Monday, July 4, 2011

More Spam in a domain name... leading to poor sites

A site called has a spam article about TVI Express

However, this article is just copied from somewhere else. And who is this susanpotts?

Exactly ONE article  (that blank space was to prove I didn't cut off the page)

So who's ? A site with bad reputation on WOT:

Spam site with links to sites with poor reputation. Ha-ha-ha.

The spam article has a link to

But if you go to that website, it forwards to, which doesn't say anything.

If you click on the disclaimer, you realize it's a WorldVentures site... a TVI Express clone.

Finally, consider the weasel conclusion the article made (I'll highlight some sentences):

From what we got from the web site it looks as though members get paid for recruiting which is what gets MLM companies into trouble. It’s is highly suggested that you scrutinize the compensation plan and how it works before deciding to join.
Having success in the TVI comp plan shall be determined by your ability to sponsor people into this company in order so that you can help them duplicate your efforts and cycle out of the board. If you want to speed up your success and cycle out of the boards quicker you will want to tap into the power of online lead generation.
Generating MLM leads online is known as a skill that when learned can enable you to recruit like-minded entrepreneurs into you network marketing company on a daily basis. 


1) TVI Express is a scam.
2) Why? You earn by recruiting a lot of people.
3) If you want to succeed in this scam you need to learn how to recruit
4) We will help you learn how

Or in other words: We will help you succeed in this scam. 

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