Friday, September 30, 2011

Hilarious: TVI Express holding pool parties as recruitment drive

At least the folks in Serbia use pool parties as recruitment drives. They even posted videos on Youtube.

So what does one of these parties look like? Apparently the guy who took the pictures got too much of himself. Half of the pictures showed only 3-4 people. It's not until late into the night that things picked up.

The funny part is, I can only see ONCE where the TVI Express Logo was shown (it did appear on the big screen).

I guess they are such party animals that they are not really selling the opportunity. :D  See the party for yourself:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alamin from Bangladesh is back with more sorry excuses

Previously, Alamin from Bangladesh admitted to be running a pyramid scheme, did not see anything wrong with it, and have NO reply to ANY of my rebuttals of his assertions claiming that TVI Express is good. Instead of reply with refutations of my explanations, he's back with MORE sorry excuses. Again, my comments will be in red and in brackets.

md. alamin wrote:
[How interesting, not using the Alamin46 ID any more...]
dear friend
[Hi there.]
one thing i forgot to remember u that tvi didn't said that warren buffet has owned this company .. they only said that a expert watch .. please go through the presentation deeply..
[They didn't? Let's pull up the screenshot:]

[While TVI Express didn't outright say so, they sure the heck implied it. Not to mention Warren Buffett is the THIRD richest person in the world!]
[ What's more, I have plenty of proof that PLENTY of TVI Express members wrote articles claiming that Warren Buffett (and Sir Richard Branson) owns or is involved in TVI Express. You really think they invented that lie by themselves? Here are some examples when someone ELSE used the SAME EXCUSE: ] 
again as u r not a member u don't have the members backoffice where the list of hotels are included ..
[ Do you know what a "shrinkwrapped contract" is? It's a form of fraud, where you open this package, where you found this contract inside that says "if you opened this package, you agree to everything in this contract." As you could not have examined the contract, and have a chance to opt out, without opening the package, one must accept the contract BEFORE having a chance to examine the contract. THAT IS ILLEGAL. ]

[ TVI Express, by hiding the actual list of hotels to be "members only", but telling members they can choose from thousands of hotels around the world, has an illegal shrinkwrapped contract. You cannot actually see the list until AFTER you join. Furthermore, the ONLY hotels they actually ANNOUNCED to be available for booking to redeem those 7-day 6-night trips? Less than a hundred, EVER.
Still don't see the relevance? Try this example:
A: TVI Express offers a free 7-day 6-night trips to 100,000 hotels worldwide when you join?
B: Which hotels? 
A: All the ones you would want to go to!
B: Come on, give me some names. 
A: Uh, the list is members only. 
B: So I have to join first THEN I can learn what hotels are available?
A: .... ]
[ Instead of proving TVI Express is legitimate, Alamin, you've actually proven that TVI Express committed fraud. Thanks for your help. ]
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More Scott Crider Zombie TVI Express Spam... this one went through a rewriter

Looking at the fractured English, it's clear this article, which didn't make much sense to start with, went through a rewriter, and emerged as complete gibberish.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombie TVI Express content revived, and was comment spammed by some other scam

What the **** is HaneyLand, and why is he reviving zombie TVI Express content pointing to a domain name that has no website on it, and is currently unregistered?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Almost nonsensical URL, containing spam article about Goenarni Goenawan?

Goenarni Goenawan is the president of PT TVI EXPRESS INDONESIA, an outfit that was just completely outlawed by Indonesia government as a fraud by abusing its license and perform activities that was never licensed (such as direct sales, and community fund raising). This was covered in the other article earlier.

So why would any site put up a Google Translated article of her interview, clearly a cheerleading piece, from a while back, on the SAME DAY?

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NEWSFLASH: Indonesia BKPM considering fraud charges against PT TVI EXPRESS INDONESIA

Last nail in the coffin for TVI Express in Indonesia. "VP" of TVI Express Goenani Goenawan nowhere to be found, not answering phone call or SMS messages!,20110927-358600,id.html

TEMPO Interactive , Jakarta - The government officially revoke the licenses of foreign investment (PMA) belonging to the tourism bureau service company, PT TVI Express. "So the tourism business license (Trading License Travel Bureau) is also not true," said attorney Direct Selling Association of Indonesia (APLI), Ina Rachman, in Jakarta, Wednesday, September 27, 2011. Revocation of permit FDI refers to the Coordinating Board's decision letter Investment numbered 61/C/VIII/PMA/2011 on 24 August. "Revocation done because the business activity does not correspond with the permission of BKPM," said Director of Region II BKPM, Yuliot. According to Ina, BKPM also weighed the decision of the Task Force recommendations Handling Allegations Unlawful Actions in the Field of Community fund raising and investment management. Task Force believes, TVI Express has mismanaged the implementation of investment activities, which do not comply with the license he had. Actually TVI Express only licensed tourism trade in services, such as the sale of hotel and restaurant vouchers. But companies that conduct fundraising activities of the community and run a direct sales activities. Though they have not had a direct selling license. TVI Express Some victims, such as in Aceh and North Sumatra, had complained to police last July. Before, they deposit money to tens of million dollars per member with an appointment get a refund up to three times after three months. But the promise was never kept. APLI even considering to sue TVI participate. mode fraud under the guise of direct sales to make the image of a multi-level marketing people are not trusted anymore. "We willing to defend the good name of MLM, "said Chairman APLI Helmi Attamimi. Director of Inspection and Investigation Agency Investment and Capital Markets Financial Institutions awaiting follow-up particulars abuse BKPM permission TVI Express. "The case has come to our attention. It's already in the handling of Task Force that I lead, "Sardjito said when contacted by Tempo . Until last night, the owner of PT TVI Express, Goenarni Goenawan, not be reached for comment about the revocation of PMA and cases of alleged fraud committed company. The telephone call is not normally active. short messages sent Tempo also has not been reciprocated . EKA Utami APRILIA | BOBBY CHANDRA
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Can you prove $10000 payout by using a stock photo? No!

Yet that is exactly what IndoTVI.Biz claims:

How do I know it's stock photo? Simple: TinEye search engine of course. Here's proof:

Don't trot out a stock photo for your "proof". It only makes you look stupid.

Bangladeshi TVI Express Rep confess to pyramid scheme in public

Following comment appeared in my hub, and my reply will be highlighted in RED. Apparently, this Alamin guy joined Hubpages just to post comments on my hub (3 hours ago, which is just before midnight here on Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

Hi, I am alamin . a member of tvi express .I am from Bangladesh.
I have joined here 17 dec 2010 & have become international diamond & being president .so far Company is giving all the money in right time . 
Good for you. Many other people can't say the same about getting paid. 
i see u have passed a lots of time in proving tvi scam .
Since end of 2009
After reading ur hub i want to know if u r too much sure about tvi scam then why u r not coming in day light . 
Because, again, my identity is not relevant to the issue. My information and analysis stands on their own. I am not using my reputation and expertise to justify my position. 
u r only supplying true information about being scam of tvi .. but u answer me if u r trying to make people careful about tvi then u need to clearify u first . 
Why should I clarify "myself" in order to make people more careful about TVI? What does it add to the argument? 
tvi has launched in 2009& still continuing . 
And this is relevant how? Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme lasted over a decade. Age means nothing. 
it's true that they didn't keep promise in due time but keep though in late . thinkn about opening office in phillipines + south africa .. now they are saying they will open office here (bangladesh ) since feb 2011. & till now they r saying . but they will open in upcoming 2 or 3 weeks . because their work is slow. that does not mean they will not open .. 
I never did say they won't open their office in Bangladesh. I said they would be STUPID to open an office in South Africa after local government already declared it ILLEGAL back in December 2010! Thus either the announcement is bogus, or TVI Express is completely out of touch with reality. Which is more likely?  
as per as other mlm companies in bangladesh did not offer a good compensation plan like tvi ... 
And why is this relevant? 
and as i have said i have broken 8 Eb Boards of my own By only referring 516 people by all team members ....the money i have got from Tvi totally changed my life .though its a pyramid scheme but it has been divided by 7 people so its easy . 
So you admit to participating in a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, and it changed your life. Congratulations, your confession to being a criminal is now public.  
& i also want to say that a lots of members of my team has gone to a lots of hotel & enjoy their hotel packages by giving only the Vat ..
So your people did NOT pay the extra $150USD as per announcement of TVI Express per June 2010? The announcement was very clear that you need to deposit additional funds into a separate 'redemption eWallet', and existing eWallet funds cannot be used. Perhaps TVI Express need to explain why it did not charge you when it says it should. Why ask me? I only quoted from TVI Express announcement. 
So tell me . if i can get all the promises things from Tvi then why sould u say it extra charges. 
Again, it was a TVI Express announcement dated June 2010. If it had been rescinded since, show me the announcement. Your "personal" experience counts somewhat, but unless you find me an official announcement per TVI Express that says "previously announced charges no longer applies" or something similar, I have to assume the charges still exist (or TVI Express is a liar). 
Furthermore, having some promises fulfilled does NOT make TVI Express any less of a pyramid scheme, which you already confessed to. 
a lots of points u have added in u r hub .... if i want to give all answer than it will take a lots of time .. yeah some points are true ,,,,,, but want to say that the sun itself has dark side that does not mean the whole sun is dark ....... 
You, Alamin, failed to recognize that 1) pyramid scheme is fraud, and thus illegal  2) you just confessed to it  3) having additional benefits does NOT excuse the fraud or somehow turn fraud into legitimate business.
Your entire message can be summed up in one sentence: yes, TVI Express is a fraud, but look at the bright side: I got a trip out of it, and so much cash that it changed my life! 
That's not a refutation, but a confession and plea for clemency. 
so friend hope that it will be taken friendly
I am friendly unless people are hostile toward me. Thus far, you have not yet insulted me outright. And your confession to a crime counts for a lot. 
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Monday, September 26, 2011

TVI Express Colombia is lonely... Nobody likes him on Facebook

According to TVI Express Colombia's Facebook wall, the ONLY guy who bothered posting anything on it is another TVI Express person... from across the world (probably Malaysian or Indonesia), and only to spam his own TVI Express signup link. Isn't that sad?

More Desperate Filipino TVI Express Members Defending the Scam

Apparently Filipino TVI Express Members can't lie or invent ****, so they resort to "show your face!" and "you must be bitter / distressed" excuses, or "ad hominem" attacks. Here are more comments posted by such individuals (IP address traces to Philippines)

Defense by "Jane" is logically absurd, and that makes it extremely dangerous. Basically, her statement is that she doesn't CARE if it is a scam or not. She refused to examine the evidence at all, but instead, claim TVI Express helps people achieve financial freedom, and I am stopping a GOOD thing. It's known as "reality inversion", where white is black, and black is white. It usually happen in cults, and it is happening here. And her opposition to me is entirely based on that inverted reality instead of on any sort of logic or fact.

Think about it: If a murderer gave money to charity, does it make him any less guilty of murder? In a pyramid scheme, is it okay to allow the scheme to continue just because it improved the lives of a few people on top, while the rest lose their money? According to Jane's logic, it's YES to both answer.

That is just crazy talk.

Furthermore, it's circular logic. She started from the supposition: TVI Express is good, and all her argument is sourced from that. You can't use an unproven opinion / statement to prove something else. That's just bogus.

I've remarked before that people who believe in scams have lost like 20 IQ points. I meant that in jest, but I am starting to wonder if it's real.
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TVI Express Indonesia on Facebook? Nope, some OTHER venture instead

Apparently whoever registered "TVI Express Indonesia" on Facebook is NOT PT TVI EXPRESS INDONESIA, but some individual who had since decided to move on to some other venture! See for yourself:

This is pretty much proof that "Gladius" is full of ****, as he assumed that "Pacific Royale Airways" on Facebook *must* be registered by the airline itself.

Here's one example that disproves his theory, and the subject is rather... ironic, isn't it?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Suspect scam is compared to TVI Express nowadays

Apparently TVI Express is now synonymous with scam... At least on CitizenCorps.

CitizenCorp is a MLM review website that had once given TVI Express top rating, only to retract it later as the reviewer (unnamed, but probably the website owner Alan Nettles) can't recognize a pyramid scheme when he saw one. But that's not what this is about. He had since used every opportunity to bash TVI Express. Here's another example:

You get the idea... Because TVI Express is the archetype of shady deal.

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"Gladius" seem to be personally offended by my scambusting...

Wonder if he actually works for TVI Express, instead of just being a distributor?

After our previous encounter, he came back multiple times to spam the comments with more TVI Express announcements. Blah blah blah.

There's a bit longer about supposedly ATM cards and whatnot. So I denied it as spam,

 and he's really pissed off now because I won't let him be a TVI Express parrot. Apparently he enjoys doing so, and boasts about it.
Clearly, he wasn't aware that TVI Express had been promising these ATM cards ever since the company got started! It had NEVER materialized. Thus it is a THREE-YEAR LIE. if it comes true now, it'd STILL be a 3-year lie.

In a previous comment he called me "King of Cut and Paste", yet he had cut and paste far more than I did. I just paste URLs. He pastes entire articles. So he's the one who's cut and paste.

But does Gladius care? Nope. He haven't even seen the card yet, or used it, yet he's sure it'll "make me a liar" in a few months.
As this is just an insult, I denied it as spam as well.

Did I ever say TVI Express will NOT have an office in Philippines? I don't recall ever stating so.

Nor does the existence of such an office somehow make TVI Express scam legitimate. There was an office in Indonesia too. BKPM have yanked their license AND their foreign investment permit.

Thus, Gladius' misguided attempt at justification has gone nowhere.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Filipino TVI Express Website already stolen pictures

Some Filipino TVI Express member used the free "YolaSite" to make their TVI Express website. Unfortunately, they don't realize most stuff they put up is made from stolen images!

Here's their site (and problem)

Why do I say picture 1 was stolen? Lets zoom in a little... Here's the picture in question

And here's the Google Image Search:

Yep, it's definitely "borrowed" picture without attribution. What about that other one?

Yep, stolen too.

What a joke, what a joke!

Someone spreading old Donna Abreu Zombie stuff again...

We've previously identified some zombie spam blogs that revived Donna Abreu's stuff... This is a "coach with integrity" that refused to admit TVI Express is a scam. So who's cloning her old blog contents?

Another TVI Express Shill can only cite TVI Express info to "debate" me

A Filipino TVI Express promoter who goes by name "Gladius" (and probably various other names, including "kschangscam", "Ann Verde", and "Abu Sayyef", as they all post from the same IP address or very close to it) tried to "debate" me on Hubpages by posting TVI Express propaganda. When I pointed out those are lies and half-truths, he got offended.

And guess what was Gladius' reply? Tarun Trikha posted it, so it must be true.

(The reply to Ann was in response to her remark that liars goes to hell. Except I'm not the one lying... )

Then Gladius responds by posting under an insulting handle. It's still him because the IP address is nearly the same. And he didn't deny it either. Furthermore, he confirms that all of his information came from Tarun Trikha, or TVI Express. There is NO third-party confirmation. Apparently the idea that Tarun Trikha may be a liar did not even enter his mind. He was completely brainwashed, as his comment proved:

See the assumption? He ASSUMED that the Facebook account for Pacific Royale Airways *must* be legit. But anybody can start anything online nowadays. There's bazillion impersonators, fake profiles, and whatnot out there. Until there's proof, you should not assume anything. Remember, "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". And "Gladius" have "assumed" a lot of things:

1) That Tarun Trikha speaks the truth (reality indicates otherwise)
2) That TVI Express speaks the truth (ditto)
3) TVI Express is legitimate (ditto)
4) Tarun Trikha owns Pacific Royale Airways (ditto)

Any proof that supported those four statements? Came from Tarun Trikha or TVI Express themselves. It's circular logic.

But wait, there's more. Then Gladius claims he didn't really prove anything!

So he did NOT insist that his post was the truth? Did he just admit he lied? And why is demanding that he provide evidence of what he posted "over-reacting"? "Gladius" is now posting gibberish as he has no proper comeback. And yes, it's still Gladius as it's virtually the same IP address. They all belong to the same ISP in the Philippines. Yet, he persists in posting even MORE gibberish, under yet ANOTHER name, but the SAME IP address as before:

This is basically a copy of TVI Express "announcement", and it's clearly bogus, because TVI Express was declared illegal scam by South African authorities back in 2010! So I posted the various links I have to actual South African News Articles. And "Gladius" abandoned the "Abu Sayyaf" alias and posted "continuation" under a different name, proving they are indeed the same person.

But "Gladius" or "Abu Sayyaf", which is probably his real name, claims that this announcement proves that TVI Express is LEGITIMATE! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Of course, I'll have to point out this bogusity...

I then posted a few more links to South Africa news detailing the TVI Express scam and the police investigations.

Most people would have realized they are losing and quit. However, "Gladius" here must be a masochist, because he desperately tries to find ANY sort of evidence to "support" his own side. His answer? A Facebook account allegedly belongs to "TVI Express South Africa". As if that proves ANYTHING!

I had earlier pointed out that if you actually believe every word TVI Express puts out (as I have pretty much conclusively proved that TVI Express posts bull**** based on the articles I linked to), the believers would have lost at least 20 IQ points. Gladius' response? Roughly "Double Dumb*** on you!"  That's really smart dude (sarcasm intended).

My evidence, newspaper articles, and publicly viewable links, AND TVI Express member behavior conclusively proves that TVI Express is a scam, and thus far NO TVI EXPRESS MEMBER HAS YET TO PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.

At the end, they are always reduced to name-calling, such as "why don't you show your face", "sour grapes", "envious", and so on.

And here's promise fulfilled: Gladius, this documented exchange of comments conclusively proves that you are stupid, supporting a scam, and can't argue worth ****.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Gibberish Spam Blogs... Lamb Handler pushing TVI Express?!

A picture here really is worth a thousand words.

NEWSFLASH: Indonesia revoked "Foreign Investment" from PT TVI Express Indonesia

TVI Express's Indonesian "branch office", PT TVI Express Indonesia, tried weasel out of their license suspension back on 03-AUG-2011 by claiming they are really a foreign company with previous approval by BKPM to accept investment from non-Indonesians. Now the decision was handed down by BKPM: the company is illegal, and even that "foreign investment license" is now revoked.  Suara Karya Online reports:  (following auto-translated by Google)

BKPM Will Freeze TVI Express 

Thursday, September 22, 2011
JAKARTA (AFP): The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) immediately freeze TVI Express business activity related to abuse of the business license.Indonesia Democracy Defenders Team (TPDI) welcomes and fully supports the firmness BKPM freezing step towards foreign investment company status (PMA) is.
TPDI Coordinator Peter Celestine, in Jakarta, Wednesday (21 / 9), said the freezing of all business activities of PT TVI Express business license based on the abuse which took effect on August 9, 2011.Previously, the company warned BKPM PMA by mail numbered 39/B.2 / A.9/VI / 2011 dated June 30, 2011.
In this letter, the agency said, TVI Express business activities berskemakan tiered marketing (multi-level marketing / MLM). This does not correspond with the business license issued by the BKPM, the services of travel agents, but similar activities run MLM business. This business is conducted without a license in the direct sales business (SIUPL) of the Investment Coordinating Board as the competent authority, "said Peter, citing a letter by the board. In the warning letter also stated that if the TVI Express did not file a response to a reprimand by the end of July 2011, it will sanctions in the form of revocation of an approval of investment.
To that end, the defense team appealed to people not to do business activity propagated TVI Express. "To the consumer who feels aggrieved by TVI Express, then immediately report it to police so that action can be taken in accordance with applicable laws," said Peter.
Related to the same thing, the defense team, which represents the number of consumers who feel cheated of up to tens of billions of dollars, officials reported TVI Express to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters on Wednesday (21 / 9).
Parties that reported are Goenarni Goenawan, as Director of TVI Express Indonesia and 41 per cent stake holders TVI Express. In addition, Ni Komang Suratiningsih (as holder of 10 percent stake TVI Express) and Tharun Trikha (WN India is also the holder of 49 percent shares of TVI Express) and Head of BKPM Gita Wirjawan.
All four reported that alleged to have committed illegal actions hurt consumers in Indonesia and other MLM companies. TVI Express mode in doing business is to ask the victim to pay Rp 2.6 million to enjoy the facilities of a hotel, discounts, and more.
In fact, the facility was rejected by five-star hotels as promised. In addition, there are consumers who had paid USD 2.6 million, but was not given an official receipt or certificate of membership was promised.
"Businesses globally TVI Express itself has been rejected in Australia, USA, China, and India, because it is considered as a business game of money," said Peter. (Jimmy Radjah)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who is D Etheridge and why was he pushing TVI Express?

It appears that Demetrice Etheridge wants to teach Christian Entrepreneurs... to a bunch of scams.

He only ever calls himself D. Etheridge. Why? Because his first name, Demetrice, is a girl name. Really.

And there's his helpful picture in the background explaining why TVI Express is a pyramid scheme, thanks!

He included a helpful 877 (toll free) number for you to call (my picture got cut off, but here's a full one.

A search on Google for this number shows this guy pushes every scheme that's out there... LGN, Royal Cruise Matrix, plus various bleh tips like "how to use Twitter to find leads" or "how to push a website using Social media".

Right now he's pushing "TakFusion", and he's sponsoring people into this "Unviersity of Internet Science". He gets a cut of course.

But perhaps this is a more telling statistic... Pulling from the TagWalk Twitter inspector...

Last post about TVI Express.. 8 MONTHS ago, in December 2010.

This just conclusively proves that Pinnacle Expressed is a zombie spam blog.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pakistani TVI Express Spammer hits auction sites

What's sad, he's not even spamming TVI Express, but a "feeder" program that feeds TVI Express from Malaysia. He joined just to spam this auction. Funny, eh? KaleemMalik, if that's even your real name... TVI Express is haram, and you'll get in trouble!

Is profile of Samudra Sukardi on LinkedIn a fake?

It is interesting that Samudra Sukardi, who had been named CEO of Pacific Royale Airways, appeared on LinkedIn not too long ago. Why is this important? TVI Express / Tarun Trikha is rumored to own this airline (but each of the alleged "proof" turned out to be a lie or exaggeration and misinterpretation)

This profile of Mr. Samudra Sukardi fits SEVERAL of the warning signs I previously identified as "fake profile".

1) Improperly capitalized name

2) Bad picture, in this case, right person, but MANIPULATED PICTURE. You can tell from the "halo" when you zoom the picture in, that the picture did NOT have a blue background before, but was "flood filled". What was being concealed?

3) No details on education, prior jobs, and so on. See for yourself.

Okay, there is ONE item, about "West Coast University". There is a West Coast University in Los Angeles, CA, but this item is probably copied from the Google Profile of Samudra Sukardi (which is properly spelled, BTW) but no picture. Also note that the Facebook profile is also properly spelled name.

Furthermore, Mr. Samudra Sukardi had worked extensively in the airline industry, as consultant, as head of IT for Garuda, as head of Riau Airlines, and almost got the director general job for Garuda. Somehow none of this was in his LinkedIn Profile.

This profile is very likely a fake created by Tarun Trikha and his V2 compadres. And guess who we found in the "also seen" box? Tarun Trikha and one other person at V2. Admiring their own work, no doubt.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

More Indonesian TVI Express Clarity: Collecting Taxes AFTER license revokation!

Recently, following message appeared on some TVI Express Indonesian website announcements. I'm going to quote a part of it. You can see the whole thing at the end:
Dear TVIites,
 In order to comply with Indonesia's national laws and taxation policies, we have brought some changes in various systems to Members of Indonesia.  The following are the procedures and changes that will be taken in action for Operation Indonesia from 20 September 2011:
 eVoucher (s) can be purchased from our office by paying in cash cards, debit / credit or by depositing money in our Company Bank Account.  For bank transfer, we accept Cash Deposit, Bank Wires, Checks and Demand Drafts.  Cheques and Demand Drafts are subject to the realization and the voucher will be issued by our team of Finance after the funds have been realized in our account.
 Bank Account details as are as follows:
 Bank: BCA (Bank Central Asia), KCP Mal Taman Anggrek in West Jakarta, Indonesia
 Account Name: PT.  TVI EXPRESS
 Account Number: 467 311 9061
Isn't that interesting... A company that had its own SIUP (business license) REVOKED by BKPM back on August 3, 2011 is trying to be complaint with the taxation laws by accepting money OVER A MONTH AFTER REVOCATION!

Maybe BKPM can add "operating without business license" in addition to fraud...

Another Spammer on TVI Express... the "Expressed" series of sites

Spammer registered a ton of domains, and is using it to spam the Internet. Here's one example:

Who is this atxmatt? And what is this number, search of this phone number revealed it is a pretty disposable number, used for maid service, chiropractor, craigslist ad, gifting circle (illegal) and other scams. See for yourself:

If you read some people's comments on you'll see that this number was used by a bunch of scammers out to "mentor" you on "income opportunities". Hah!

It's zombie content, that's what.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Zombie Spam on Spam Blog about TVI Express

Previously, I've highlighted Donna Abreu, former TVI Express pusher, who claims TVI Express is NOT illegal (it is her belief so) and US is "anti-MLM". What's even funnier, she claims to be "coach with integrity". So she removed all but ONE page about TVI Express from her "", and that page is about the shutdown of TVI Express in Georgia last year.

So guess what I found this morning? A spam blog entry pushing her ""!

The two links at the bottom goes to Donna Abreu's blog. What is this platinum club? Just a lot of spam on random articles. What a joke.

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