Thursday, April 14, 2011

Newsflash: More South African victims of TVI Express revealed

New Age News of South Africa asked many of the victims to come forward, and many did. Some were drawn in by "secretary of the mayor", while others blame the local radio station for pushing the scam.
People ruined by rampant pyramid schemes in KwaZulu-Natal are generally reluctant to come out in the open after they have lost money trying to get rich quickly. The shame of having been naïve and being taken for a ride is what keeps many victims suffering in silence. But as the number of swindled victims grows, some people are no longer shy to speak out. Like Gugu Ntuli, a mother of two from Greytown, who four months ago lost R64000 in the talk-of-the-town Travel Venture International Express (TVI Express). She said she was coerced into investing money and told to “relax, the money will start rolling in”.
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