Sunday, April 17, 2011

TVI Express: the only scam that employed hackers to attack critics

Sky News: Twitter down after a 'malicious' cyb...Image by captsolo via FlickrDidn't know about that, did you? Ted Nuyten, who has a website called "" in Netherlands, published an expose on TVI Express, and listed EVERY single leader, presidential associate, and EVERY person that had been publicly identified with TVI Express. Even photos for the members, if those were publically available.

You can imagine the firestorm that ignited. A TON of members jumped on the forum denying TVI Express is a scam. Some claimed they had quit TVI Express already and PLEASE take them name off.

Then the site went down. It was DDOS-hacked. It was so professional and lasting the hosting company tried all sorts of things to filter it, and it's not helping. And it's also affecting all the OTHER sites on the hosting company, since the server is shared with other sites.

In fact, here's the news reported:

Finally the ISP begged Nuyten to delete the truth about TVI Express, and with little choice, Ted Nuyten gave in. The DDOS stopped, and now you can't find a word about TVI Express on that website, positive or negative.

But the truth will not die, and TVI Express is forever known as one of the first cyber-scams to employ cyber-warfare on its critics.
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