Monday, July 4, 2011

Yet another spam blog hits Internet with TVI Express Message

Some spam blog named "superaffiliates" decided to use an incomplete website to post some zombie TVI Express spam video articles by "Tish Washington".

So who the heck is Tish Washington? The article points to "" website, which is indeed registered by Tish Washington (and expires next month)

So what does say? It's pushes a cycler called "Infinity Downline", which is a spammer, phisher, and pushes you to join a $25 "matrix". It is already blacklisted by MyWOT (Web of Trust)

So what does Tish Washington look like? This is her Facebook profile:

What's even funnier, slogan is  ON FIRE TO RETIRE  Apparently this is what they meant:

Money on FireImage by Images_of_Money via Flickr

At least they are not pushing TVI Express... Another EX-member!
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