Saturday, April 30, 2011

More TVI Express funny testimonials

Following is on TVI Express testimonials page:

So where is Mr. Scott Phares now? If you do a search for his name online, you'll see that he's quite active on EzineArticles, a content farm. And that's the same picture alright. We've found our guy. However, if you look at his profile (all the way at the bottom), you can see that his website says:  which is... Global Resorts, not TVI.

Furthermore, if you look at his article list, you will not find a SINGLE mention of TVI Express at all.

And if you go to his blog, you'll find that he had completely changed his appearance. He had grown longer hair and a beard. AND there's not a single word about TVI Express on his website.

Enough to say that this is one guy who left TVI Express behind. 

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