Thursday, May 26, 2011

MoneyMakerGroup called TVI Express a scam

MoneyMakerGroup, a bunch of MLM enthusiasts and experts, agree that TVI Express is a scam. And the victims deserved as much blame as the scammers. Remember, it takes two to tango.

However, did you know that Tarun Trikha, mastermind behind the TVI Express scam, has a profile on MoneyMakerGroup?
Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself to this part of the world. I am Tarun Trikha from New Delhi, India. I am an IT Graduatte by qualification and have the experience of working with some major Corporates in the field of IT and Event Management.

Isn't that just hilarious?!  Tarun Trikha have absolutely NO expertise in MLM, by his own admission. He's only good in IT. Likely the website was all his own idea, stealing images from all over the Internet, inventing a scheme to promote himself as some new venture that sells nothing. Ha-ha-ha.

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