Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sidenote: FHTM is under FTC probe

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While this is not directly related to TVI Express, it is worth noting that FHTM used the exact same marketing methods and is in fact far more "legal" than TVI Express ever was.

Consider this fact: If FHTM is under FTC investigation, what chance does TVI Express have, as it was already declare illegal in many countries (China, Hungary, and many more), and under investigation in a dozen more across multiple continents?

FHTM under investigation by North Carolina AND the Federal Trade Commission
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Robert Shaw said...

I just read on Scribd that Platinum Sales Manager Clay Hair (married to trainer Woodson Gardner) is a convicted child molester and register sexual predator in NC & FL. How does Paul Orberson condone this type of insane behavior? Why are so many leaving this Ponzi-scheme?

Kasey Chang said...

Technically speaking FHTM is closer to a pyramid scheme than a Ponzi scheme, but both are illegal.

As for "Clay Hair" and "Woodson Gardner", I have no info on them, and you'd do better commenting on a blog that's more about scams in general, or FHTM in particular.


"THE END IS IN SITE......FINALLY........FTC in a joint effort with the Illinois, Kentucky and NC AG offices shut down FHTM this morning. All employees sent home and a receiver seized ALL assets.