Friday, August 5, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Botswana TVI Express recruiter/victim admits guilt of recruiting others

Mmegi Online reports a story of a TVI Express recruiter who actually SIGNED A CONTRACT promising MONEY BACK if it didn't work out. Obviously, he didn't get his money.

...To their credit, the couple who had recruited her had the backbone to come along and offer their side of the story. They didn't deny anything, they acknowledged that her story was accurate. They now realise, like everyone else, that TVI is a pyramid scheme and they've lost money as well on their get rich quick scheme. They've assured us that the reader will get all of her initial investment back very soon. However, it's more than just the money. Our reader feels ashamed because of what's happened. She's not stupid, she's a confident, assertive and intelligent young woman who can only be accused of naivete. But she was tearful when she was with us, considering the distress this has caused and how embarrassed she was about falling for this scam. I wonder how many people are falling for scams like TVI Express and are too ashamed to come forward?
Are you one of those too stupid to realize the scam? Or are you just too ashamed to come forward?

A bit more of the story can be had here as well:
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