Friday, May 13, 2011

TVI Express Zombie Site in Spanish

TVI Express site "" apparently belongs to a guy named "Franklin Jean Pierre Barona Quiroga". Initials of fjpbq matches the email address.

The website has exactly 2 pages on it, and one of them is BLANK. The other says "buy TVI Express vouchers from me".

The phone number links to a profile on a "gifting program" called Apparently, it's some sort of pyramid cycler where you send money to other people to cycle you up and other people at the bottom pay you money. They claim they are legal, but they are apparently founded by the same people who started Elite Activity, and got busted as a pyramid scheme. Their own FAQ acknowledges the link, but emphasizes they are not the same organization. They claim they are not a pyramid because people are cycled off the top. Frankly, that's a bull**** explanation.

This TVI Express member is not too keen on picking his opportunities.
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