Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RELATED: YTB / Zamzuu about to go under, settled lawsuit

Your Travel Biz, i.e. YTB, was a pyramid scheme that actually predates TVI Express. Unlike TVI Express, it actually tries to sell things by making the individual associates BUY an online travel biz in order to really sell travel. However, it paid out too much for recruiting, and first California then Illinois sued it (and other states as well) as a pyramid scheme. This was when Jerry Brown was still attorney general of California (now he's governor.)

It reorganized and renamed itself into Zamzuu. However, its troubles did not end. Now, Zamzuu finally settled with Illinois Attorney General, and may be soon out of business.

Zamzuu at least APPEAR to be trying to be legit (and failing). TVI Express, on the other hand... is a scam through and through.

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