Friday, October 8, 2010

More Hilarity: Ros Kaspi blog is "Healthy People and Pet Store"

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Who's Ros Kaspi, you ask? Kaspi is half of the moronic duo who had been publishing increasingly hallucinatory entries about TVI Express, passing on messages from their uplines that made absolutely no sense at all. Some excerpts from past few weeks include

"TVI Express is having a convention in Florida in January 2011!" (except TVI Express has no such announcement, the alleged hotel has no such announcement, and basically NOBODY can confirm this) 

"TVI Express is opening a call center in Florida in 2011 or 2012!"  (they had two separate messages with two separate dates. Besides, call centers for US are usually in CENTRAL timezone)

"TVI Express had just hired a 'barrister of marketing' and my upline talked to him!"  (a "barrister" is a lawyer! What the **** is "lawyer of marketing?")

"TVI Express has hired lawyers to make themselves legal in the US!" (so that means they ADMIT TO BEING ILLEGAL, right? And why is there a message, from an upline, that says "do NOT call the lawyers to verify"?)

NONE of the information they gave above can be verified. All are dogma... It is because their upline said so.

They show every sign of having been indoctrinated into a cult. 

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Stefan said...

Some additional information about Ros (Rosalyn) Kaspi and TVI can be found in a new article that you can find on:

You can read how Ros Kaspi was caught red handed in a nasty matter of copyright infringement!