Monday, July 25, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Indonesia Consumer Group Tells TVI Express to Leave Town Now

News just broke: a leading consumer protection group in Indonesia called upon TVI Express to leave town now and stop cheating Indonesians.

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Blamed Money Games, Stop Business TVI Express in Indonesia - Monday, July 25, 2011 21:33 AM
TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Indonesian Democracy Defenders Team (defense team) asked the Chairman TVI Express Indonesia to stop its business activities so as not to harm consumers Indonesia and public trust in government and other business like.
"The defense team looked at TVI Global Express has been rejected in many countries such as Australia, U.S., China, and there's even a prison. Disapproved also in India, Spain, Hungary, Africa and the other for violating local laws and business identified as pyramid schemes or money games . And therefore we do not want TVI Express Indonesia to do a similar business that would harm consumers and the good name of the State, "writes Peter Celestine coordinator of the defense team in release received on Monday (7/25/2011).
Peter Celestine call, TVI Express never explain openly to the public about the legality of his company under the laws of Indonesia. "For example there is a letter Direct Sales Business License (SIUPL) issued by BKPM if TVI Express Indonesia is a Multilevel Marketing company. But as far as we know this company was never registered as a member APLI," continued Peter.
Other reasons, the defense team must conduct pro-active measures to protect consumers from acts of fraud Indonesia dilakukkan by TVI that could harm consumers in a very large number if dikumulatifkan.
"In this regard we appeal to consumers Indonesia to be more carefully and thoroughly to involve themselves in this business because it has fallen victim in several major cities in Indonesia such as Aceh, Makassar, Gorontalo, Bandung and Jakarta, and other cities," he continued .
Celestine Petus calls, business actions that are money games like this will only hurt the companies engaged in other Multi Level Marketing as it will damage the image and reputation of MLM in the eyes of the people of Indonesia.
"To that end, we appeal to MLM companies and other participants to join hands together to ask the Indonesian National Police to stop the business aktivias TVI Express Indonesia," added Peter. Failure TVI Express business globally, according to Peter, is enough the reason for freezing business. Government of Indonesia must also be a preventive against possible fraud that would disturb public.

"For people who feel aggrieved by TVI Express, the defense team requested that immediate legal action by reporting the matter to Police Headquarters," continued Peter.
Therefore, the defense team warns that the business including TVI Express Indonesia must comply with applicable laws in the Republic include obeying Law no. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection.   
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