Friday, April 29, 2011

Read's thread on TVI Express, even defenders abandoned the topic

Here are some choice excerpts from the forum:

I joined up, stupidly enough, and I can't find a single hotel in South Africa that's got any connection with TVI. And they told me I could go on a holiday anywhere.
I myself have reported TVI to the FTC. It is in fact an illegal pyramid according to US laws. Because it really has no product.They go to great lengths to make you think that you can redeem your voucher for a vacation, but in fact you cannot. I know I tried. Once you get to the booking portal you will find they want you to pay More Money. Clever Scam And if they were in the USA they would have been shut down by Now and people would be in jail. They only exist in Cyberspace and are constantly moving around. There is no Home Office.
There is no product dave. There is only the promise of a product. How long will u wait to get ur vacation? Can u find anyone that has taken a vacation with a TVI pacakge? The answer is no. Everyone is well aware of this lack of product yet people still push and defend TVI. I know plenty of people that have maken 30K with TVI and they too agree this is a bull shit company. At this point in time ANYONE who would push TVI is a CROOK! BTW who is the owner and why is it that they don't answer the phone or emails. They certainly have made enough money to have proper support setup.

Not saying these are 100% reliable testimonials, but they certainly balance out the flood of "TVI is Great!" blind endorsements.

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