Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Consumer Watch Botswana Did Radio Show on TVI Express, still no proof of legitimacy

I had a very amusing experience on radio this morning. After last week's coverage of the TVI Express pyramid scheme, when I reported on it being illegal in Namibia, Georgia, Indonesia and under aggressive investigation in South Africa and Australia, some of the local TVI Express people were very cross indeed and demanded a right of reply.
So they got one this morning. However given that what I'd said was entirely true, their right of reply wasn't unconditional. I was there this morning to respond to some of their comments. 
They genuinely seemed confused about what they wanted to say. They described themselves at various points as "investors"and then "not investors", "employees", "directors", "distributors" and "members" of TVI Express. 
At one point one fo them said that the Bank of Namibia was considering changing their ban in Namibia but changed the subject quickly when two of us pointed out that we'd contacted the Bank who had denied any such thing...
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