Monday, August 29, 2011

Moron Claims Scams are Not Scams, Despite Ample Proof

I was search for stuff when I came across this article on "MLM Big Brother" that is STILL defending TVI Express, working on clearly outdated information, but somehow was posted only a few days ago.

I'll get to the text of the article later. I was intrigued. Who the heck is this "Brandon", and why haven't he kept up with the news? So I looked to the right, and there he is:

Brandon Inchauriga, strangely, chose NOT to reveal his picture in his Facebook account. See for yourself:

However, Google Images has kept archive of his stuff...   It's as of July 2011.

So he deletes his own face out of his profile. What does THAT tell you about Brandon? He clearly wasn't camera shy. Search for his name turned up his profile on bazillion places... MLM coaches, Article Spam Farms, and more.

So what else is on his website "MLM Big Brother"? Turns out, it is ALL about scams, according to his own sitemap.

But is any of the reviews valid and true? You already know from reading this blog that TVI Express is a scam, and this was proven by several countries declaring it such. So what was Brandon's conclusion about TVI Express?

What a joke. He can't recognize a pyramid scheme, and he claimed it's not a scam because you do get a trip out of it (which you may not), and you can get money from it (but it could be a pyramid scheme). That's it?

Brandon is full of ****.

Do any of the other reviews ring true? Let's pick Zamzuu (i.e. YTBI), as well as Fortune High Tech Marketing, both of which have been accused by several states to be scams.

So what's MLM BigBrother's advice on FHTM?

However, FHTM has been kicked out of Montana for being a pyramid scheme

Montana has banned a prominent Lexington network marketing company from the state after a five-month investigation found that the company is an illegal pyramid scheme.
Former Danville basketball coach Paul Orberson is the founder and owner of Fortune, which has received as much $1.9 million from Montana residents. The company is prohibited from doing business there until there is a hearing or settlement, said Jackie Boyle, spokeswoman for the Montana Auditor’s office.
What does that tell you about Brandon's judgement? Did he spend five months investigating the company? Clearly not. 
Let's try something else. Zamzuu, a company that was sued out of California by then attorney general Jerry Brown (now Governor Brown). Here's the actual press release:

Brown Sues To Topple Online Pyramid Scheme
Contact: Gareth Lacy (916) 324-5500 
Brown Sues To Topple Online Pyramid Scheme 
LOS ANGELES--California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced a lawsuit against for operating a "gigantic pyramid scheme" that recruited tens of thousands of members with deceptive claims that members could earn huge sums of money through its online travel agencies. 
What does Brandon say about Zamzuu / YTB? 

Wait a minute... this is the EXACT SAME PARAGRAPH written for FHTM, albeit phrased a little differently, and subject changed to Zamzuu! In fact, this is the SAME conclusion drawn for TVI Express as well! 
The pattern is clear... Brandon claims EVERY "scam" he came across is NOT a scam, despite governments declaring that it is. 
I wouldn't bother reading the rest of his reviews. It's obvious he's going to proclaim they are not scams either. 
Brandon, you are full of ****. 
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Anonymous said...

Hey man so your calling me a scam??? Im going to give you 30 days to take this post off or I will have my lawyers contact you! You have my picture and your using it against my will so If you dont take this down I will take legal action against you.

GuyReviews said...

No, I called a moron who PROMOTED SCAMS. And everything I posted is 100% true. If you no longer publish these bogus reviews, I'll add an addendum that you took them down.

But everything was true, and thus cannot be considered libel. Your lawyer would know that.

Learn to be smarter. Have a nice day.

GuyReviews said...

And regarding your picture, you posted that on Facebook, which means it was available to the public. The fact you deleted it later doesn't matter.

Your lawyer would have known that too.