Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you busting TVI Express?
A: Because it is a scam. Do I need another reason?

Q: Who are you to say TVI Express is a scam?
A: A dozen governments around the world said so. If you need details, read some of my other information. It's link to the left.

Q: What are your qualifications to denounce TVI Express?
A: Don't need any. I present facts and my commentary. You decide whether the facts support my views.

Q: Who paid you to write bad things about TVI Express?
A: Nobody. I have a day job.

Q: Why don't you admit that you're employed by some other MLM?
A: Because it's a figment of your own imagination. I suggest psychiatric intervention before it becomes a full-blown paranoia.

Q: Why do you have ads that promote other MLMs?
A: This is a Blogger blog. Google/Blogger decides what ads to display, not me. It's the "price" I pay to get free blog hosting. I don't control it.

Q: You don't understand TVI Express! It's not a scam!
A: So provide me with facts that PROVE me wrong. If you are nice, I'll print your comment AND my reply to it. If you are not nice, I'll print your comment AND make fun of you based on your words.

Q: Why are you making fun of my blog?
A: It must have some pro-TVI Express content on it to make it onto this blog, which highlights the illogic of TVI Express followers and the TVI Express scam.

Q: But I am NO LONGER with TVI Express!
A: If you delete all your TVI Express content, show me and I'll modify my entry accordingly.

Q: Your entry ______ is wrong. Please correct it.
A: Show me some proof that prove me wrong and I will consider it. If I cannot verify the information I'll consider put in an  "Unconfirmed Update". I did so for Solid Trust Pay.

Q: Do you take advertisers or sponsors?
A: No.

Q: You're just another blabbermouth on the Internet! Why don't you just go away?
A: *Yawn* It's my blog. Go start your own. Just be warned, if you post pro-TVI Express entries, you'll probably be ridiculed for your lies right here.