Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Indonesia TVI Express Rep Arrested, Confessed to cheating 800 downlines

Tipu Express TVI boss 800 Member10:31, 04/08/2011MEDAN-After intensive examination, finally Pimpinanan TVI Express Company official Sunggal Police arrested on Wednesday (3 / 8) afternoon. While MLM TVI Express office at the Housing Complex Padang Hijau Blok A No. 15 Diski Sunggal Deli Serdang district is still sealed.Ardan Sivah (33), a resident of Pala Road, Hamlet III, Desa Sei Mencirim, Sunggal Deli Serdang district is responsible TV1 Expres. He is alleged to have deceived 800 member (customer) it. Now Ardan who previously hid in Rantau Prapat forced to curl up in a detention cell.Over a month hiding in the area, eventually the man was arrested by the customers themselves who are also elements of the TNI. The suspect was arrested on Sunday (31 / 7) yesterday and then submitted to the Police Sunggal. After an investigation the man was eventually thrown into prison cells Mapolsek. "Until now still 3 people officially make a complaint to the Police," said Kapolsek Sunggal, Commissioner Sonny M Nugroho Tampubolon, Sik.Meanwhile, Ardan Sivah closed when interviewed by reporters. Small-bodied men who are only looking at this newspaper reporter in the room while trying to interview Juper Mapolsek Sunggal. Sivah admitted he had cheated 800 clients who invest. "Why do apparently. I was arrested for cheating. What urusanya at you, "he told reporters this newspaper.Sivah confesses that he himself invites the citizens to invest uuntuk multiplied. "I'm the boss, other people mancari I tell clients," he said. Sivah also admits that he opened an office "fraud" that began last April."Starting in four bang, if that field is already closed," he said.Having been "hounded" customers, Sivah was immediately fled to the seacoast Parapat, Labuhan Batu. There, Sivah admitted that he had opened a new office TV1 Expres new. "Just a month there. Anyway what's your problem, "he said again, while claiming that the money he made to reach billions of spree Spree Medan-Jakarta. (Mag-7)

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