Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hilarious TVI Express Member Sites, volume ?? of ???

Take a peek at this TVI Express member website:

I think my 5-year old cousin can design a better looking website than this.

Wow, all those "bonuses" thrown in... Except the art is so crudely done, you know they're from those "get-rich-quick by selling junk" websites.

15 graphics certificates worth $20? Probably found on Google Images for free, or ripped off some existing graphics package that's like 5000 pieces of art for $2.95 in your local office superstore. $3000 dollars worth of CRAP... and a $250 membership that's worth nothing, for $337! What a deal! (not!)

At least the guy is willing to tell you his name, Aaron Murakami. According to the domain reg he lives in Spokane, Washington.

So what can we tell about this guy, Aaron Murakami? Apparently he's into "free energy" research and transcendental meditation. He has a website called "Feel the Vibe" in the exact same style.

And here's one example of what he writes:

The Power of Collective Intention - PDF explaining the power of a quantum technology applied towards the ability of groups to influence the matrix.

*sigh*. You can tell this guy is not firing on full thrusters. I mean, he even let his own domain, lapse. And he wants you to join him as a downline, and pay $337 (even though it should have been $250) to him.

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