Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEWSFLASH: TVI Express "Good Company Award" is worthless

Thanks to a tip on Kaskus Forum, following two articles were found online regarding this "International Good Company Award" TVI Express won, but NOBODY has ever heard of.

Turns out in 2008 it's known as "Indonesia Good Company Award". Here's a picture:

And this is the current version:

Definitely the same award... EXACT SAME FONTS AND LOGO (albeit changed words).

Previously I have remarked that despite the name having "International" in it, this award is completely unknown outside of Indonesia. Turns out this is absolutely true... It IS Indonesian-only.

Apparently, not even real businesses consider it a real award. A hotel owner thought it's a fake award to scam his money.

Apparently, the "award announcement" just came in via fax, requests MILLIONS in Rupiahs for "donation", and there is no interview or evaluation. You are just randomly selected as a winner. The guy thinks it's a way to con him. The newspaper agreed. . This is EXACT SAME award Ceremony that TVI Express got their own award, February 2011.

So what does the faxes look like? Here's some actual copies, from a blog:

Scroll to the end, and you can see the price sheet: you can choose to pay 3 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil, or 8 mil Rupiahs for the event package.

Incidentally, 8 mil Indonesian Rupiahs, by today's exchange rate, is 936 US Dollars.

Cheap award. The fact that only ONE other company publicized their award should tell you nobody takes this award seriously. Apparently, only a handful of the 20 alleged winners showed up.
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