Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Irrelevant Defense of TVI Express

Someone else decides to post a 'defense' of TVI Express one of my hubs about TVI Express Scam:

Comment was reproduced below (my comments are in RED)

Notice that the URL goes to  which is not even the right URL!  This guy can't even spell!
Hi, brother don't abuse tvi express. we all are really earning a lot of money through tvi express business. i started this business 14 months ago. my direct sign-ups were 9. and now my genealogy is in auto mod and im earning 10k dollars every week and also a lot of residual income. 
And how does this prove it's legitimate? It doesn't. Notice he only talked about recruiting, not about SELLING anything. What sort of business sells nothing? 
i feel instead of talking negative abt such a great opportunity, you must join tviexpress and grab the success asap. here in my city there are not a lot of ppl in tvi, but because of the global signups of tvi, im also earning automatically :). 
Still no explanation on why the business is legitimate, just that it makes money... By recruiting people NOT in the US. NOT BY SELLING ANYTHING. 
i feel so great that my life has changed so rapidly. now i also purchased the stuffs which i used to think ill never be able to buy. there are negative points to talk about tviexpress, but same goes with the top worlds network companys. 
The "top worlds network companys" (sic) are not getting shut down all over the world like TVI Express. TVI Express is already dead in China, Australia, various countries in Europe and Asia.... The list goes on and on. Those are facts, not merely insults. 
i dont care about 10 people talking shit about the company and me, cuz i know im financially much more stable now then they can just dream of.
If he "dont care about 10 people talking shit", why did he post a comment defending TVI Express? Talk about schizophrenia! 
And did I ever talk **** about him? No. I don't even know who he is, until he posted the comment. 
This guy is basically saying "I made money so I don't care if it's a scam."  And he felt so involved in TVI Express, he decided that any "insult" against TVI Express is against him personally. That's a symptom of paranoia. 

Amazing, isn't it? Two different psychological disorders in a single sentence!
IP Address traces to a company in Texas, but it's likely hacked. That ain't even American English. 
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