a bonus of $ 10,000. Members who get the bonuses are Kaltimulia Chainur Diamonds. He became a member since November ago. Diamonds including the first member recruited by Fatta. Later, after the diamond, some other members are also ready to get the bonus.

 "This is Mr. Akin also soon can the bonus," Fatta said, while patting the shoulders of Akin, who sat beside him. Akin is meant by Fatta is Akin Sidartha. "We're seeking to develop the network. But we bring this 1117 team. I strive for is a solid team. Our motto is transparent, honest and give priority to teamwork, "he added. (Qra)

The part about "recruiting" was left until near the end and only mentioned in passing ("first member recruited"). The fact is every one of those people have been recruited, and NOTHING has been sold. Instead, the members BUY things. How do you make money by buying things? You do not! It is a "money game", as it is referred to in Indonesia.
 Entire article is an "attaboy" article, completely self-congratulatory, offers NO useful information (in fact, misleading information) about TVI Express, and because it is printed in a local newspaper, gains automatic "credibility". 

More American Victims of TVI Express Found

The sunset silhouettes a FedEx plane and the B...Image via WikipediaA question posted on Yahoo! Answers left no doubt that TVI Express went after minorities, and was indeed "touching lives"... by ruining them.

What happened to Edwin Natividad, Mayet Briones, and family with TVI EXPRESS?

They say they joined TVI Express January 2009. Toward the end of 2010 they abandonded TVI. I invested thousand of dollars made payable to DDI, Dream Destination International, which is Edwin's corporation name in San Jose, CA, USA. He promised to sign me up but him and his family never did. All I know is that he moved to the Philippines, took the money from a group of seniors and many others that are trying to make an extra buck. He probably collected over half a million dollars cash from us, left us with nothing, fled to the Philippines in promises he will expand the business there. later to find out he abdondons TVI EXPRESS and tries to start his own business which is a copy cat of TVI Express. He calls is PDI, Pacific Destination International. He's scammed so many before with his other business. I believe everything is behind his master mind nobody mistress Mayet (Maria) Briones. How do we fight for justice?

I posted an answer, but it is unlikely to help find the scammers. If you know where are the scammers in Phillipines, I can relay the answers.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rudy Phan makes another lie, about jurisdiction of disputes

Orthographic map of IndonesiaImage via, a website by Indonesian TVI Express distributor "Rudy Phan", continue to post bull**** on his website, adding more and more lies hoping to recruit more participants to make himself rich, even though local businesses, governments, and even the Islamic Council have declared TVI Express a "money game" (i.e. SCAM). Rudy Phan, of course, has a comeback for each and every one of those news of "doom"... Everybody else must be mistaken. Only he can be right.

Just recently he posted a blog entry about how TVI Express is not really subject to Indonesia law.

In the entry "Rules of the Game" he posted that...
"And all disputes governed by the laws of Cyprus and India. Platform or online business systems TVI Express builds upon the laws of Cyprus and India, therefore in case of dispute will be settled in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and India. It's not that Indonesian law does not apply. The problems that occurred in Indonesia and it will be completed nationwide by the laws of Indonesia. However, because businesses are global TVI Express (you can have many members in your network who are in the world), if there are problems that are global as well, then the law is the law used Cyprus and India."
First, is Rudy Phan a lawyer? Does he even explain just WHAT laws apply in cases regarding international disputes? No! He simply issues declarations, but he has no evidence that his declaration is true! 

Second, can he explain just exactly WHAT is considered national or International? No. It's a generic "problems that occur in Indonesia is governed by laws of Indonesia". However, he quickly followed with "because the TVI Express is global, if problems are global then you must use Cyprus and India law". 

But what exactly constitutes a "global problem"? Does he mean problems with other members residing in other countries? Or with TVI Express itself? Or something else entirely? I assure you it is NOT covered anywhere in the blog, and in any case he has NO authority to make such an interpretation at all (neither do I, but then I recognize my ignorance when it comes to law, and Rudy Phan does not!)

Third, Rudy Phan claims that if you register with eBay, you are subject to the laws of California, USA. However, there a couple problems with this comparison. Here's the policy in question:
"By using eBay (including and its related sites, services and tools), you agree to the following terms with eBay Inc. and the general principles for the websites of our subsidiaries and international affiliates. If you reside outside of the United States, you are contracting with one of our international eBay companies: In countries within the European Union, your contract is with eBay Europe S.à r.l.; in all other countries, your contract is with eBay International AG. If you have any questions, please refer to our help section."
Noticed anything? eBay has at least three offices, and it was very clear on WHICH one you are doing business with. If you are in the US, you are doing business with eBay (USA). If you are in E.U, you are doing busienss with eBay Europe, and in other countries, eBay Intl AG. 

So what this really say is if you sue eBay and you're in the US, THEN you are subject to California law. 

If you are in UK, you are subject to BRITISH COURT JURISDICTION, according to  "Any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with this Agreement shall be governed and construed in all respects by the laws of England and Wales. You and eBay both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts." But your contract is still with eBay International AG (based in Switzerland)

Furthermore, Rudy Phan claims that eBay Indonesia makes you subject to laws of Singapore. So TVI Express can make you be subject to laws of Cyprus and India. That is a false comparison.

If you actually click on the website, user agreements, it actually takes you to  (the Singaporean site, which is where eBay has the closest office) 

So this basically proves that Rudy Phan has no f**king clue what he's talking about. If you do business locally, you follow local business laws. You can't just say I do business here but if there's a problem you have to sue me somewhere else.

Furthermore, the bull**** about "disputes subject to India or Cyprus law is just that, bull****.

This is the same sort of bull**** TVI Express distributes claimed in Africa. They claim they have "global license", and local regulators are NOT amused, and it is charged as illegal scams in multiple countries in Africa.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rudy Phan is Back With MORE Ridiculous Explanations For TVI Express Outrageous Behavior

Recently TVI Express is requiring all members to "verify" their account. This was previously reported on this blog as an obvious attempt to deny members of their vouchers and eWallet funds. Turns out, the truth is even MORE insidious than that.

According to's blog, in order to "verify" your account you must upload A COPY OF YOUR GOVERNMENT ID TO TVI EXPRESS. In fact, you are also required to reveal your home address if it is not on your ID. See the screenshot above of the screen.

Frankly, this is such an outrageous violation of privacy I am surprised nobody had complained.

What's even more interesting is that TVI Express' "Privacy Policy" never did mention any thing about collecting ID. In fact, under "how we use personal information", it only says that payment information is protected. it never claimed to protect your PERSONAL information. It did not even promise to securely destroy such proof of ID after your account was verified. In fact, TVI Express can reveal your personal information to your upline as they see fit.

TVI Express is a Direct Sales Company and as such, we may provide personal information as needed to your personal TV Express Independent Associate or Upline Sponsor for orders and Associate enrolments.

Wow, ANOTHER mention that "TVI Express is a Direct Sales Company". Guess Rudy Phan don't care about that! He's still saying TVI Express is NOT Direct Sales / MLM!

So when Rudy Phan tells you to PLEASE verify your account, should you listen when he had previously lied on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS?

What was Rudy Phan's reason on WHY you should verify your account? So your upline don't steal your money! He claims that some uplines are stealing their downlines money. The downlines don't know Internet much, so the upline gets EVERYTHING, and when downline cycles out, the upline just use the information they already know (they typed it in, after all) and cash out all their eWallet!

Apparently this "verification" is supposed to stop this sort of abuse. However, consider this fact: who's going to upload the information? The upline (who knows Internet)! Who's going to do the verification? The upline! So this "verification" does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the "security" situation!

Rudy Phan, of course, want to compare TVI Express to a legitimate business, like Paypal (Indonesia). But TVI Express is NOT a bank. And Paypal IS a bank (it has banking license in Europe AND banking license in 33 out of 50 states in the US) So the comparison is NOT VALID.

So basically TVI Express is forcing you to give up MORE personal information for money you supposedly ALREADY earned, and Rudy Phan says "you really should do it to protect yourself" when in fact, it does NO SUCH THING.

Another lie busted.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bangledeshi MLM Veteran Calls TVI Express a Scam on Newspaper

PYRAMID SCHEMEImage by ALL CHROME via FlickrBangledeshi newspaper "The Daily Star" did a report on illegal scams that disguised themselves as MLMs. Many of them also took on the role of "banks" by storing member's money. And among the scams named: TVI Express.

But a section of unscrupulous gang is cheating people by offering big returns, Hossen claimed.

He points fingers at unipay2u, TVI Express, Visa Ray, Speak Asia, Legend Venture, Unigateway, Goldtrend, Neway and Destiny-2000 Ltd.

Many companies have already folded up, he said.
Government of Bangladesh is working on regulations for the MLM industry. In 2009, an anti-money laundering law was passed, which prevents any non-bank from banking activities. Furthermore, Central Bank of Bangladesh has issued warning against ANY MLM that promise excessive profits.

Which brings up a couple interesting points...

1) TVI Express is already in trouble in Africa, namely, South Africa, Namibia, and Swaziland. It is declared pyramid scheme in South Africa, and was under investigation in Namibia and Swaziland for pyramid scheme and illegal banking. Thus, the chance of it getting into trouble in Bangladesh regarding "banking", should be "very high".

2) Almost 90% of Bangladeshis are Muslims. You think the fact that Indonesian Islamic Council's declaration that TVI Express is a "money game" would have effect on the Bangladeshi Muslims?
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South Africa Knew About TVI Express Scam since May 2010

Security Association of South Africa (SASA) reported the Australians going after TVI Express scam back in May, and warned all to stay away from TVI Express.
If you have or are conducting business with them, you may want to consider visiting the following sites:


Apparently, the word never got out, forcing the government to go after TVI Express in December 2010.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another TVI Express Member in Denial, or Perhaps a Shill?

It is pretty amazing to find someone NOT in Indonesia or Africa still pushing TVI Express, much less lying for it. However, that's exactly what I found... a Mr. Thomas Myers posted an article on homebizknowhow claiming to have some TVI Express "facts". The problem is, he did not cite ANY facts about TVI Express at all.

The article is quite short, only 5 paragraphs long. What's amazing is that in the 5 paragraphs, only one PARTIAL TRUTH was mentioned. Thus, there is no "fact" about TVI Express at all.

The first paragraph said that you need to evaluate opportunity, such as TVI Express, carefully. You don't want to waste the opportunity, but you don't want to jump into a scam either. This paragraph is worthless, as it has no clear message.

The second paragraph attributes "sour grapes" to the critics. This is a dishonest debate tactic: ad hominem attack.

The third paragraph says you should talk to people who's in it to learn about it. The problem with this is people who are in it are obviously fans of the company. If they don't like it, they would have quit, and then they fall into the "sour grapes" category. Thus, this advice is worthless.

The fourth paragraph says since you get a trip for the $250 it's "not a poor deal". However, the guy did no research. The only announced hotels are in or around India. Redemption is a major problem until June 2010 (18 months after company started) which is when they started charging $150 for "taxes and fees". So this "$250 for trip" is a VERY poor deal indeed, because it's TOTALLY FALSE!

The fifth and final paragraph says you should evaluate the opportunity for yourself. Doh!

And finally, he provided a link to another review. But what does THAT review actually say?

Would I Join?

Not personally no.  
Thus, we can conclude that Mr. Myers is a bull****er. 

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Saturday, January 22, 2011 author Rudy Phan calls a liar AGAIN

LIARImage via WikipediaPreviously we have documented that Rudy Phan and his website have lied so many times it's virtually filled with lies. In fact, it had even called, the OFFICIAL website, a liar, by claiming TVI Express is NOT network marketing, and claim he knows TVI Express better than most. Clearly, his understanding does not extend to the website, where it repeatedly referred to TVI Express as MLM or network marketing.

Now he had came up with yet another bull**** lie defaming He claims TVI Expres lied about "no limit income", that income is actually limited. He then cited some bull**** reasons and bull**** math to prove his own case.

Again, I don't read Indonesian, so I am following this through Google Translate.
As for how many IDs that allowed it is not restricted. Because there is no restriction, then potentially, the income can be obtained by a member is also "no limits". But actually, or in fact, the income earned by a member is limited as well.
So what is the limit? 
My point is this: someone who has dozens or even hundreds of ID that is a member TVI Express Business running count by the conventional trade, which means he put the final advantage in a single round of $ 10,000 that he can how. Originally profit "5 to 16 vouchers" (or 13 million to 33.8 million) alone, he will take. So, he did not expect to get $ 10,000 intact.

So his explanation is that because the guy must take some vouchers, he does NOT actually get $10000? Did he just admit that the vouchers are worthless?

But let's skip ahead... he then claims that in order to really succeed in TVI Express, you must have multiple ID's because one ID will only cycle out once or twice, but if you have multiple ID's, EACH will cycle out multiple times, thus you will earn more.
If we hear that a member TVI Express could get "$ 10,000 over and over again, continuously, without stopping", that's true. But, we need to realize that to achieve that "without stopping" were required of a true networker or multi ID a lot.  Do not dream to get a "non-stop" only from 1 ID only.
Did he have any PROOF of this theory? Nope. In fact, this explanation is completely against logic and against the way the TVI Express system is documented to work! 

To cycle out of express board, you need 14 other people to cycle you out.  Each ID is considered separately.
So to cycle out 2 separate IDs, you need 28 people. To cycle 3 ID's  you need 42. And so on and so forth.

So the MORE IDs you have, the MORE difficult it is to cycle out! If you fit ALL your recruits under a single ID you'll cycle faster than if you split them under multiple IDs!

In fact, the only reason to buy multiple ID's is to cycle your UPLINE out faster! That way he doesn't need to recruit so many people!

Think about it... If the business is this easy, why don't you just cycle yourself out? Let's work out the math:

But if you buy 15 memberships, yourself, then 14 downlines, you'd have spent 15*$250, or $3750.

But you only get back $250 in eWallet plus $250 in eVoucher code you can use for ANOTHER membership. So you have LOST $3250.

But your upline will love you. Because you had cycled him out to express board (he's just above you). 

Can you cycle yourself out of the express board too? Nope. You've cycled only 1 ID out to express board. TO cycle out the other 14, you need to spend another 14*3250, or 45500, to get $10000 back.

And again, your upline will love you, because you had cycled HIM out for his $10000 too. And he only had to buy his own $250 membership. 

So you lost $35500. The only way to MAKE money in TVI Express is you convince some OTHER people to join, so you can keep $10000 without spending more than $250. 

So in other words, the math proves that TVI Express is a pyramid scheme: you are getting rich off SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ros Kaspi was more of a plagiarist and thief than I thought

Remember I called Ros Kaspi and her partner a bunch of dimwits who can't even lie properly? A reader named Stefan pointed me to another blog that called out Kaspi as having stolen more images from an office designer!

Instead of stealing his thunder I'll just let you read his entry (which refers back to some of mine)
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rehash: Why TVI Express is NOT a business but a scam

Buy&SellImage via WikipediaEvery business is about adding VALUE to something. The short version is the old adage "buy low sell high".

A restaurant take raw ingredients, cook them, and create dishes which it then sells to customers. Buy low (prep) sell high. It adds value to making the food cooked and edible.

A supermarket selects produce and other products from various vendors, ships them to the market and presents them to customers by giving them convenience by offering everything they need in one place with vast selection and good prices. It buys low and sells (somewhat) higher. It adds value to the merchandise it sells by providing convenience of selection and location.

You get the idea.

Business need labor. They need workers to perform functions. Restaurants need cooks, waiters, dishwashers, busboys, and more. Supermarket needs cashiers, stockers, managers, and so on. But it doesn't change their fundamentals: buy low, sell high.

Even MLMs like Amway Nu Skin, and so on do "buy low sell high". You buy stuff cheap from Amway, and sell them at a profit to other people (who are NOT Amway members). Added value is in having a local rep that essentially sends stuff to your house and visits you to talk about new products and usage tips and whatnot.

TVI Express sells a bunch of empty promises to members for $250, and when there's enough $250 gathered, they pay out a small portion ($10000) to one guy and claim this is a business. What it really is: a pyramid scheme

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TVI Express Lies Around the World: Maori / New Zealand

New Zealand Māori rugby union teamImage via WikipediaA long while back (May 2010) I found some reference on a Maori website about TVI Express. I posted a rebuttal. It's worth revisiting, as they go after a lot of minorities by exploiting their tight-knit community "social network".

Who's the Maori? Maori is a Polynesian island tribe that lives on New Zealand. Minorities usually have tight-knit social circles, and many MLMs (and scams that disguised themselves as MLMs) exploit the social network for their gains.

In this case, the poster claims to want to bring prosperity to all simply by "showing" opportunities, and "share business with". As you can guess, he neglects to mention that he's recruiting people, not to sell ANYTHING.

It generates an income by talking,showing & net-working with People,Whanau,Friends & anyone else you want to share this business with,here in Aotearoa & Over-seas.
The natural reaction with most People is to be cautious,careful, negativity & skepticism,a natural humane response,i can deal with that kai te pai,but at this stage i just want you all to have a look for your-selves and see how it works.

The benefits &  Financial gain it will create for you,far out weighs the one time payment to start you off,is in my opinion over shadows the doubts & Awangawana you might have in seeing how its structured & the belief in the system that it really does work, Whanau helping Whanau & so on,for me i want to get out of this rut im in,i want to be able to not worry about paying my bills,i believe this venture in TVIexpress will help me & my Family achieve all of this,koi na ra mo naia nei,naku noa.
This can be basically summed up as  "it's okay to fear, just look, you want the money, I know you do. Ignore the fear. Join and make me money."

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bangladeshi TVI Express Spammer Yakub is not letting up

He's averaging at least two forums per day, and the message doesn't vary much... Cut and paste.  Here's a PARTIAL list of forums he spammed, just in the last week:

And if you want to go back a bit further, the Google results expands into HUNDREDS (though those would also include his blogs and his websites).

Since TVI Express has an anti-spam policy... Well, supposedly... Hmmm...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rise of the TVI Express Clones

TVI Express was very obviously a pyramid scheme, as it doesn't sell anything, and pays on recruiting. It is barely disguised, and only ignorant fools who are willing to bend the truth, such as Rudy Phan, and greed of people around the world have allowed it to run for more than 2 years.

Many clones have risen ready to attract various members either disillusioned with TVI Express' scam-y nature, or is forced to move to something else, hoping to recoup their losses.

I am NOT saying these are scams, but they are similar enough to TVI Express that you should be VERY VERY careful when you see THEIR names mentioned and you are being recruited.

* Pyxism -- Better Business Bureau profile on Pyxism, A- rating, which is quite good

* Bon Voyage 1000 -- possible compliance issues raised by CitizenCorps
EDIT: Another review by Behindmlm raises more similarities with TVI Express the scam

* DreamStyle Vacations -- okay review from CitizenCorps. However, keep in mind that CitizenCorp gave TVI Express a glowing review, only to retract it months later

* Diamond Holidays -- CitizenCorp says it is probably NOT compliant as it's just as shady as TVI Express

* Sunrise Travel Club -- ALERT STATUS on Citizen Corp, same as TVI Express, probably a scam

* Club Sea Breeze / LGN Prosperity -- CitizenCorp negative review, sounds shady already.
EDIT: The review by BehindMLM shows "some" promise, but possible legal problems as well

* World Ventures -- reviewed by ExpertMLMReview, probably legitimate, needs confirmation

* Royal Cruise Matrix -- negative review from CitizenCorp, "does not offer a real product"

NOTE: I would recommend taking any "positive" review from CitizenCorps with many grains of salt. CitizenCorps gave TVI Express a glowing review in 2009, only to retract it months later. Negative reviews, however, are generally worth reading.

NOTE2: I know I linked to CitizenCorps a lot, but there are few if any legitimate reviews of these places. When you do search online, you mainly find marketing articles by members. 
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unconfirmed Report: Solid Trust Pay killed off TVI Express back in April 2010

Recently I posted a blog entry about how Solid Trust Pay may not be quite as trustworthy as people think it is. Someone commented back claiming to be Solid Trust Pay (impossible to verify, but no particular reason to doubt this)

SolidTrust Pay would like to comment on your post. Firstly, we stopped providing any processing services to TVI as of April, 2009. The reasons for this included extensive credit card fraud and lack of cooperation from them in providing corporation and identity documents for the company owners. SolidTrust has in no way any connection to TVI at this time and will not at any time in the future.
As Solid Trust Pay wasn't added to TVI Express payment methods until December 2009, (and is still there today under its FAQ) clearly the poster meant April 2010, not April 2009.

Food for thought, isn't it?

UPDATE: They wrote back, and confirmed it is indeed April 2010, and they are sorry about the typo. 
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Another South African Did NOT Get the News

Someone from South Africa left me a comment claiming I have "south grapes" and I am not marketing correctly.

andre Manamela (posted on 12-JAN-2011 from IP
you sound very distredess and mixing your issues yourself. dont think i'm a member of tvi. commeds from people like you and being posted on a tvi namesake take like sour grapes. myself as a web server dont need comments such as yours. you are defeating your ow npurpose of marketing the netwkro marketing concerpt. thank you.
Well, I never was "marketing the network marketing concept". I was out busting a scam. It just happens that the scam claims to be network marketing.

If people want to spread my word, that is up to them. Why should I be distressed over it?

And that "sour grapes" comment... another use of dishonest debate tactic: attribute motives to the opponent.
It is right out of the standard TVI Express scam tactics manual: Attack the Critic.

Not to mention TVI Express has been declared "belly up" two weeks ago in South Africa!

Sounds like someone is having denial issues. :D
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who is Adrian Beale and how was he related to TVI Express?

Adrian Beale was once a TVI Express member. On his website,, he had a page about TVI Express called "TVI Express Power Line". However, he has removed the video (from Youtube) AND mostly removed references on his own website except a few entries here and there.

He is now a Bon Voyage 1000 member. However, he definitely was hot about TVI Express. On another fan site, he was quoted as saying:

Congratulations to all my team in Indonesia with the opening of the latest Support Office in Jakarta Indonesia at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place on the 20TH May 2010. The Power Line team stretches to all Four Corners of the Globe and we have access to all the Support Offices from UK (London) India (Bangalore) and Now Jakarta Indonesia. We all look forward to our Next $10,000
There were more references of his "team" from many locations.

The fact that he abandoned his lucrative position in TVI Express and moved onto BV1K should tell you how TVI Express is NOT sustainable (or perhaps, not even legal).

Friday, January 14, 2011

TVI Express Lies from around the World: Here's

Greater Coat of Arms of BelgiumImage via WikipediaThe .be domain is Belgium, and their TVI Express website decided to add a few standard questions beyond what's on TVI Express main website, and it's pretty hilarious. As they basically pointed to black and claim it's white. 

I admit I don't read French, so I will generally comment on the meaning, and not pick on grammar or diction.

The actual FAQ in French is here, and Google translation is here.

1. What is really my business in TVI EXPRESS?

Your goal is simple. You just talk to your entourage ITV EXPRESS concept, its benefits but also its system of remuneration that is winning ....
So I get paid just by talking? Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. I'll jump ahead to one of their other questions, as it's related...

5. What should I do to increase (cycle) in the table (Traveller Board)?

The first thing you need to do is sponsor two (2) people who join ITV Opportunity Express under you. Secondly, you need to encourage and teach those two downline (people you have referred) to sponsor more people and duplicate the process. After these two simple steps you will make money even while you sleep!

And what do you GET when you cycle? You get PAID!

10. What do I receive when I cycle?

This club provides compensation in the form of commissions on the accession of new members, and the benefits they buy at the travel agency. You get the following committees, after exiting the respective tables:
1) You go out in Table 1 (Traveller Board): You receive $ 500 cash ($ 250 + a eVoucher a $ 250 value).
2) You go out in Table 2 (Express Board): You receive 10,000 dollars and re-entry in Table 2 (Express Board).

So you don't get paid for just talking. You get paid by RECRUITING other people. This website is already a liar. But is it legal? They claim it is!

18. By joining TVI EXPRESS, which is exactly the product I receive?

TVI Express is a private-club trips. Membership provides therefore entitled to access, unlimited in time, the travel agency Travel Express, which offers excellent prices on flights, holidays, cruises, car rentals, etc. ....

It is this product that is used to classify TVI Express in the category of network marketing, in full accordance with French and European laws.

Ah, here's an admission that TVI Express is "network marketing". Isn't it interesting that a bunch of TVI Express presidential associates, including Ms. Goernawan in Indonesia, actually told local media that TVI Express is NOT MLM? And what about Rudy Phan claims TVI Express is not only NOT MLM, it is BETTER than MLM, or network marketing?

You can infer two facts: 1) TVI Express allows their members to post bull**** lies anywhere,  and 2) not even the TVI Express members actually understand their system

However, they claim they are fully compliant with E.U laws. WHAT *does* E.U. say about pyramid scheme? It is outlawed under Fair Business Practices: Black List. (Link to PDF file). Here's the relevant excerpt:

pg 20, Chapter 4, "The Black List"

The commercial practices on the Black List are unfair in all circumstances and no case-by-case assessment against other provisions of the Directive is required. The list may only be modified at EU level, by revision of the Directive with the involvement of the European
ParliamentMember States). and the Council (representatives from
Pyramid schemes
“Establishing, operating or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a consumer gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.”

So if you substitute "TVI Express into the definition itself, you get:
Pyramid scheme: establishing, operating, or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a TVI Express distributor gives consideration (pay $250+fees) for the opportunity to receive compensation (the $250+$250, then $10000+whatever) that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme (recruit at least two people, and teach them each to recruit two more), rather than from the sale or consumption of products ("you do not need to sell any products").

Is there anything that doesn't fit? Nope. TVI Express is INDEED a pyramid scheme under European Union law.  Thus, full compliance with law is yet ANOTHER LIE.

Indeed, they compounded it later with yet another Q&A

23. How can I sum up my work for TVI EXPRESS?

Advertising by word of mouth ITV EXPRESS and get only 2 godchildren is the assurance of winning at least double your investment and opening up a premium of $ 10 000.

Or reworded, "Talk about TVI Express, recruit two people, and get a chance to double your investment and get a chance to get up to $10000".

That's a pyramid scheme all right, since it sells nothing and recruits people. Yet they STILL claim they are compliant, because they claim to be selling travel. How do they explain their own FAQ item then?

3. I need to sell?

TVI Express is a unique e-commerce that allows you to build businesses around the world and it sits quietly in front of your computer. You just have to talk ITV EXPRESS and its benefits around.

What's even more hilarious, this question was colored in GRAY instead of black, almost as if they don't want people to really see this question and answer.

And finally, they have to audacity to link to a general internet scam explanation website, that explains various types of Internet scam (Nigerian, fake certified check, fake mystery shopper, Western Union pay, and so on), implying that TVI Express itself is not a scam!

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