Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is IBCTravels a new TVI Express?

Reading the complaints forum shows that some Russians are claiming that IBC Travels is run by the same folks behind TVI Express.

I checked "" and I did notice a LOT of inconsistencies and problems.

1) is "registered by proxy", no ownership info available through WHOIS

2) IBCTravels only claims to be registered as a business in Hong Kong as of March 2012, so it's a BRAND NEW business.

3) At the bottom, IBCTravels cites 3 logos: Better Internet Bureau, American Business Awards, and "Pending Member of Direct Selling Association".

a) Better Internet Bureau's listing are impossible to verify, as they don't keep such a list. It's also NOT related in any way, shape, or form to Better Business Bureau. BIB is basically a paid index in Canada. Give them this money to appear in their index. Search of BIB's website shows NO MENTION of IBC (or TVI Express, for that matter).

b) What the heck is American Business Awards logo / button doing on a FRESH HONG KONG travel website? I've written ABA for clarification.

c) Searching through DSA website shows NO SUCH THING as pending member. I've written DSA for clarification.

4) have an "advisory board"... just like TVI Express.

5) The rest of the website is completely empty, with a lot of stuff that just says "coming soon".

What a joke.

Monday, April 9, 2012

South African claims "president" in TVI Express Scam

I think he meant "presidential" rank, which means he had recruited THOUSANDS into his downline. And yes, this was captured fresh.

TVI Express still in news in China... sort of

It was as an example of the scams busted in the city:

(use Google translate)

The last paragraph has very good advice though, and Google translate is bad, so here's my translation:

The Bureau of Public Safety gives you three tips to spot an illegal pyramid scheme:
  1. Does this "business" emphasize recruiting, and pay you based on number of recruits you found?
  2. Are you required to pay for a "starter kit" to join, or you just join to buy anything? 
  3. Is Compensation calculated "by team"? 
If your opportunity has all three elements, it may very well be an illegal pyramid scheme. Report it to your local Public Safety Bureau to ensure prompt investigation. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Clone TVI Express for less than $1500 USD

Just offer the project on Freelancers and you'll get bids

A modern day TVI Express weasel...

TVI Express Weasels exists, even today, after it's been declared illegal on three continents. An article just published on Empower merely a few days ago (March 28) states that the author don't know if TVI Express is legal or not. Clearly, the article was either ghost written by people doing no research, or by "spinning" an existing article. here's the offender:

Instead of analyzing whether TVI Express is a scam or not, he just wants to market to you his own company / scheme / system.