Sunday, May 29, 2011

TVI Express revised FAQ, now even MORE weasel than ever

TVI Express completely revamped their FAQ recently and took away some of the most obviously suspect language, but left MORE questions than ever.

For example, one of the longest complaints about their FAQ as pointed by out all review websites is their own answer "You do not have to sell any products." That sentence is now gone, replaced with:

"We are a service oriented organization and commission our distributors on sale of our products and services. So, yes you need to sell our products in order to earn commissions but we do pay you commissions on the sales done in your organizational structure based upon the compensation plan."

However, what is the "products" that TVI Express referred to? TVI Express STILL does NOT have a "product" page. There is also no answer to that in the new FAQ. 

Clearly this is just bull****. 

Furthermore, ALL references to payout, how to cycle out, compensation package, eWallet, and even the different "ranks" of TVI Express have disappeared from the FAQ. 

Why were they removed? What is TVI Express trying to hide? 

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