Saturday, April 30, 2011

More TVI Express funny testimonials

Following is on TVI Express testimonials page:

So where is Mr. Scott Phares now? If you do a search for his name online, you'll see that he's quite active on EzineArticles, a content farm. And that's the same picture alright. We've found our guy. However, if you look at his profile (all the way at the bottom), you can see that his website says:  which is... Global Resorts, not TVI.

Furthermore, if you look at his article list, you will not find a SINGLE mention of TVI Express at all.

And if you go to his blog, you'll find that he had completely changed his appearance. He had grown longer hair and a beard. AND there's not a single word about TVI Express on his website.

Enough to say that this is one guy who left TVI Express behind. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Read's thread on TVI Express, even defenders abandoned the topic

Here are some choice excerpts from the forum:

I joined up, stupidly enough, and I can't find a single hotel in South Africa that's got any connection with TVI. And they told me I could go on a holiday anywhere.
I myself have reported TVI to the FTC. It is in fact an illegal pyramid according to US laws. Because it really has no product.They go to great lengths to make you think that you can redeem your voucher for a vacation, but in fact you cannot. I know I tried. Once you get to the booking portal you will find they want you to pay More Money. Clever Scam And if they were in the USA they would have been shut down by Now and people would be in jail. They only exist in Cyberspace and are constantly moving around. There is no Home Office.
There is no product dave. There is only the promise of a product. How long will u wait to get ur vacation? Can u find anyone that has taken a vacation with a TVI pacakge? The answer is no. Everyone is well aware of this lack of product yet people still push and defend TVI. I know plenty of people that have maken 30K with TVI and they too agree this is a bull shit company. At this point in time ANYONE who would push TVI is a CROOK! BTW who is the owner and why is it that they don't answer the phone or emails. They certainly have made enough money to have proper support setup.

Not saying these are 100% reliable testimonials, but they certainly balance out the flood of "TVI is Great!" blind endorsements.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Official News From China: TVI Express is illegal, member arrested

Read this link through Google Translate yourself... and note the URL:

NOTE: this is the official Department of Industry and Commerce, department of Zhejiang, China. The banner is a Flash banner so the screen capture can't see it.

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Another Indonesian Newspaper Covers TVI Express Scam

BeritaSore reports that the "Money Game" cheated Aceh people out of a lot of money

But what's interesting is apparently nobody believes that the local Islamic council had declared a fatwa on this cheating scam back in December 2010!

Yet its "distributors" continue to claim "we have national license, we can do business wherever we like", even though it had been outlawed locally on Aceh, Indonesia.

Guess they really need to see people put in jail to believe, and may be not even then.

EDIT: A similar report worded "TVI Express Deceived Members" can be found here:

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hungarian TV2 report on TVI Express Scam

Here's the full video... I don't speak Hungarian, but even watching the video you will see that local TVI Express reps claimed Bill Clinton endorsed TVI Express and all that.|en&u=

Indonesia: TVI Express gave money to poor, but not to members

SerambiNew reported that members have not seen a penny of their money after EIGHT MONTHS in TVI Express.  (Use Google Translate, or read screenshot below)

When these members are certainly not seeing any money, and are not seeing any refunds either, TVI Express was reported elsewhere giving money to charity. They even have photo of Tarun Trikha and Goernani Goernawan accepting flowers and whatnot.

Clearly, TVI Express regards its own members as less deserving of company money than outsiders.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogger in Spain found TVI Express to be a scammy Cycler

"All such scheme collapses"|en&u=

TVI Express is indeed a scam in India, and other developements

KanglaOnline mentions TVI (Express) as an example of pyramid schemes in India:

But what's really interesting is another article on the same site: Guerilla Group Vows Justice on Scammers

KCP (MC) is "Kangleipak Communist Party (Military Council)", an insurgent group in India that  carries out bombings and such against the establishment, and apparently against scammers who prey upon the weak. 
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TVI Express announced partnership with ex-pyramid member

TVI Express just announced a website "" as some sort of marketing partnership.

However,, according to WhoIS records, is powered by is headed by... Derek Brent, who used to own

And guess who's RezConnect? Part of YTB / Zamzuu, a pyramid scheme sued by Attorney Generals of California and Illinois.

In other words, TVI Express, proven pyramid scheme, just announced that they are partnering with an ex-pyramid scheme member.

And you still think this company is legitimate?!?!?!

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Tarun Trikha on Twitter... Hmmm...

Guess whose name just popped up on Twitter? None other than our "Madoff of India", Tarun Trikha

Ah, but here he doesn't claim to be Chairman and CEO of TVI Express, but of this "V2 Group".

However, this V2 Group claims to be a "business conglomerate". Sounds like a couple shell companies, doesn't it? He even claims that V2 Group will launch a booking website with TVI as "marketing partner".

Photo matches, and Mr. Trikha even follows "TVIupdates". So what does his tweets actually cover?

Earliest tweet in timeline is... March  2011, a month ago. Oh, come on... Don't tell me that Tarun Trikha, who claims to be Internet Marketing Specialist, didn't get on Twitter until March 2011? What utter bull****.

Most of the tweets are pat-own-back type stuff like "heading off the Dubai!" "heading back to India!" and so on. In other words, he's spending money on trips to promote a scam that is condemned around the world, and congratulating himself.

He follows his own "V2Group" and "TVIUpdates", that's understandable. But why NameCheap and Jayriz? is a blank website, just says "moving in soon". Clearly, this "conglomerate" is a mere shell.

Namecheap is a domain registrar, which should have nothing to do with TVI Express at all, unless Mr. Trikha himself wants to spam the net with more domains promoting TVI Express or an upcoming scam. EDIT: Turns out NameCheap also has a service called WhoISGuard, which hides WhoIS information for scammers such as Tarun Trikha, who don't want his name associated with the scam. However, if Tarun Trikha doesn't want his name associated with V2Global, why would he claim he is the CEO?

So who is JayRiz? She's apparently another one of those motivational coaches, whose real name is Clarissa Calingasan. According to her blog (linked via Twitter profile), she is clearly NOT an avid blogger since there's exactly ONE entry in it, and it's only a poem dated 2008!

And according to one tweet from her, she apparently wants to join Tarun Trikha to motivate more people in Philippines.

So what's Clarissa's claim to fame? She claims to be a business partner of Bob Proctor, who's linked to the movie "The Secret". What does that actually mean? It means she paid to join "LifeSuccess Consultants", which is summarized by this bitmap from their website:

LifeSuccess Consultants: We can show you how to earn tens of thousands of dollars as a Certified LifeSuccess Consultant -- cited from

In other words, pay Bob Proctor (who is a good speaker and motivator, if you dig that stuff) for some training, and you too can be like Bob! Does that mean she can call herself a "business partner" with Bob Proctor? That would be kinda stretching it. 

No problem using power of motivation to promote a GOOD cause. But to promote and motivate for a known scammer and leader of a scam condemned around the world? That's apparently power of the dark side. 
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More Indonesians Doubt the Sincerity of TVI Express

Pohuwato Forum was not very impressed by the sleazy recruiting of all his relatives.

(use Google translate)

This should not be surprising because TVI Express is one of the very few businesses that had a "fatwa" (Islamic decree) against it for being a "money game".|en&u=
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NEWSFLASH: South African Authorities Hire Forensic Accountants to Trace TVI Express Scam Money

New Age News Reports  ( )

Apr 26 2011 6:46AM

Chris Hlongwa

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) has broadened the net beyond KZN and the Eastern Cape in its investigations into the Travel Ventures International Express (TVI Express) “pyramid scheme”.

The Sarb probe initially focusing on the two provinces, has gained momentum with the appointment of well-known law firm Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys to lead the investigation.

TVI Express is a get-rich-quick scheme that promises to make people instant millionaires. But in its recent meetings, many investors complained of losing large amounts they had invested, including pensions and money borrowed from banks.

High profile showbiz personalities in KZN have been seen doing public presentations to promote the scheme, including using radio stations. These personalities include Alex Mthiyane, a popular DJ of Igagasi 99.5 FM radio station and presenter for the same station, Siya Mhlongo.

But investigators have discovered that the scheme is also operating in Johannesburg.

“It is not confined to one province. It seems we just scratched the surface. It is also here,” said a source in Johannesburg.

The New Age has also learnt that the legal firm has in turn mandated forensic investigators Thabani Zulu & Co Forensic Accounting Services, to assist them.

Thabani Zulu & Co were instrumental in bringing over 4000 charges against Goodman Goqo, the owner of Ingede Mineral Holdings, for the alleged theft of R73 million of investors’ funds. The trial is pending.

Explaining the involvement of forensic firm Thabani Zulu & Co, its senior manager, Lourens du Plessis, said: “In essence we are mandated to investigate TVI Express and related entities to determine whether they were acting in contravention of the Banks Act of 1990 (Act 94 of 1990).”

Du Plessis added: “We have also set up an e-mail facility as well as a telephonic number which people can contact to provide any information.”

The details are and 0800 677 772. The investigators will soon be placing advertisements calling on affected investors and those with information to come forward.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

TVI Express owned by Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson... NOT!

Yet that's what a LOT of people believed...  Including this guy in Spain.
The company is called TVI Express and the owners of this mega project is the billionaire investor Warren Buffet and Richard Branson owner of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Records.|en&u=
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Some folks in South Africa STILL haven't read the news... TVI Express is ILLEGAL!

Found a Guesthouse / B&B called "Amper Bo" in Pretoria South Africa that advertises TVI Express at the bottom of every webpage!

The B&B looks legitimate, so why did it associate itself with a complete scam? What's so funny, it even copied the words "hassle-free legitimate business"!  I'd hardly call being hauled away in hand-cuffs "hassle-free legitimate".  (See related articles below for news of the arrests in South Africa )

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

TVI Express is NOT trusted in Mexico

At least, not by Yahoo! Answers members in Mexico|en&u=

More Pathetic TVI Express member attempt at SEO

Look at the following TVI Express website:

Well, there's no doubt that it's a TVI Express website. So what is it doing spamming allergy and asthma? That become's clear when you look at the blog archives:

Apparently this "power board guy" is into spamming all the health related bull**** too. But who is this guy? Turns out this is Jeffery Allan Souza, whose LiveJournal profile can be found here (same profile pix)

However, of the stuff linked... The website, just forwards back to a generic page at CBMALL with some search engine results.  And the Yahoo! Pulse profile is hidden or does not exist.

Furthermore, searching Mr. Souza's name shows that he had dumped TVI Express and is in Club Seabreeze. In fact, he appears to have co-founded Club Seabreeze with a few other guys. However, he STILL have "TVI Express is great" articles out there )

See the Google Search Results on His Name:

Clearly, he's still trying to sell everything under the sun. Enhanced by Zemanta

Friday, April 22, 2011

Secrets of Attraction Relies on Cut and Paste Zombie Content

Gee, guess it's attracting scams instead of fortune, as the author's too lazy to "attract" some good articles, but instead is just copypasta Free Online Articles, which is old and ZOMBIE content!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kas Pedersen is a Weasel Coach Who Argues with NO FACTS

Kas Pedersen posts some sort of website where he claims to teach you about "legit network marketing companies", and one of them according to him, is "TVI Express".

What's really interesting is he does exactly what he accuses the others are doing: keyword spamming
"By now “TVI Express scam” is a search term getting pretty ok traffic, and that’s why website owners will post articles with TVI Express scam in their titles, not to harm the company but simply to get their website to rank better in the search engines."
Gee, what's that in your title? "TVI Express Scam -- it is possible to make money with TVI Express"  WEASEL!  A two-face weasel! Trying to play BOTH SIDES! 

Then he claims TVI Express is not a scam. Based on what? His own opinion. 
I been in network marketing for more than 8 years by now and know what I am talking about. I have seen MLM companies come and go, but TVI Express is here to stay for a long time to come.
Did he mention that TVI Express is DEAD in China, US, Australia, and most of Africa? Nope. Did he mention that TVI Express is accused of fraud in a dozen countries? Nope. 
The TVI Express Scam accusations are generated by lazy folks who just don’t understand what network marketing is all about. Are going to find out??
He just dismissed everybody's argument by lumping them with the excuse "they don't understand us". 

He's the real scammer. 

I tried to post a comment on his website and his comment button doesn't work. That's how much of a weasel he really is. 
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Irrelevant Defense of TVI Express

Someone else decides to post a 'defense' of TVI Express one of my hubs about TVI Express Scam:

Comment was reproduced below (my comments are in RED)

Notice that the URL goes to  which is not even the right URL!  This guy can't even spell!
Hi, brother don't abuse tvi express. we all are really earning a lot of money through tvi express business. i started this business 14 months ago. my direct sign-ups were 9. and now my genealogy is in auto mod and im earning 10k dollars every week and also a lot of residual income. 
And how does this prove it's legitimate? It doesn't. Notice he only talked about recruiting, not about SELLING anything. What sort of business sells nothing? 
i feel instead of talking negative abt such a great opportunity, you must join tviexpress and grab the success asap. here in my city there are not a lot of ppl in tvi, but because of the global signups of tvi, im also earning automatically :). 
Still no explanation on why the business is legitimate, just that it makes money... By recruiting people NOT in the US. NOT BY SELLING ANYTHING. 
i feel so great that my life has changed so rapidly. now i also purchased the stuffs which i used to think ill never be able to buy. there are negative points to talk about tviexpress, but same goes with the top worlds network companys. 
The "top worlds network companys" (sic) are not getting shut down all over the world like TVI Express. TVI Express is already dead in China, Australia, various countries in Europe and Asia.... The list goes on and on. Those are facts, not merely insults. 
i dont care about 10 people talking shit about the company and me, cuz i know im financially much more stable now then they can just dream of.
If he "dont care about 10 people talking shit", why did he post a comment defending TVI Express? Talk about schizophrenia! 
And did I ever talk **** about him? No. I don't even know who he is, until he posted the comment. 
This guy is basically saying "I made money so I don't care if it's a scam."  And he felt so involved in TVI Express, he decided that any "insult" against TVI Express is against him personally. That's a symptom of paranoia. 

Amazing, isn't it? Two different psychological disorders in a single sentence!
IP Address traces to a company in Texas, but it's likely hacked. That ain't even American English. 
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RELATED: YTB / Zamzuu about to go under, settled lawsuit

Your Travel Biz, i.e. YTB, was a pyramid scheme that actually predates TVI Express. Unlike TVI Express, it actually tries to sell things by making the individual associates BUY an online travel biz in order to really sell travel. However, it paid out too much for recruiting, and first California then Illinois sued it (and other states as well) as a pyramid scheme. This was when Jerry Brown was still attorney general of California (now he's governor.)

It reorganized and renamed itself into Zamzuu. However, its troubles did not end. Now, Zamzuu finally settled with Illinois Attorney General, and may be soon out of business.

Zamzuu at least APPEAR to be trying to be legit (and failing). TVI Express, on the other hand... is a scam through and through.
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Consumer New Namibia explains why TVI Express is a pyramid scheme

Schematic description of the expasion of the e...Image via WikipediaConsumer News of Namibia made its own inquiries and interviewed Bank of Namibia's spokesperson regarding the TVI Express issue. Here's their opinion:
After days of investigating, we have found that TVI Express is indeed a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an illegal practice characterised by a few individuals at the top of the structure who entice others to participate in the scheme by paying a stipulated fee. In turn, these participants recruit others who all pay a fee to join. The primary distinction of a pyramid scheme is that there are no physical products or real services being made. The only sales are when new members pay the said fee. Given that the only real sales of TVI are the recruitment fees we found this to be a classic pyramid scheme. 
It was very nice of them to cite one of my articles. Thank you, Consumer News.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

TVI Express continues to lie about Solid Trust Pay connection

TVI Express still claims to accept Solid Trust Pay on their FAQ (retrieved 17-APR-2011)

However, Solid Trust Pay themselves have stated on this very blog that they cut all ties with TVI Express a WHOLE YEAR ago.

Clearly, TVI Express cannot be trusted to give accurate information on their website.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

TVI Express: the only scam that employed hackers to attack critics

Sky News: Twitter down after a 'malicious' cyb...Image by captsolo via FlickrDidn't know about that, did you? Ted Nuyten, who has a website called "" in Netherlands, published an expose on TVI Express, and listed EVERY single leader, presidential associate, and EVERY person that had been publicly identified with TVI Express. Even photos for the members, if those were publically available.

You can imagine the firestorm that ignited. A TON of members jumped on the forum denying TVI Express is a scam. Some claimed they had quit TVI Express already and PLEASE take them name off.

Then the site went down. It was DDOS-hacked. It was so professional and lasting the hosting company tried all sorts of things to filter it, and it's not helping. And it's also affecting all the OTHER sites on the hosting company, since the server is shared with other sites.

In fact, here's the news reported:

Finally the ISP begged Nuyten to delete the truth about TVI Express, and with little choice, Ted Nuyten gave in. The DDOS stopped, and now you can't find a word about TVI Express on that website, positive or negative.

But the truth will not die, and TVI Express is forever known as one of the first cyber-scams to employ cyber-warfare on its critics.
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Some South Africans Realized TVI Express Scam LONG before current victims...

On "The Forum South Africa" (TFSA), in the MLM subsection, TVI Express was discussed AND dismissed in September 2010 as a scam.

Clearly, this analysis was dismissed by all the OTHER people who were later victimized, that triggered Ministry of Trade and Industry investigation in December 2010.

There is one significant factor: all of these guys appears to be WHITE South Africans (at least their profile photo seem to be white guys).

All of the victims (and perps arrested) seem to be black South Africans.

I know I am generalizing, but there are not enough data points to make a clear determination yet. I'll just say it appears to be a trend, not yet confirmed.

Is education a factor? Are black South Africans more gullible and pick up on scams already dismissed by white South Africans?

Clearly, race is not an issue if WHITE South Africans already dismissed TVI Express as a scam.

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Even MORE details on TVI Express Arrests in South Africa

8-ball pyramid scheme model.Image via Wikipedia
From Limpopo Informant, South Africa news, dated April 12, 2011
Three people, allegedly running an illegal pyramid scheme, were caught by surprise when  police raided their business premises in Landdros Maré Street on Thursday. 
The owners, a husband and wife and their business partner, were charged with money laundering, running a pyramid scheme and conducting a financial business without a licence.About 10 clients were in discussion with the business owners when the police entered the premises. 
One of the clients, who wished to remain anonymous, said she invested about R21 000 and didn’t want to believe she was possibly part of a scam.

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TVI Express Indonesia seeking funny awards AGAIN

PT TVI Express Indonesia must be REALLY desperate for any sort of positive news... In February 2011 they claimed to have won some award that NOBODY has heard of outside of Indonesia. Now, they claim that the local leader, Goernami Goernawan, was a "finalist" in something about local inspiring woman. Following is a paragraph through Google Auto-Translate:

Oh, GG is now "Vice President of TVI Express", eh? I thought she is PRESIDENT of PT TVI Express Indonesia? When did she get a position in the mother company?

Or is this article just full of bull****?

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More TVI Express Zombie Content warmed over on Twitter

The following URL just got revived on Twitter

However the article linked to is dated December 2009, completely out of date in 2011. Furthermore, cursory inspection of the article shows that the author only glanced and mentioned TVI Express in passing, giving NO review to the credibility or legitimacy of the operation. All she's interested in is to "train you" (for a fee).

Furthermore, what the heck is "Tweet Old Post"? Is she reviving her OWN zombie content, as it's clearly NOT a reTweet (RT)?

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TVI Express Videos on...

Google search results don't lie:

So does that mean TVI Express is indeed a conspiracy?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old News: TVI Express was sued and banned in Australia since May 2010

If TVI Express was charged as a pyramid scheme in Australia, what are the chances it is legal anywhere else? Hmmm?

This leads it to be banned in almost all real professional MLM communities.

TVI Express must be getting desperate. Recently there were a resurgence of "rebuttals" where they repeat a few of the 13 excuses, such as:

* you're just being negative

Oh, really? Reporting FACTS is negative? Why don't you try to disprove the facts? Any body?

* you must be a failure to be envious of our success

And how is that related to TVI Express being a scam?

* you just don't understand us

So explain it to me, refute the stuff I presented with VERIFIABLE INFORMATION.

So far, nada. There's a few people who tried to claim they went on a certain trip, which somehow proves that EVERYTHING I said was false. Nice try, moron.

Explain why TVI Express stole bazillion pictures? Nope. Not a thing.
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Hungarian Forums Laughs at Gullible TVI Express Victims/Fans

Read it yourself through Google Translate|en&u=

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TVI Express made the "daily pyramid" at Linkvaark

Linkvaark goes after the fake marketers, and names one pyramid scheme a week worth highlighting. This week, it's TVI Express!
"Yet another in a long line of travel web site scams, TVI Express went global from the start. Although they claim their HQ is in London, some have traced their actual origins to India, which would make TVI the first truly international scam LinkVaark has investigated."

TVI Express "community" in Hungary is a ghost town

No leader available, but all the evidence of the crime, including "first $10000 winner" is still there|en&u=

More Details of South Africa Crackdown on TVI Express Scam

Irvin Shirindzi lead away by police
after being arrested for running
TVI Express pyramid scheme
 in Limpopo South Africa
(photo from
Observer of South Africa reported that the husband and wife swindler team hawking TVI Express to members was interrupted by police investigators, and the perps were lead away in handcuffs (yes, there's a photo). Unfortunately, they posted a minimal bail (3000 Rands) when it costs 21600 Rands to join TVI Express.
Business owners and married couple, Mr Irvin Shirindzi (28) and his wife Glenda (25) were released on R3 000 bail each following a brief appearance on charges of money laundering in the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court on Monday.Their appearance follows after their business, known as TVI Express was raided by the Police last Thursday following a joint investigation by the Hawks, Limpopo Organised Crime, Limpopo Crime Intelligence and Limpopo Commercial Unit.
TVI Express is seemingly marketing a scheme to clients that has already been declared a pyramid scheme and illegal in South Africa. According to media reports, TVI withdrew from the country as of 1 January.
There are also media reports from other countries including the United States of America, United Kingdom, India and Australia regarding what has been labelled a scam.
It all boils down to people having to pay money to so-called make money and many people have allegedly been deceived by TVI Express’ "end poverty, come join us" slogan. To be a member one must pay an amount of R2 500. 
With the arrival of the Police at the business premises last week, Shirindzi was prevented from giving a presentation to his old and new clients on how the business operates and also what they will benefit if they recruit more than 15 members.

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Newsflash: More South African victims of TVI Express revealed

New Age News of South Africa asked many of the victims to come forward, and many did. Some were drawn in by "secretary of the mayor", while others blame the local radio station for pushing the scam.
People ruined by rampant pyramid schemes in KwaZulu-Natal are generally reluctant to come out in the open after they have lost money trying to get rich quickly. The shame of having been naïve and being taken for a ride is what keeps many victims suffering in silence. But as the number of swindled victims grows, some people are no longer shy to speak out. Like Gugu Ntuli, a mother of two from Greytown, who four months ago lost R64000 in the talk-of-the-town Travel Venture International Express (TVI Express). She said she was coerced into investing money and told to “relax, the money will start rolling in”.
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