Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old News: TVI Express was sued and banned in Australia since May 2010

If TVI Express was charged as a pyramid scheme in Australia, what are the chances it is legal anywhere else? Hmmm?

This leads it to be banned in almost all real professional MLM communities.

TVI Express must be getting desperate. Recently there were a resurgence of "rebuttals" where they repeat a few of the 13 excuses, such as:

* you're just being negative

Oh, really? Reporting FACTS is negative? Why don't you try to disprove the facts? Any body?

* you must be a failure to be envious of our success

And how is that related to TVI Express being a scam?

* you just don't understand us

So explain it to me, refute the stuff I presented with VERIFIABLE INFORMATION.

So far, nada. There's a few people who tried to claim they went on a certain trip, which somehow proves that EVERYTHING I said was false. Nice try, moron.

Explain why TVI Express stole bazillion pictures? Nope. Not a thing.
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