Friday, April 1, 2011

TVI Express Finished in Taiwan Back in June 2009

According to comments in a blog in China, unconfirmed, some "leaders" were arrested by TBI (Taiwan Bureau of Investigations) back in June, 2009
TVI明明就是大陸騙子根馬來西亞騙子搞的吸金遊戲TVI is clearly a money sucking scam from fraudsters based in Mainland China and Malaysia
一群騙子自導自演吸了錢準備溜人,A bunch of fraudsters acted out the scam, sucked in the money, and is about to get away
台灣幾個領袖都被調查局帶走了Several leaders in Taiwan were taken away by Bureau of Investigations
不要再被騙了...一個英國人都沒有還說英國公司Don't stay deceived. There's not even a British guy (in the company) and it claims to be UK company 
系統就架在中國..就是瑞士共同基金那群人做的啦.System is is in China. Must be same people who did the Swiss Fund (scam)
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