Friday, July 30, 2010

Scammers want to "help you in this bad economy"

It is amazing at the kind of brainwashing a scam can have on its members (and alleged friends of members), that cause them to stare a scam in the eye, yet still claim
"Anyway in these times here comes a company called TVI who clearly states what you have to do and how you would be compensated, helpss people earn money and helps them to start living life instead of just going through the process of living.  helps them earn more money so that they can give their family and kids a better lifestyle."
-- "maverick", posted in the comments of
So in other words, TVI Express is just "helping" the less fortunate, right? Heck, TVI Express is "touching lives globally". That is their slogan. So look at this quote:
"I just did it [MLM business] to tell a few people about it who really needed help,"
Does this sound like a TVI Express member? Yes?

Except in this case, it's not. It's from Donna Lewis, wife of former CEO of Bank of America, Ken Lewis.  And she was saying nice things about a pyramid scheme called FHTM. FHTM settled a lawsuit from Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, charging it as a "pryamid promotional scheme", and FHTM agreed to pay over $1 million in fines and refunds.

Folks, Donna Lewis is not an illiterate third-world grandma who don't know anything about travel. (though that's the sort of people scammers are going after in China)  Donna Lewis is a college-educated career woman married to one of the highest-placed banking executives in the world. And she fell for the scam, after being recruited by a local TV personality.

And why were they recruited? The scam need to borrow their name, in any form possible. Others whose name were dragged into the mess includes Ken Lewis, her husband, and even NASCAR racing legend Geoff Bodine. (read the article link). Mrs. Lewis had to state on TV that her husband was NEVER involved, but you can still find references to her husband put out by FHTM members on Youtube and elsewhere, borrowing his good name to promote a scam. So is the name of racing legend Geoff Bodine. Apparently someone signed up using his name, and others picked up on that, claiming it is implied endorsement.

Absolutely unethical.

Sort of reminds you about the the Pampered Chef and Warren Buffet business, doesn't it?

And TVI Express does exactly the same thing as FHTM: recruit over selling.

And FHTM is a PROVEN scam.

Reach your own conclusions.
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Just received word: TVI Express "redemption" portal is dead (again)

After the hoopla that it had FINALLY went live (after MONTHS AND MONTHS broken promises, false announcements, and more), it was reported by some that the redemption portal is dead... AGAIN, only weeks after it went live.

Any TVI Express members that are still alive and kicking want to tell me when did it go down? How about when it will go back up?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American TV Station Highlights TVI Express Scam

Better Business Bureau logo.Image via Wikipedia
ABC2 out of Baltimore, Maryland highlighted TVI Express, offered to put their side of story on the tube, got nothing in return.
"..But before you pay the fee and start looking for destinations, Angie Barnett with the Better Business Bureau says beware, "You continue to see telltale signs of concern about this business." The business is TVI Express or Travel Ventures International, a company that's currently recruiting Marylanders to join their team through online presentations sent by emails."
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Friday, July 23, 2010

TVI Express stole ANOTHER image

Previously, we had pointed out that TVI certificate border was stolen. However, they've now stolen something dear to Americans: an image of American president, Barack Obama

This is what TVI Express used for their latest newsletter.

 If above picture is not showing, here's an alternate link:

EDIT: But that's a ripoff of this Alex Ross portrait of "Obamaman" shown below. Just compare the back of hands, and the creases along the sleeves, the creases of the shirts, and the tie. All they did was chop off the belt, the head, and replace the shirt with TVI Express logo.

Same black suit, same tie.

Previously I thought it was a ripoff of the Superman cover below. I was wrong.

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TVI Express ignores rest of the world

In their latest announcement, they are releasing names of more hotels available in India. However, they are out to **** you some more. In their disclaimers, they stated that...
  • TVI Express lied about giving you extra day. No extra day!
  • TVI Express lied about fitting more people into the rooms. 2 only!
  • TVI Express lied about paying $150 extra fee via eVouchers. Direct deposit only!
  • TVI Express lied about redeeming online. Call them in India instead (and be put on hold).
  • You can take LESS vacation if you wish. No refunds though for the portion you don't use!
Clearly, TVI Express don't care about the rest of the world, and remember, this is a company that claims to be headquartered in London, UK. For a British company, they sure put a lot of emphasis for travel in INDIA, and NOWHERE ELSE.

(Yes, I can link directly to TVI Express announcements)

Did TVI Team Oz admit to 'evading' court injunction in public?

TVI Team Oz allegedly communicated with Tarun Trikha of TVI Express (position unknown) and their letter was published on an Indonesia TVI Express website at from which I quote:
"In other words, today was another win for us. They don't get to touch my bank account, they don't get to restrain us from our ewallets, they don't keep us away from our evouchers, they don't get to put anymore "orders" (kitchen's closed, no more orders!).

Now the other side is required to submit their statement of claim in 2 days, so we get to see what they really want. Greg already has the game plan sorted out in response to their next move, so we're on really stable footing here now.

The transcript of the hearing will be available in a couple of days and I will email it to you for your reading pleasure."
This letter contains a lot of problems.
  • If the TVI Team Oz really did prevent ACCC from freezing their funds (the letter is allegedly dated June 2010), then how was ACCC able to seek contempt of court charges in July 2010?
  • Or did TVI Team Oz had ALREADY removed the funds, and thus, there is NOTHING for ACCC lawyers to freeze?
  • Where are the transcripts that TVI Team Oz promised? 
Furthermore, this information is relayed third-hand, from one of TVI Express members in Brunei, NOT from TVI Team Oz directly.

Is it a case of giving good news only, and ignoring the bad? You decide.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

TVI Express: people are losing interest

Search through Alexa's website shows some interesting information about TVI Express

1) TVI Express is losing traffic every month. As of today, 22-JUL-2010, its traffic rank is 10818. If you count the last three month average, its rank is 8288.

Comment: This is compared to 6000's and 7000's just weeks ago. And it is steadily dropping. Which fits as I've documented many TVI Express websites either died or converted to other things.

2) The biggest advertiser for TVI Express on the Internet, according to Alexa is... (drum roll)  TVI Express


Comment: nothing wrong with pumping up awareness for itself, but you'd think that the distributors should be footing the advertising bill. Furthermore, you cannot join TVI Express without finding an upline... And TVI Express has no 'recommend' feature. Even if you found TVI Express online, you can't join directly. So what is the point of even having a website, except generic information that is of limited use, and contradictory?

Latest TVI Express supporter bull****: still claim TVI Express is in London

Map of Uxbridge city, in the Metropolitan Area...Image via Wikipedia
Someone brought to my attention that some TVI Express supporters are STILL claiming TVI Express is based on London, even though their own published address is NOT in London, but in Uxbridge (next to Heathrow) (over 15 miles away).

Their explanation? Wikipedia says Uxbridge is in "Greater London". That's London, they say.

However, this is what Wikipedia actually says:

"Uxbridge (pronounced /'ʌksbrɪdʒ/) is a large suburban town in northwest London, England and the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Hillingdon."
The problem with their claim... is like a company located in Rosemead, CA, but claims to be a Los Angeles company, because both are in "Los Angeles County". (Go look at the map)

Does that sound like a weasel explanation to you? It does to me.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Did ACCC really lose 20 cases straight?

Schematic description of the expasion of the e...Image via Wikipedia
TVI Express supporters claim that ACCC, which charged TVI Team Oz with running a pyramid scheme, had lost 20 cases straight, made it sound as if it is a bungling bureaucracy, the most notable case being against ACN.

As usual, TVI Express supporters cite only part of the truth. Did they mention over how many YEARS are those 20 losses counted? Did not.

"For your knowledge, ACCC has lost all 20 cases in one go. Ours will be 21st." 

Nobody can actually produce the statistic or newspaper report that ACCC had lost 20 lawsuits in a row. It was merely recited as if it is fact, but never proven. I'll gladly eat my words when someone *do* produce that report, but until then, I am wary of anything TVI Express supporters say. Too many of them have lied too many times for me to trust anything they say without actual citings.

You can read ACCC's annual performance report yourself. It is a government agency, and it is required to publish one every year. The most recent report, 2008-2009, is available on their website. On page 35 and on, you'll see the actual performance in that "fiscal year". Here's a summary:
In the year 2008-2009 alone, ACCC had

launched 17 lawsuits, and accepted 5 settlements regarding anti-competitive conduct
launched 4 lawsuits regarding unconscionable conduct
launched 27 lawsuits and accepted 62 settlements regarding consumer protection
launched 2 more lawsuits to force compliance in other areas
plus multiple contempt of court charges against those who violated court injunctions

That is 50 lawsuits that year ALONE. Even if they had lost 20 out of 50, that still leaves them with 30 wins, or 60% win rate, not 0% as TVI Express supporters imply.

The win rate runs into the 90% if you include the settlements.
Who's telling the whole truth? Certainly not TVI Express supporters.

Further research on ACCC turned up a study by Australian Consumer Policy that studied the efforts of ACCC from 1997 to 2002. In those 5 years, investigated 391 different matters. 9 were dropped, insufficient evidence. Of the rest, only 8 were completely lost, and 4 were partially successful.

That means out of 391 matters, 21 were not resolved to ACCC's satisfaction. That's a success rate of 94% from 1997 to 2002. If you count the partials, that number increases to 95%.

ACCC: not the bungling bureaucracy that TVI Express supports want you think it is. 

As for comparison with ACN, it's been discussed in a different place.

TVI Team Oz violated TWO court orders, according to ACCC

From the press release issued by ACCC, TVI Team Oz violated two separate court orders that froze various accounts, AFTER the court order was issued, by emptying the accounts throw multiple transactions from different branches. This is a deliberate act of contempt, and hearing was set for July 14th, 2010. No update as the result of the hearing on these contempt charges.

TVI Express Sydney (Australia) now promotes Pyxism

Yep, some TVI Express people in Australia "saw the writing on the wall" (go look it up) and chose NOT to behave like morons, like TVITeamOz (who tried to empty their bank account AFTER it was frozen by court injunction), and decided to move onto something else instead of doing something illegal!   <-- now promotes Pyxism, says TVI Express is a scam

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TVI Express India desperate for new recruits

Associates of TVI Express in India are so desperate for recruits, they will give you a new mobile phone if you join with 8 more people.

Another country is investigating TVI Express

Tarjikstan (country domain .tj) is reporting that thousands have been duped by a local into joining TVI Express. Local prosecutors are investigating:

July 14th, 16:09 The news was read 144 times
More than 2 thousand people Sogda paid half a million dollars for a frustrated tourist trip

Avesta.Tj | 14.07.2010 | Prosecutors Sughd on suspicion of fraud a criminal case against a resident of Khujand B. Mukhammadieva.

According to the regional prosecutor's office Sogdiana, the investigation revealed that Muhammad officer posing as an international tourist company «TVI Express» in Khujand collecting money from people, promising to organize a cheap trip.

According to a source in the network of alleged fraudster caught about 2 thousand people, each of whom paid Mukhammadieva for $ 270.

"In total, fraudulently Muhammadiev awarded more than $ 500 thousand subsequently created Muhammadiev LLC Tezrav" and of conspiring with the citizens and Kalandarovym Shamsieva fraudulently collected from 400 residents Penjikent 244.5 thousand TJS ", - said the source.

According to him, on the criminal case, conducted a preliminary investigation.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ACCC is taking TeamTVIOz back to court for contempt

TVI Express is in even more trouble in Australia... Their local rep, TeamTVIOz, is summoned back to court. ACCC, the agency that got the court injunction against them, is alleging that TeamTVIOz is violating the court injunction that froze their bank account, and is seeking contempt of court charges, and that *could* include spending time in a real jail cell.

Something to think about:

* Why would they do something this stupid? Contempt of court can include JAIL TIME
* Didn't Tarun Trikha, TVI Express advisory member, as claimed on Indonesia TVI Express website, promised support? (I'll have to check that. It could just be moral support.)
* Didn't they hire attorneys? Didn't the attorneys know better?
* Why would they need to move any funds, except to run?

EDIT: Another newspaper reported that the Perps in Australia emptied their account of $40000 back in late May, AFTER the court injunction.

Due to egregious nature of the perps in defiance of court order, and rumors spreading (probably by TVI Express supporters) that the charges have been dropped, the hearing will be held on August 30, 2010, which is amazingly fast, even for Australia and ACCC. That is correct... CHARGES HAVE NOT BEEN DROPPED. CHARGES ARE CONTINUING, and now will include JAIL TIME.
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"Maverick" decided to join the fray, but who is he really?

DSCN2325 Sunset1 Nariman-Point Bombay 2005 by ...Sunset at Bombay, India, Image via Wikipedia
A person using pseudonym "Maverick" decided to leave me some nasty comment on my hub "TVI Express: an international scam". I am reproducing the comment below in order to analyze it fully.

First, he posted from That traces to an ISP in Bombay, India. We will assume he is from India for now.

Second, the comment is reproduced below. The only change is I am numbering each sentence, so we can analyze them one by one. Keep in mind this is his second message.

what a loser you are ks chang. (1)  in todays time when most people are finding it diffcult to make ends meet because they are being paid so poorly by people 'WHO OWN COMPANIES' (2) ( BY THE WAY YOU HAVENT TOLD ME THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANIES IN YOUR REPLY). (3)  Anyway in these times here comes a company called TVI who clearly states what you have to do and how you would be compensated, helpss people earn money and helps them to start living life instead of just going through the process of living. (4) helps them earn more money so that they can give their family and kids a better lifestyle. (5) SO THE PEOPLE WHO OWN COMPANIES OBVIOUSLY HATE TVI CAUSE FOR THEM ONLT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO EARN MONEY. (6) HOW DARE A COMMON MAN EARN MONEY, CAUSE IF THAT HAPPENS, THEN WHO WILL WORK FOR THESE COMPANY OWNERS?????? (7) KS CHANG, WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES.  NOT THE ONES ON YOUR FACE BUT THE EYES OF YOUR HEART. (8) TRY AND DISTRIBUTE LOVE AND HARMAONY INSTEAD OF HATRED AND JEALOUSY TOWARDS ANYTHING....... (9) BUT ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU IS A SHILL RIGHT.....(10) REMEMBER NOTHING AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT.... (11) BY THE WAY ...YOU ARE GOING TO BE VERY DISSAPPOINTED..... (12) I AINT EVEN A MEMBER OF TVI..... BUT I KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS AND EVER SINCE HE JOINED TVI I HAVENT SEEN HIM AND HIS FAMILY HAPPIER...  (13) AND I AM HAPPY FOR THEM.... (14) IF TVI IS MAKING THE LIVES OF THE COMMON MAN THEN TVI IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN IN TODAYS WORLD..... (15) I HOPE YOU ALSO FIND YOUR HAPPINESS SOON MAN...... (16) 
Okay? So how many facts had he presented to prove TVI Express is not a scam? Absolutely ZERO.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TVI Express: banks alongside Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda?

TVI Express was so eager to explain why they list a Cyprus address as their official address (even though it still claims to be "headquartered in London UK", despite not having any office in London), they have a whole webpage explaining why.

But here's a bit of history you may not have realized about Cyprus...

Did you know that Osama Bin Laden, world's most wanted man, leader of Al Qaeda, funneled money through Cyprus?

"Bin Laden's organization kept bank accounts in Cyprus" -- Cyprus Mail

"South Cyprus -- haven for money laundering en route to EU" --
Bin Laden, Milosovic, and Russian Mafia are just some who had laundered money through Cyprus

"A Tramp Freighter's Money Trail to Osama Bin Laden" -- New York Times
Bin laden's lieutenants setup front companies on Cyprus to own various ships, purpose unknown

The charges are serious enough that UN officially asked the Central Bank of Cyprus to issue some orders to other banks on Cyprus to look for links to Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, and so on.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sikkim India had NOT forgotten about the TVI Express scam...

The commentator in Sikkim India had been warning people about scams, and yes, he specifically mentioned TVI Express THREE TIMES. While TVI Express seems to have left Sikkim India, it is still operating in the rest of the world. Will you continue to be its victim?
"When I expressed my apprehensions about companies like TVI Express, I was threatened over the phone and told to 'stop meddling in their legal activities'. Ultimately TVI Express looted. Then came Gemini Traders. I once again expressed my doubts but no one was willing to listen to the truth..."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More evidence of unethical TVI Express promoters

A quick search of Google shows that people are pirating each other's TVI Express "promotion" blog posts.

First blog post... just posted today, but the wording is so lame, I just randomly pulled out a sentence, and searched it via Google again. The source is dated 2007? This is a time machine then, since TVI Express was launched in 2009. Can you say lame?  There's no doubt the blog post was pirated and plagiarized.

Second blog post according to Google search, brought up this post, but again, wording looks very, strange. So I randomly pulled out this sentence and searched...  And it was indeed stolen off this source. Plagiarized, since it was NOT attributed.

Third blog post is in Malay. I won't bother with that.

Fourth blog post is this one, which again, looks pirated. A search for a random sentence shows that it is indeed pirated from an ezinearticle post dated Jan 2010. What's more, it was pirated by someone in Australia as well.

What conclusion can be draw from that?

FACT: the first three English blog posts in the last week about TVI Express were PIRATED wholesale, and indeed, plagiarized, since the author was NOT acknowledged or cited.

IMPLICATION (opinion): The only reason to pirate a TVI Express promotion blog is to score more recruits. Thus, the content pirates must be TVI Express distributors. Thus, they are not ethical.

FURTHER IMPLICATION: are these folks so uncreative, they have to pirate someone else's words to promote TVI Express?

FURTHER IMPLICATION: What does that say about the quality of TVI Express members?
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