Friday, July 15, 2011

Who is Marcus Grooms and is he still in TVI Express?

On the TVI Express website, there's a testimonial from Marcus Grooms

This picture is indeed of Marcus Grooms, who has a Facebook page. That name somehow looks familiar, and then I realized that this is the guy that fake "MLM Techer" Andie "interviewed".

And my review of her review is here

If Andie here posted a TOTALLY bogus review, and claim it's great, then this Marcus Grooms can't be that good either. After all, he claims he has 23 years in financial industry, and he can't even spot a pyramid scheme, then what good is he?

Any way, let's search Mr. Groom's website, which is here:

Same guy, yes? Yet there is NOT A SINGLE WORD about TVI Express on his entire website.

Yet other references to him, AND the testimonial, means he definitely was involved, and was pushing it rather heavily.

The logical inferences is that TVI Express is a scam, and Mr. Grooms was duped, joined, then quit immediately.

I sent Mr. Groom an email requesting comment through his website, and thus far there is no reply.
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