Friday, August 19, 2011

Who is Justyna Lam and why was she pushing TVI Express?

Someone revived a zombie blog post by "Justyna Lam" touting TVI Express.

Look at the number of lousy info in this short paragraph:

1) Found in UK in 2008? Where did that come from? TVI Express launched in 2009! Now it's DISSOLVED in UK, if it was ever there... Eh.

2) It says TVI Express is a travel club with a business opportunity. So what's the opportunity? It says very clearly: recruit at least two people, and make them recruit two each as well. When you get enough, you get money.

Justyna... you just described a PYRAMID SCHEME!

Why is this a zombie post? Look at the date in the comments:
Comment was in January 2010, and that was the ONLY comment. Clearly, this article was from that time period, and was revived 18 months later as a zombie.

So who is this "Justyna Lam" any way? Another one of these self-proclaimed internet marketing "coaches" with no track record other than hawking someone else's lesson plans and earn a commission if she can sell any. She claims to review MLMs (such as the one above), but all she did was hawk her own stuff, as her reviews, as you can see above, is riddled with inaccuracies as well as describing a pyramid scheme but not recognizing it.

It appears that Justyna is no longer training anybody. Her last blog entry is in late 2010.

Clearly, giving bad advice to people is not good for her own business. 

Stick to Dog Training, Justyna. You are certified in THAT. You clearly have no brains for MLM, because you described a pyramid scheme and you don't even recognize it. 

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