Sunday, July 31, 2011

What does a TVI Express Zombie Look Like? Look here.

What does a fool look like? Someone who warms over something that is already illegal in the US, and tells you it's profitable.

Here's one example:

The whole thing is riddle with errors. I mean, who the heck leaves "sample page" on their blog?

Then there's the question about "based in London". And who the heck is Bill Hemming and Sam Cooper? Where does it even say that on TVI Express website? Why does other websites, and Tarun Trikha himself says he's the CEO and VP?

Not only is the information wrong, it's not even consistent with the lies told by the company. it's hilarious.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

TVI Express Follower Spams Khan Academy Facebook Page

Instead of talking about education and related issues, TVI Express follower spammed the wall talking about his money making opportunity.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Another subdomain spam blog joins idiot parade

Did someone learned how to hack WordPress sites to create spam blogs based on subdomains? It sure looks that way as there's a TON of them lately. Here's another one:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Zombie Content from 2009 warmed over like death

A website called eTicketsForSale decided to warm over some TVI Express Zombie Articles, because it had the word "Travelocity" in it. Here's the beginning and end of it... but no author.

 blah blah blah blah blah...

Okay, but who the heck wrote this? If you go back to ArticleAlley, you find the author is supposedly "UltimateBizReviews", and it is dated 2009. So this is definitely zombie content.

So who's UltimateBizReviews? Clearly not that ultimate, since he hadn't submitted a single article since end of 2009. In fact, the Spamticle about TVI Express is third-to-last.

But what's this guy's name? Turns out he's Bill Tannar, who operates

However, there is no mention of TVI Express on the entire website.

Clearly, this article is bull****.

NEWSFLASH: TVI Express claims being declared ILLEGAL by BMPK is a "complication"

TVI Express reaction to being declared ILLEGAL in Indonesia by BMPK regulatory agency for lacking the proper business license is "complication".

Changing the name will somehow fix having the wrong type of license? WTF?!

The rest of the article is "we are out to promote tourism in Indonesia". What utter bull****. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It appears TVI Express subsite wants to reprint every TVI Express article under the sun

It just reprinted another zombie article from 2009 as if it's fresh info. What a joke. Here's a screenshot:

And here's the exact same article, albeit in video form, back in 2009. Exact same title, August 18, 2009.

So this is clearly a mis-representation already: reviving zombie content.

But what does John Piro REALLY say about TVI Express?  In 2009 he accused another review site of slamming TVI Express, and was loudly counter-slammed by other MLM pros. This is right around the time his videos showed up, as per the date above.

Okay, what about Mr. John Piro now? Let's check his website,

But is there any mention of TVI Express on his website? Nope, not a word. See for yourself:

Actions speak louder than words. Clearly, the words are old, obsolete, out of date, and so on and so forth.

Which makes Zombie content revivers liars.

NEWSFLASH: More Vietnamese News on How Illegal TVI Express is

Following is from Vietnamese newspaper. Basically, thousands are duped, and perps have disappeared. Local lawyers explained that the whole thing's illegal: it's pyramid scheme, illegal operating as bank, AND giving out illegal receipts, PLUS business not registered in Vietnam. It's illegal on EVERY level, and it's the SAME SORT of lies they told in China, Indonesia, and other countries.

Trap network, "International tourism"
22/07/2011 16:53:14
With attractive gimmicks "just traveling, just make money" with the bonus of up to $ 500, $ 10,000 and the opportunity to receive the reward of great value such as cars, villas, yachts, Private jet (?), causes many people in HCMC and neighboring provinces' sa trap. "Time, the "members" of "international tourist train TVIExpress" is very frustrating because you think you have been scammed big amount ...

If the former, multi-level activities are usually well known business in commodities such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, now this method has "transformed" into another form. It is the consumer (NTD) to participate as members not to sell products that are involved in "international tourist train TVIExpress" to "just traveling, just make money."

According to the ad units, this organization is the latest money worldwide. TVIExpress is an organization of travel e-commerce combined to give members the opportunity of travel and volume of reward. Participants only need to pay 275 USD (cash discount when booking travel) and invited 2 a companion (who also played 275 USD each), the participants at that first became members, issued its own code, and also have the opportunity to score bonus money (500 USD, $ 10,000), in kind and travel around the world (?) ...
Because advertising is so compelling style like so when opened in Ho Chi Minh in May 3 / 2010, International Tourism Offices TVI Express (referred to Ho Chi Minh TVI) has attracted many people to find understand and sign up to participate from the first day.
Ms. Do Thi Hoang Oanh (51 years old, live in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh), said that as directed by a friend, she sought to office in Ho Chi Minh TVI (Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Da Kao Ward, District 1) and here she is the staff menu was offered.

According to the explanation of the company, the amount that the member pay 275 USD to participate (as pre-booking discount travel) will be deducted from the cost of traveling by tour organized by the company. In addition, the participating members, to invite two friends traveling (each played 275 USD), the members had a chance to get 500 USD (only an opportunity but not yet received). And so, each fellow must continue to invite two people to accompany the same again ... until this prescription (prescription green area) for 15 of the first participants will receive $ 500 and "exit" Court to-gray.

Registration form and receipts for membership "discount when booking travel" of TVI HCMC to customers has not signed the director, chief accountant and seal with ... mango seeds.

According to repeat a similar process, members will also have the opportunity to receive $ 10,000, then receive $ 10,000 and more than once approached with the opportunity to receive valuable artifacts such as the ... See the newly travel re just too easy to earn, on 24 / 3, she immediately ordered seven Oanh number of foreign travel for themselves and their families with a total deposit is $ 1,925 (exchange rate 19.350d/USD ). However, shortly thereafter, Ms. Oanh hear information and suspicious activity units "illegal" should be rushed to reclaim the money, but until now still not been resolved.

According to our understanding, the members of the Ho Chi Minh TVI not only in Ho Chi Minh, but also many other localities, such as Dong Nai, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan ... Each member holds at least 1-2 code, which members decided to buy tens of code to look forward to receiving the bonus. It is reported that so far the unit has disappeared from Ho Chi Minh and hugged the large amount of members.

Lawyer Nguyen Van Hau - vice-chairman of Lawyers Ho Chi Minh said, according to Decree 110/2005/ND-CP of the Government's multi-level sales, the TVI requirements Oanh she became close to 275 USD members are violations of law. This Decree also specifies requirements prohibit people who want to participate must pay, or pay any fee in the form of courses, training courses, seminars, social activities or other similar activities to be right to participate in multi-level sales network, except for material purchase.
On the other hand, the behavior of TVI also competition law violations and are considered illegal multi-level sales; According to Decree No. 51/2010/ND - CP dated 14/5/2010 on the bill of sale, supply services, the voucher bill is set by the seller and the sales to billing.Therefore, the behavior of TVI billing will be handled for administrative violations, a fine of 5 million to 20 million for failing to bill the sales value of more than 200,000 payment to the purchase, and to invoice the buyer.

To protect themselves, consumers should consider carefully before signing the contract, rather than letting the consequences before you proceed with the complaint or lawsuit. So keep in mind: Always be careful and look before signing the contract; look needs to make a decision yourself first, always active in signing the contract to find out information about prices and content products on the market before the decision before you buy to read the offerings, learn about business, as well as the prestige of enterprises supplying goods or providing services

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Monday, July 25, 2011

More Funny Spam Infecting Blogs: Chinese Food Site advertising TVI Express

See for yourself.... Chinese food blog has TVI Express spam-ticle in it.

It has no logo, repeated title, posts about everything EXCEPT Chinese food...

This is clearly a splog (spam blog).

NEWSFLASH: State Bank of Vietnam joins TVI Express Investigation

According to reports in Vietnamese newspaper, State Bank of Vietnam have requested local authorities to look into TVI Express as a Ponzi / Pyramid fraud

Travel - Money: Capital mobilization against the law

Friday, 07/22/2011 22:19

State Bank will coordinate with the police to take measures to prevent this type of service "has just travel money"

As How the employee information, today, in many provinces, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap ... there are some individuals and organizations use the Internet attract more people to pay commission to the participate as members of both clubs have travel money. This form of raising capital without interest, to be carried out through various forms of bonuses, high commissions ... in order to entice entice more people to participate. Through the capture of information, the authorities said the operation may cause risks to participants.
Warning prevention
Bank (NH) State of Vietnam has written request the State Bank branch in Dong Thap province (unit had to reflect this situation the State Bank) in collaboration with the authorities to investigate, clear signs of violation, taking advantage of the Internet draws people to contribute money illegally. NH State provides notice to the units and individuals within and outside the banking sector to actively prevent known.

In 2010, type "tourism has both money" is a company based in the U.S., trading via the internet introduced in Hanoi. Participants will set the type of room at the hotel for a luxury home and abroad, is the organizational unit level account on the web page with the name "virtual" to track the ranking of and receive their bonuses.
Recently, Ho Chi Minh City and many provinces also appeared several companies launched way, inducing people to pay the participating travel package (not traveling), and introduce many others to be thousand dollars reward. 
Japan Mr. Long, head of the Legal Vietnam Export-Import Bank (Eximbank), that reward companies for participating in tourism dollars is a violation of law. If companies sell travel products, but not organized for customers to travel, that means the signs of fraud ...
Talking to reporters Nguoi Lao Dong, Dao Minh Tu, Chief of the State Bank of Vietnam, said: "NH State will learn more about this phenomenon and will coordinate with the police to take action prevention "...
Will support the consumer complaints
Provide business around this behavior, the protection of consumers rights to know the city is monitoring the situation for years more. If receiving a reflection of consumers or the press, societies will offer to local authorities to investigate and clarify. If there are firm grounds to assert that the fraudulent appropriation of capital, associations can represent consumer lawsuits.
Back to the Company for TVIExpress (units are mentioned in the song "Losing money because of travel multi-level model" Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper on the day number 7-7-2011), Vietnamese Phan Thi Thu, General Secretary of Association Protecting consumer interests City, said: The company has "disappeared" in both Hanoi and HCMC. Planning - Investment and Taxation Hanoi guide complainants (Hoang Oanh) to court but the fact the company was "getting away" to the actions difficult. The Protection of consumer rights has also written HCMC People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and send a couple of State management agencies in the area informed about the case, thanks to government intervention.
The law only allows banks, credit organizations to mobilize deposits from the population.Even companies   raise capital through the issuance of bonds must also comply with the provisions of the Enterprise Law. Therefore, an organization that has no function but receive funding in the form of people selling tourist packages (actual DN   for non-commercial travel services) and pay awards, commissions violate law.
Dao Minh Tu (NH State Office of Vietnam)
Thy Tho - Thanh Nhan

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NEWSFLASH: Indonesia Consumer Group Tells TVI Express to Leave Town Now

News just broke: a leading consumer protection group in Indonesia called upon TVI Express to leave town now and stop cheating Indonesians.

Home » Business and Economy » Investment
Blamed Money Games, Stop Business TVI Express in Indonesia - Monday, July 25, 2011 21:33 AM
TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Indonesian Democracy Defenders Team (defense team) asked the Chairman TVI Express Indonesia to stop its business activities so as not to harm consumers Indonesia and public trust in government and other business like.
"The defense team looked at TVI Global Express has been rejected in many countries such as Australia, U.S., China, and there's even a prison. Disapproved also in India, Spain, Hungary, Africa and the other for violating local laws and business identified as pyramid schemes or money games . And therefore we do not want TVI Express Indonesia to do a similar business that would harm consumers and the good name of the State, "writes Peter Celestine coordinator of the defense team in release received on Monday (7/25/2011).
Peter Celestine call, TVI Express never explain openly to the public about the legality of his company under the laws of Indonesia. "For example there is a letter Direct Sales Business License (SIUPL) issued by BKPM if TVI Express Indonesia is a Multilevel Marketing company. But as far as we know this company was never registered as a member APLI," continued Peter.
Other reasons, the defense team must conduct pro-active measures to protect consumers from acts of fraud Indonesia dilakukkan by TVI that could harm consumers in a very large number if dikumulatifkan.
"In this regard we appeal to consumers Indonesia to be more carefully and thoroughly to involve themselves in this business because it has fallen victim in several major cities in Indonesia such as Aceh, Makassar, Gorontalo, Bandung and Jakarta, and other cities," he continued .
Celestine Petus calls, business actions that are money games like this will only hurt the companies engaged in other Multi Level Marketing as it will damage the image and reputation of MLM in the eyes of the people of Indonesia.
"To that end, we appeal to MLM companies and other participants to join hands together to ask the Indonesian National Police to stop the business aktivias TVI Express Indonesia," added Peter. Failure TVI Express business globally, according to Peter, is enough the reason for freezing business. Government of Indonesia must also be a preventive against possible fraud that would disturb public.

"For people who feel aggrieved by TVI Express, the defense team requested that immediate legal action by reporting the matter to Police Headquarters," continued Peter.
Therefore, the defense team warns that the business including TVI Express Indonesia must comply with applicable laws in the Republic include obeying Law no. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection.   
Editor: Yulis Sulistyawan
Access device via the mobile through your address 
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

TVI Express Subsite is a Content Farm Zombie Spam Blog

We've previously highlighted a spam blog called, where it populates its posts through automatically culled content from various content farms, and most of the content turned out to be zombie content, death warmed over, stuff long expired and obsolete, that sort of stuff.

Here's some more... They revived an article from 2009. Here's their version, notice the "sample page" hilarity...:

And here's the ORIGINAL article, dated 2009... on a content farm.

What's REALLY hilarious is this article was written by Bob Allen, NOT TVI Express. So it's intentionally misleading already.

Furthermore, what about Bob Allen himself?

The "" website is "DNS failed, this site does not exist".

Verified zombie content, guaranteed dead content. What for? Google ignores **** content like this.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Did Larry Wells grew a conscience?

Previously we've highlighted LarryWell's spam blog site posting zombie content touting the "benefits" of TVI Express. Guess he doesn't have much of a filter, since he just posted an entry on why TVI Express is a scam:

The guy basically reposted MY news back in May 2010 about how China is prosecuting TVI Express scammers, arresting at least two. I've found quite a bit more both before and after that event, in more countries than ever.

Clearly, Larry Wells can't attract any decent content, and he's reposting whatever he can find. Guess he has to hit some REAL content every once in a while...
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Friday, July 22, 2011

NEWSFLASH: TVI Express declared illegal in Indonesia

A document recently published on Indonesia forum kaskus revealed that Indonesia government regulatory agency BKPM has slapped PT TVI EXPRESS INDONESIA with a finding that it is operating illegally without a direct selling license, is not operating in its described business, and has 30 days to comply or face sanctions. The decision was dated June 30, 2011.

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War against Potty Mouth Roasa continues

Previously, I had highlighted a Mr. Joel de la Torre Roasa as a potty mouth who somehow came to the conclusion that because I insulted his favorite scam, I should be in a mental hospital instead of him.

Guess what, he wrote back.

Isn't that interesting... the first thing that came to his mind when I accuse him is not "I didn't do it", but instead is "he is guilty of insulting TVI Express".

Are you aware of signs of a cult, Mr. Roasa? And that you are acting like a cult member who had been brainwashed? Of course not.
The aura of Sacred Silence - Prohibiting any questioning of the basic dogma, the cult’s laws, regulations and rules are absolute and must be followed.
I questioned the validity of TVI Express cult. Therefore, in Mr. Roasa's eyes, I am automatically "guilty".

I would suggest a cult deprogrammer in your future, Mr. Roasa. The sooner the better.

Furthermore, Mr. Roasa persisted in this "it paid therefore it's not a scam" definition, DELIBERATELY IGNORING DEFINITION OF A PYRAMID SCHEME, where some of the people do get paid.

I checked myself, I feel just fine.

YOU, Mr. Roasa, on the other hand, needs to take your own advice: visit a mental hospital. It's clear you can't even open a dictionary and understand the definition of "scam". I wonder how joining this scam has affected your intelligence. Perhaps some scientists can start a project on how a scam affects IQ of its victims.
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Fake Lawyer Blog Flogs/Blogs MLM instead

What sort of lawyer would subtitle their blog "a little known lawyer mlm"? There's not even any contact info for these alleged lawyers, much less anything about actual MLM law. This is a spam blog. And there at the bottom, is an entry touting TVI Express.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carl Eddy still flogging (blogging?) TVI Express dead horse

Carl Eddy claims to teach you about "travel for free", but any one with some brain cells should realize you don't MAKE money by traveling. You actually MAKE money by dragging other people into the program, not by selling them anything.

Another spam blog.

TVI Express infects Podcast Directory

One TVI Express "distributor" got his stuff into Podcast directory even though he doesn't have a podcast!

In fact, the entire website is 404 NOT FOUND

Clearly he ain't master of anything.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Even More Indonesians Charge TVI Express with Fraud

Newspaper in Sumatra, Indonesia reports that even civil servants (government employees) was enticed into joining TVI Express, dozens of them. When the promised money did not appear, they went to police station together and filed a complaint of fraud!

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Scamsters want to pay $500 to clone TVI Express

We had a case where people want to pay $500 to clone TVI Express before, but apparently someone ELSE wants the job done.

it's surely a CHEAP scam!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TVI Wants to Open Office in South Africa AFTER its reps were arrested? Please!

TVI Express (Tarun Trikha) claimed they are opening office in China and Hong Kong. When TVI Express reps were arrested in China, and convicted, TVI Express did nothing

TVI Express (through stupid reps) claimed to be opening office in Florida in 2011 back in 2010. Now it's almost half way through 2011, the only we learned is TVI Express was sued in at least one state and is CLEARLY illegal according to interpretations of laws by prominent MLM attorneys. 

TVI Express can't even survive in its native country India without incident. In 2009 it was chased out of Sikkim, India by police when an FIR (initial report) was done. They got an attorney, paid out 6000 participants, and promised never to return. 

So can you believe them whey they slapped together some stock photos, made a sign, and claim they are establishing an office in South Africa? This is off a fellow blogger, but the picture and words were copied from official TVI Express announcements:

Not only is this an zombie article, it's STUPID zombie.  

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