Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Pathetic TVI Express member attempt at SEO

Look at the following TVI Express website:

Well, there's no doubt that it's a TVI Express website. So what is it doing spamming allergy and asthma? That become's clear when you look at the blog archives:

Apparently this "power board guy" is into spamming all the health related bull**** too. But who is this guy? Turns out this is Jeffery Allan Souza, whose LiveJournal profile can be found here (same profile pix)

However, of the stuff linked... The website, just forwards back to a generic page at CBMALL with some search engine results.  And the Yahoo! Pulse profile is hidden or does not exist.

Furthermore, searching Mr. Souza's name shows that he had dumped TVI Express and is in Club Seabreeze. In fact, he appears to have co-founded Club Seabreeze with a few other guys. However, he STILL have "TVI Express is great" articles out there )

See the Google Search Results on His Name:

Clearly, he's still trying to sell everything under the sun. Enhanced by Zemanta

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