Friday, July 1, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 16 of ???

More TVI Express advertising banners are just stolen stock photos... Let your fingers choose? Right off Getty Images.


Sophie said...

Hey Kasey,

Good work on finding the real Obamaman picture. Thats an authentic ripoff. Totally agree on the first one.

But I am not sure what are you trying to say in the next 2 banner images?

Banner images are meant to be stock photos. The banner image of TVI and UK loans might be same but its an stock photo and not an actual UK Loans photograph of some real tour or travel!

In the fingers.. add, any company will take an image from stock sites. I was reading your blog for the first time but then got disconnected with your views when I saw these 2 posts. Sounds a bit odd when you say using stock images is stealing images.

Kasey Chang said...

If using stock photo, then never ACKNOWLEDGE they are stock photo, then that's bogus.

Using generic stock photo as "illustration" in the website screams "amateur". If it's of working people, it says they can't bother to show you real employees of the place.

The UK Loan one was the first example spat out by TinEye. It was used as illustration. I can't find the source for the original stock photo.

Banner ads always use generic photos? Perhaps, perhaps. However, you have to keep in mind the larger CONTEXT of this company / scam. I'm trying to make a point that the "image" of this company can be easily created from sources that do NOT depict the reality of this scam. In other words, by using stock photo, they are creating a MIRAGE, which further proves they are a scam.

This scam had gone to mass composites in their more recent pictures, combining photos from variety of source, so TinEye can't pick them out any more.