Sunday, July 24, 2011

TVI Express Subsite is a Content Farm Zombie Spam Blog

We've previously highlighted a spam blog called, where it populates its posts through automatically culled content from various content farms, and most of the content turned out to be zombie content, death warmed over, stuff long expired and obsolete, that sort of stuff.

Here's some more... They revived an article from 2009. Here's their version, notice the "sample page" hilarity...:

And here's the ORIGINAL article, dated 2009... on a content farm.

What's REALLY hilarious is this article was written by Bob Allen, NOT TVI Express. So it's intentionally misleading already.

Furthermore, what about Bob Allen himself?

The "" website is "DNS failed, this site does not exist".

Verified zombie content, guaranteed dead content. What for? Google ignores **** content like this.

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