Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Central Bank of Lesotho bans TVI Express

Lesotho joins the growing list of African nations banning TVI Express as a money circulation scheme.


The Central Bank of Lesotho has become aware of a network/scheme known as TVI Express that is operating in Lesotho in violation of the law.  The activities of this scheme resemble those of a selling and marketing pyramid schemes as defined in Section 2 of the Financial Institutions Act, 1999, in terms of receiving funds from the public.
The Central Bank of Lesotho would like to warn the public about the dangers of investing or participating in this particular scheme and other schemes of a similar nature.  Furthermore, the Central Bank of Lesotho would also like to caution all promoters of TVI Express, including persons who attempt to recruit others, either by word-of-mouth or via spamming email messages to join these schemes, anywhere in Lesotho, to stop such practices immediately.
After the Central Bank of Lesotho scrutinized the business model of this scheme against the relevant provisions of the Act, the Central Bank of Lesotho concluded that:
-           Its business operations place substantial emphasis on recruitment of participants to it.  In this respect, the scheme offers lucrative incentives to the participants, calculated primarily on the basis of the number of participants or members that have been recruited into it.  It is evident that these recruitment-based incentives serve as a bait to attract potential participants into joining the scheme, with the prospect of making easy money by recruiting others.
-           In the whole, selling of purported products or services is a small component of the business model in the scheme and therefore designed to defraud members of the public.
Given the above, this business model contravene the provisions of the Act when subjected to the definition of “receiving funds from the public” and therefore considered illegal.  The Central Bank of Lesotho therefore appeals to each and every law-abiding citizen of Lesotho to refrain from participating in any activities of TVI Express.  Further, the public is required to report such activities to the Central Bank of Lesotho, through the following offices:
 Financial Institutions Supervision Division
Contact: Ms. Nomonde Sixishe  at 22232026

Public Relations Division
Contact: Mr. Thato Mohasoa at 22232139

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATED: Donna Abreu deleted TVI Express Video, still recruiting others into her schemes

Previously, I have highlighted Donna Abreu many times on this blog, basically pointing out her lies despite her claim to be a network marketing "coach with integrity". On her own blog, she refused to accept the fact that TVI Express is a scam, but instead claimed that "US environment is hostile to MLM".

So what did she do when she finally realized (her upline told her to quit now) TVI Express is a scam? She joined a TVI Express clone called Bon Voyage 1000. This is her Youtube channel (yes, she made a whole bunch of video claiming TVI Express is great, and NEVER took them down. AND her YouTube handle is "TVICoaching")

UPDATE 01-MAR-2012 she apparently finally realized this and deleted them. 

However, it seems she had moved on now to yet ANOTHER scheme... "That Free Thing".

Apparently, you GIVE AWAY STUFF, sign up people, and make money.

Yeah, right. A closer reading of their own website reveals that you HAVE TO SPONSOR PEOPLE TO MAKE MONEY. In other words, it's a pyramid scheme.It has no product. The coupons are available elsewhere for FREE, and there's already bazillion coupon sites on the Internet.

Its owner tried an almost identical concept a few years back called "Freebie Force". It went nowhere.

Here's a real review of That Free Thing.

Donna Abreu even went directly against the company line... The company website says "you have to refer people to make money". She claims you do NOT have to.

Would you want to get coached by such a person?
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Moron Claims Scams are Not Scams, Despite Ample Proof

I was search for stuff when I came across this article on "MLM Big Brother" that is STILL defending TVI Express, working on clearly outdated information, but somehow was posted only a few days ago.

I'll get to the text of the article later. I was intrigued. Who the heck is this "Brandon", and why haven't he kept up with the news? So I looked to the right, and there he is:

Brandon Inchauriga, strangely, chose NOT to reveal his picture in his Facebook account. See for yourself:

However, Google Images has kept archive of his stuff...   It's as of July 2011.

So he deletes his own face out of his profile. What does THAT tell you about Brandon? He clearly wasn't camera shy. Search for his name turned up his profile on bazillion places... MLM coaches, Article Spam Farms, and more.

So what else is on his website "MLM Big Brother"? Turns out, it is ALL about scams, according to his own sitemap.

But is any of the reviews valid and true? You already know from reading this blog that TVI Express is a scam, and this was proven by several countries declaring it such. So what was Brandon's conclusion about TVI Express?

What a joke. He can't recognize a pyramid scheme, and he claimed it's not a scam because you do get a trip out of it (which you may not), and you can get money from it (but it could be a pyramid scheme). That's it?

Brandon is full of ****.

Do any of the other reviews ring true? Let's pick Zamzuu (i.e. YTBI), as well as Fortune High Tech Marketing, both of which have been accused by several states to be scams.

So what's MLM BigBrother's advice on FHTM?

However, FHTM has been kicked out of Montana for being a pyramid scheme

Montana has banned a prominent Lexington network marketing company from the state after a five-month investigation found that the company is an illegal pyramid scheme.
Former Danville basketball coach Paul Orberson is the founder and owner of Fortune, which has received as much $1.9 million from Montana residents. The company is prohibited from doing business there until there is a hearing or settlement, said Jackie Boyle, spokeswoman for the Montana Auditor’s office.
What does that tell you about Brandon's judgement? Did he spend five months investigating the company? Clearly not. 
Let's try something else. Zamzuu, a company that was sued out of California by then attorney general Jerry Brown (now Governor Brown). Here's the actual press release:

Brown Sues To Topple Online Pyramid Scheme
Contact: Gareth Lacy (916) 324-5500 
Brown Sues To Topple Online Pyramid Scheme 
LOS ANGELES--California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced a lawsuit against for operating a "gigantic pyramid scheme" that recruited tens of thousands of members with deceptive claims that members could earn huge sums of money through its online travel agencies. 
What does Brandon say about Zamzuu / YTB? 

Wait a minute... this is the EXACT SAME PARAGRAPH written for FHTM, albeit phrased a little differently, and subject changed to Zamzuu! In fact, this is the SAME conclusion drawn for TVI Express as well! 
The pattern is clear... Brandon claims EVERY "scam" he came across is NOT a scam, despite governments declaring that it is. 
I wouldn't bother reading the rest of his reviews. It's obvious he's going to proclaim they are not scams either. 
Brandon, you are full of ****. 
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TVI Express Africa looking at Pyxism instead?

At least on Facebook he does... See for yourself:

Are the rats leaving a sinking ship? You decide!

TVI Express Spam Hits Even UK Radio User Blogs

UK's Unique Radio is an online radio website. They seem to have a function where the users can publish microblogs, and TVI Express spammers are ruthless in spamming the microblogs. Here is one example:

The URL is long, and the header too large so I won't bother showing you that. The post title is in Chinese and it's clearly spam with random "wedding dress" keywords. Then there's a comment: TVI Express spam, interlaced with "Air Nike" keyword spam.

Absolutely hilarious, isn't it?

And judged by the links, they also spammed a tattoo message board.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What the heck is "Work Smart for 2 Much"?

Clearly it's not in English, and now, it's 404 - Not found. Clearly, Work Smart For 2 Much doesn't work at all. What's so "intelligent" about spamming TVI Express and Herbalife, heh?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

TVI Express Philippines continues cult style denial on Facebook

Actual screen capture from their "wall" (with my comments)

They ignore the reality that multiple governments have declared TVI Express illegal, and instead claim those are just "negativity".

Who's not dealing with reality here?

One person even posted my blog's URL on their wall. What is their response? You saw it multiple times here: We don't want negative people.

Thank you for admitting your mental blindness in public!
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TVI Express spams Chrome Theme website

TVI Express spams Chrome Theme website:

Friday, August 26, 2011

TVI Express Member TriumphTogether will no longer Triumph

According to LinkedIn profile, Triumph Together is a group of TVI Express members who shall triumph together, and you should join them.

However, it appears they didn't make enough to renew their domain name.

Clealry, there is no triumph, only defeat.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TVI Express Spams Infects... Injury Claims Website?

Actually, it is clear that this website is a spam blog trying to "attract" Injury / Work Compensation articles and listings, but can't sift its material properly and got "TVI Express Work Compensation" instead. However, it also shows how desperate TVI Express spammers tried to stuff all sorts of keyword into their spamticles (that's spam articles) and trick fellow spammers with splogs (spam blogs).

NOTE: Image was "visually compressed" to show a regular article, and the TVI Express spam. No content was manipulated.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moron Claims TVI Express Success AFTER Members Got Arrested

In the past weeks some TVI Express supporters continue to pass "good news" from TVI Express like a parrot. One of them is Suranga, who has a blog called

According to domain reg, is registered to a Sarath Suranga, who lives in Dubai, UAE.

Clearly, Suranga, being in Dubai, wouldn't know or even CARE that members of TVI Express had been arrested in South Africa back in MAY 2011 for running a pyramid scheme, and South African authorities have declared it illegal back in DECEMBER 2010!

Irvin Shirindzi lead away by police
after being arrested for running
TVI Express pyramid scheme
 in Limpopo South Africa
(photo from
From this you can gather a few observations:

1) TVI Express continues to announce "good news" about South Africa despite news of arrest back in April and May. Either they are the most incompetent company in the world, or they are intentionally ignoring the situation in South Africa.

2) TVI Express supporters are the same way: continue to parrot the "good news" without verification in any way, shape, or form.

And one last item of hilarity: This is the "banner" on Suranga's website, which presumably came from TVI Express:

It is clear all these are simply stock photo unrelated to TVI Express. What's really hilarious is the guy in lower left with the Vuvuzela... Look carefully on that TVI Express logo


It was clearly "PhotoShop'ed" (tm)

That tells you TVI Express releases pictures that can't be trusted either.

And Suranga... You are a parrot.

ParrotImage by Ed7 via Flickr

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Spam Blog Attracting TVI Express Zombie Articles

"Internet Stories", another Spam Blog, decides to publish some TVI Express zombie article that's pure psycho-babble. The entire article gave virtually ZERO facts and the blog's so obviously a dummy spamticle site.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Opportunity loudly proclaims "We are NOT TVI Express!"

Here is excerpt of their FAQ, see #3. The text says:

"3. If you are looking for a company where you do not know who the owners are (aka TVI Express), then by all means, do not join ______. The owners, Scott Chandler, Brent Robinson, and Jeff Long are fully transparent and not hiding behind a website."

You can find out which company this is by doing your own research. Personally I find them to be shady, but then that's not relevant to TVI Express... other than this proclamation: We are NOT LIKE TVI Express!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Who is Justyna Lam and why was she pushing TVI Express?

Someone revived a zombie blog post by "Justyna Lam" touting TVI Express.

Look at the number of lousy info in this short paragraph:

1) Found in UK in 2008? Where did that come from? TVI Express launched in 2009! Now it's DISSOLVED in UK, if it was ever there... Eh.

2) It says TVI Express is a travel club with a business opportunity. So what's the opportunity? It says very clearly: recruit at least two people, and make them recruit two each as well. When you get enough, you get money.

Justyna... you just described a PYRAMID SCHEME!

Why is this a zombie post? Look at the date in the comments:
Comment was in January 2010, and that was the ONLY comment. Clearly, this article was from that time period, and was revived 18 months later as a zombie.

So who is this "Justyna Lam" any way? Another one of these self-proclaimed internet marketing "coaches" with no track record other than hawking someone else's lesson plans and earn a commission if she can sell any. She claims to review MLMs (such as the one above), but all she did was hawk her own stuff, as her reviews, as you can see above, is riddled with inaccuracies as well as describing a pyramid scheme but not recognizing it.

It appears that Justyna is no longer training anybody. Her last blog entry is in late 2010.

Clearly, giving bad advice to people is not good for her own business. 

Stick to Dog Training, Justyna. You are certified in THAT. You clearly have no brains for MLM, because you described a pyramid scheme and you don't even recognize it. 

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Botswana Continues to Roast TVI Express "believers"

8-ball pyramid scheme model.Image via WikipediaRecently Consumer Watchdog of Botswana (though Mmegi Online) published another comment from deluded TVI Express followers:
 Following my comments on the TVI Express pyramid scheme recently I got this email:
"I have two questions: First; in business, do you buy only a product as a consumer? Second; why did the author not mention that some members of TVI are successful? Was it deliberate or was it through ignorance? Do not criticise systems that you are not a member of. You would be more convincing if you joined TVI and became a failure. Remember, many people have invested in 'genuine' businesses, and have failed. Inference, therefore, every business is a scam"
Where should I begin?
In business, no, you also buy services as well as products. But with TVI Express they don't offer either. All they offer is the chance to make money from recruiting other people. That's a pyramid scheme.
Why didn't I mention "that some members of TVI are successful"? Because the ones at the top only make money by cheating other people. I criticise burglars and thieves for the same reason.
So I'm not qualified to criticise a pyramid scheme until I've joined it and had my money stolen? That's just silly. I don't need to jump out of a plane without a parachute to know it's a bad idea. I don't need to burn cash to know it's a bad idea. I don't need to commit a crime and go to prison to know that it's a bad idea. I don't need to have joined the TVI Express pyramid scheme and lost money to know that it's a bad idea.
So because TVI victims lose money and so do some investors in real businesses, then all businesses are a scam?
I really hope you have nothing to do with the education of children.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

TVI Express Team Explains How Pyramid Scheme Works: all recruiting, no selling

"TVI Express Team" claims their team is a little bit different from the rest: recruit people is a team effort. As they have ZERO emphasis on selling, but all recruiting, TVI Express Team just describe a pyramid scheme.

What's even more hilarious, this "Nic Olman"

So who is this "Nic Olman"? Part of remnants of Global Assist Team left behind when GAT decided TVI Express is too much of a scam. This is his "Yahoo Meme" website:

That's right, last post is 24-AUG-2010.

So why would Nic Olman suddenly decided to revive his own zombie?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Scott Crider Zombie TVI Express Spam found

Instead of helping you start a real business, "Star Your Own Business Today" instead is a spam-ticle site that posts every sort of spam-ticle that was apparently related to business. However, it also attracted garbage like this TVI Express article by Scott Crider, who is not starting a business. All he wants is to HELP YOU ATTRACT MORE PEOPLE to TVI Express, not selling anything.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would you read any Press Release sites? No? Neither would I, since Press Release is never checked for accuracy. On the other hand, that doesn't stop spammers dumping words onto such sites hoping some moron will see it. Here, someone decided to spam some blatantly obvious ideas as if they are some marketing secrets to be shared.

Basically, the article says you need to recruit people, then use them to help you recruit more people.


Monday, August 15, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Namibia is aware of TVI Express still operating in the country

New Era newspaper reports:  ( )

BoN warns against TVI Express
WINDHOEK – Bank of Namibia maintains its position that the popular Travel Venture International (TVI) Express is a pyramid scheme, and would be forced to go after those engaged in the scheme, since it contravenes Namibian banking laws.
However, the Namibian chapter of TVI Express continues operations and the members say changes have been made to conform to “African laws”. These changes should satisfy the concerns expressed by the central bank. 
South Africa’s central bank has also launched an investigation into the activities of TVI Express, but according to Namibia’s head of TVI Express, Magnus Nangombe, the investigation appears to be “an agenda, and issue driven by consumer watch [bodies]”, who are not in favour of the TVI Express business model.  
The South Africa Reserve Bank says Nangombe had never had a problem with TVI Express before until the renewed agenda from consumer watch bodies.  
Ironically, the Bank of Namibia is under the impression that TVI Express is no longer active in the country since the bank issued statements last year, for people to desist from engaging in TVI Express activities. 
It now warns that the Act sets clear procedures on how to take the TVI case further, referring to legal action, if the persons involved failed to repay the monies taken from the public.  
“Should the bank find that TVI Express failed to adhere to the directives given to them earlier; this will leave the bank with little option but to invoke the provisions of the law and institute legal action,” said Bank of Namibia in response to questions from New Era.  
Nangombe says they have “restructured TVI activities to operate according to the continent, with director for TVI Africa sitting in Johannesburg”.  
“There are many changes made and we in Namibia would also check what changes are needed,” he said adding that they are “not afraid” of the agendas that would meet them in a bid to stop TVI Express operations, neither does he foresee any problem once the changes are announced.  
According to information obtained by New Era, the changes made revolve around redefinition of terms involving the taking of money from the public.  
The South African Reserve Bank is conducting investigations into TVI Express activities, and media reports suggest that an estimated 100 000 South Africans have invested in TVI Express, and more than N$144 million in cash transactions and investments have been identified thus far.  
TVI Express members in Namibia are estimated at about 3 000 people. TVI Express is banned in China, USA, Britain, Australia, while Swaziland has also issued a warning asking the company not to operate in their country.

Typical scam excuse: they don't understand us, we're so new, so they're afraid of us, and they want to ban us.
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Another Spam Blog Recycling Zombie Lies about TVI Express

Once it's on the Internet, it lives forever, even if they are ****ing lies. Here's another one:

So what makes this a pack of lies? Every one of those 10 reasons are lies or unproven statements.

1.) Stable, Debt — Free Company! 

Says who? Where's the proof? Was an audited balance sheet for TVI Express ever published?

2.) Solid Backing By A Successful and Established Business Group! 

Says who? Where's the proof? What business group would this be? 

3.) Universal Line of Products! 

What product? If you ask different TVI Express members, you get different answers on what is the product. 

4.) Opportunity To Build A Global Business From Home! 

If there's no product, what business can this be? 

5.) UNMATCHED Compensation Plan! 

If there is no product, any talk of compensation would make this a SCAM!

6.) Worldwide Recognition! 

Worldwide recognition as a SCAM... In China, US, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia... 

7.) Only Company In The World To Distribute High — End Incentives ( Exotic Villas, Cars, Jewelry, and More! ) 

Jewelry? You made that up. Laptop yes. But was a list of winners and where they went/got ever published, and verified / corroborated by ANYBODY? 

8.) NO Monthly Purchases With An Opportunity To Turn A One — Time 0 Investment Into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Rolling Your Way Monthly! 

Another lie. It costs $250 or MORE to join in, and you are often asked to buy multiple positions. Besides, that is ungrammatical English... What the heck is "opportunity to turn a one-time 0 investment"? What is that 0 doing there?

9.) NO Stocking, Retailing, Product Selling, or Any Nonsense of That Matter! 

Then it is not multi-level marketing at all, if there is no selling / marketing. What does that leave? PYRAMID SCHEME

10.) FAST Income With Earnings At EVERY Step Along The Way!

Repeat of 8, unproven statements... 

Out of 10 statements, every one is either a lie or unproven observation / statement.

So who is this liar? Turns out he's a guy by the name of Globert Alapag in the Philippines who was also pushing a lot of other **** like Winalite

What's interesting is his Facebook profile didn't mention a word about TVI Express.

Did he abandon TVI, or was he trying to separate the two businesses?
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEWSFLASH: TVI Express leader in Majene Indonesia arrested

Upeks Online reports:
TVI Express Leader Arrested
Majene, Upeks - Post-examination of the Leader TVI Express Majene, Majene Police officers investigating last Friday (12 / 8) establish and hold the LTF man, a resident of Environmental Lipu, Village Labuang, District Banggae as suspect cases of alleged fraud and embezzlement.

His lawyer claims his client is innocent, but given the company itself is now illegal, license revoked, what are the his chances?
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Increasingly desperate spam by TVI Express folks

They spam all sorts of places, probably through some sort of injection attack that allow them to post on blogs they don't even have access to, and the result is TVI Express on places you don't expect at all... 101 smack downs? Voice Bridge? Stupid Right Wingers? and so on and so forth.